Wearing a Body-Con Dress When You’re Body Self-Con

Did you ever buy an item of clothing, particularly online, only to have it fit in a way that you're not quite happy with? Not that it doesn't fit... it just doesn't fit the way you want it to. And you either can't, or are too stubborn (or lazy) to return it?

A Little Dior…even in the cold

Dior seemed to be able to capture like no one else the essence of the feminine figure - her grace, her beauty and charm - and yet, even in that time, still understood her power. He seemed to understand that a woman's strength and power were not exclusive of her femininity but were a natural extension of it.

Casually Stylish

Looking stylish and well put together isn't about spending big bucks, always being in stilettos or spending hours in front of the mirror. There are little touches that we can do to visually elevate our look and send a message that we are someone who respects ourselves and those around us by the presentation we make.