The Waiting Room

While there seemed to be a room full of people "nonchalantly" glancing at her ... his eyes gazed only at her full of love and adoration, continuing to pat her hand reassuringly.

The Diaper Bag Miracle

Sarah sat at her desk staring at the gift catalog that lay open in front of her. In the background, Herbie the Elf proudly proclaimed he was “I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T” while Rudolph eagerly added his assent.

The Organ

It was a normal Saturday night. Fresh from her bath, Gracie could still smell the Ivory soap on her skin. As she traipsed down the hall toward the living room, the treads on her footie pajamas made a silly swooshing sound along the carpeting that made Gracie giggle. Grammy was playing the organ, as she …

I Was the Car Wreck…

The moment I stepped around the bend, I saw the crowd gathered and my first reaction was curiosity – the morbid, rubber-necking curiosity that arises when we pass a car wreck – when we know something horrendous has happened and we're somehow drawn, even eager, to see it, as long as it hasn't happened to us.

The Spare Tire

“Oh Great! Just what I needed when I'm already late!” Samantha cried. “A flat tire.” She had no idea how to change a tire. She was pretty sure Dad had tried to teach her once, but, as usual, she paid no attention. Besides, she was in her good work clothes and was wearing her new Jimmy Choo's on her feet! There was no way she was getting down on that road to change a tire!

The Ice Cream Truck

With it's bright white paper wrap covered in joyful little polka-dots, it beckoned to me! I was very loyal, and no other cool confection would do!

The Best Day Ever

Violet couldn't wait to get home from school! Tuesday was now her favorite day of the week! Tuesday! Tuesday! Tuesday! This was the best day ever! At breakfast this morning, Violet found the prize at the bottom of the cereal box - not stinky old Charlotte. Charlotte always found the prizes and she never shared. …