Cast Your Vote

Today is election day. Presidential election day. This is always important. But, more than that it’s Presidential election day 2020. Something about that, about 2020, has made everything seem more important, more urgent, hasn’t it? And it is important. I hope you vote. I hope you pray.

But, more than that, I hope you realize that our HOPE, our true hope, doesn’t sit behind a big desk in Washington D.C. He sits on a throne in a Kingdom we’ve yet to see.

The choice you make today will impact the next four years. The choice you make for HIM will impact your eternity.

The person you choose today will change his allegiances, his promises, his ideals a hundred times while in his office. The ONE who sits on the throne is the same yesterday, today and forever.

To the person you cast your vote for today, you’re no one. A face in the crowd. Just another vote. Just another stepping stone on his rise to the top. Sitting on the throne, HE knows you so well HE knows the number of hairs on your head…Understands you so well that HE knows your thoughts before you think them…Loves you so much HE was willing to give HIS life for YOU.

So, please cast your vote today. Pray and vote for the president of your conscience. But, when the votes are tallied and the results are in, I hope you choose JESUS.

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