Wearing a Body-Con Dress When You’re Body Self-Con

Did you ever buy an item of clothing, particularly online, only to have it fit in a way that you're not quite happy with? Not that it doesn't fit... it just doesn't fit the way you want it to. And you either can't, or are too stubborn (or lazy) to return it?

Remaking the Runway

with your own sense of creativity, be able to put together a look so stylish and, yet, uniquely you, you will find yourself setting the trends rather than following them

Ode to the Shirtdress

The shirt-dress really exploded onto the fashion scene in the 1950's when Christian Dior launched it as part of his "New Look" couture designs post-World War II.

A New Dress…A Perfect Score

Like shoes and purses, one can never have too many! There always seems to be another one that is yet another level of "pretty", or is for an occasion with needs simply not met by your existing collection, or well, is so beautiful, you're positive you can come up with an occasion to wear it if you simply think hard enough. (Surely other women, also, do their grocery shopping in Christian Siriano gowns...right?!)