Dressing a Triangle Shape

When you feel a healthy sense of confidence in who you are, you have no need to judge anyone else because you are satisfied and content within yourself.

Dressing a Rectangle Body

The point is to create a balanced, symmetrical look so that, not only will we look more pleasing to our viewer's eyes, but we will feel more confident in ourselves.

Get in Shape!

I'm baaaack! I'm smart enough not to ask whether that's a good thing or a bad thing! It's seems like forever since I've been at the computer. Life became busy, busy, busy and, unfortunately, the blogs had to be set aside. Then, immediately following all this busyness, I had an ongoing massive fibro flare - …

Wearing a Body-Con Dress When You’re Body Self-Con

Did you ever buy an item of clothing, particularly online, only to have it fit in a way that you're not quite happy with? Not that it doesn't fit... it just doesn't fit the way you want it to. And you either can't, or are too stubborn (or lazy) to return it?

In the Presence of Greatness

As enjoyable as the pictures are to look at, they just don't do justice to seeing those pieces in person - being able to look at the fabrics and colors, and appreciate the masterful craftsmanship and artistry that went into each and every item displayed there.

A Little Dior…even in the cold

Dior seemed to be able to capture like no one else the essence of the feminine figure - her grace, her beauty and charm - and yet, even in that time, still understood her power. He seemed to understand that a woman's strength and power were not exclusive of her femininity but were a natural extension of it.