Ode to the Shirtdress

The shirt-dress really exploded onto the fashion scene in the 1950's when Christian Dior launched it as part of his "New Look" couture designs post-World War II.

The “One Piece” Challenge

I'm thankful for a God who loves beauty and filled the earth with not ONE kind of flower, but thousands! With not one color, but dozens! With not one kind of person or personality, with not one color hair, not one color skin, not one color eyes.... Viva la difference!

The Organ

It was a normal Saturday night. Fresh from her bath, Gracie could still smell the Ivory soap on her skin. As she traipsed down the hall toward the living room, the treads on her footie pajamas made a silly swooshing sound along the carpeting that made Gracie giggle. Grammy was playing the organ, as she …

Remembering September

Most people, when they think of renewed life, think of Spring - the green grass, the budding flowers, the April showers. But, in the last several years September has, for me, come to represent a month of personal life renewal. I shared with you in my last post the celebration of my "sleeve-a-versary". Ninety-three pounds …