Wrapping Up Body Types

As we’re reaching the end of our discussion on body types, I decided to wrap it up by giving you a “2 fer” – two for the price of one – and do both Inverted Triangles and Hourglass shapes together.

To review, let’s take a look at what an Inverted Triangle and an Hourglass look like.

Inverted Triangle: When your hips are narrower in proportion to your shoulders, and the “X” intersects below your waist, you are most likely an Inverted Triangle.

IMG_20190418_195905757 (2)

Hourglass: When your “X” intersects right in the middle of your body, and your shoulders and hips are in relative proportion to one another, you most likely have an hourglass shape. Those few of you gifted with this body type already have your shape naturally aligned and balanced.

IMG_20190418_195905757 (2)

As with all body types, the key to playing up your best assets as an Inverted Triangle or an Hourglass is the correct use of color and cut. With the Inverted Triangle we’ll use these tools to create balance by drawing attention to the lower half and away from the dominate upper half. If you’re an Hourglass, because your body is naturally balanced, the goal is to keep your body from becoming unbalanced. You’ll want to showcase your small waist and let those amazing curves speak for themselves.

Inverted Triangle: Your upper half dominates the lower half. To create balance you’ll want to draw the focus to your lower half to shift some of the power. Dresses and skirts that are shorter in length, fun patterned pants, colorful shorts and lighter denim shades will help to highlight those great legs of yours! You, also, have the advantage of being able to go crazy and have all kinds of fun with your footwear! Booties, ankle straps and cool statement shoes will help to balance your shoulders. Additionally, you are one of the rare body types that can pull of a chic hip-belt.

Hourglass: You are blessed with natural balance and symmetry. To maintain this balance, highlight your midsection. As I said above, make your waist the focus and let those curves speak for themselves.


Inverted Triangle: Go for pieces that draw attention down with trimming, prints, etc., as well as those that hug you below the natural waistline. Look for – Dolman or batwing sleeves, v-necks, trapeze-styles, raglan sleeves and tunics. Say NO to – Styles with built-in volume. These will visually bulk up bust and shoulders.

Inverted Triangle tunic top
This cute v-neck tunic is a great choice for an Inverted Triangle shape. The special bottom edge is an added bonus, as it will further draw the eye downward to your lower half. Nic + Zoe tunic available at Nordstrom.com

Hourglass: Since you tend to be gifted in “the girls”, avoid blouses that are loose and billow or flare from the bust-line. These will cause unnecessary volume that will throw off your balance. Look for – Form-fitting tops with darts, tailored shirts and blazers, v-necks and other open necklines, banded, cinched or belted blouses. Say NO to – Trapeze tops. This adds bulk.

Hourglass cinched waist top
This romantic looking cinched waist, v-neck top is the perfect choice to show off that great Hourglass shape! This beautiful Moon River blouse is available at Nordstrom.com.


Inverted Triangle: Streamline your lower half with sleek and chic cuts that show off our legs. Look for – Slim-legged pants and leggings, relaxed shorts, shorter skirts, ruffled, flouncy or pleated skirts. Say NO To – Longer pencil skirts. They will exaggerate the difference between your upper and lower half.

Inverted triangle ruffled skirt
This sweet short, ruffled skirt is a great way for you Inverted Triangles to show off those gorgeous gams! (For those of you not yet over 50, “gams” are legs!) This adorable Alice + Olivia skirt is available at Nordstrom.com.

Hourglass: Because of your already bodacious curves, you’ll want to keep your look classy. Avoid shorter hemlines (“Daisy Duke” or “booty” shorts, miniskirts etc.) unless you’re petite (under 5’2″). Your voluptuous bod offers enough sex appeal all by itself. Look for – Cropped trousers, slim-fit bootleg cuts, tulip-style and pencil skirts. Say NO To – Pleated or gathered waist styles. These will add excess volume.

Hourglass cropped trousers
These wonderful cropped trousers would be a great choice this Spring for any Hourglass shape. These lovely Theory Treeca trousers are available at Nordstrom.com


Inverted Triangle: Your legs are one of your best features so show them off! Bring balance to your shoulders and hips with full-skirted dresses, or a great drop waist. Look for styles that are minimal and clean on the upper half. Look for – Strapless or collarless dresses, draped and loose styles, drop-waist dresses and shorter shapeless shifts. Say NO To – Off-the-shoulder necklines and fit ‘n flare pieces. They’ll highlight your widest point and make your frame appear boxy.

Inverted triangle drop waist dress
This beautiful, and oh so feminine, drop-waist dress will look amazing on any Inverted Triangle. The shorter length is also a bonus for showing off those legs, again! This pink sequined Red Valentino dress is available from Nordstrom.com.

Hourglass: Always consider your waist a focal point and highlight that mid-section. Emphasize your balanced proportions by not allowing them to get lost in baggy or loose silhouettes. Look for – Belted dresses, sheath and tailored styles, Fit ‘n flare designs and wrap dresses. Say NO To – Shapeless shifts and drop-waists. These will give you a boxy look.

Hourglass sheath dress
This elegant Eliza J. sheath dress will be a classy showcase for all you Hourglass’ feminine curves. If you’re on the petite side, as well, that center seaming will also have a great elongating effect. This beautiful navy blue lace dress is available at Nordstrom.com.



Only about 15% of women have Hourglass figures. (The most common body type, 65% of women, is the Triangle, often referred to as the Pear.)

Ways for the Hourglass to emphasize the waist: belts, princess seaming, horizontal color blocking, embellishment placing.

Inverted Triangles: don’t forget to help balance your figure – dark, receding colors on top; lighter, brighter colors or patterns on bottom.

Inverted Triangles: slightly wider shoulders are often an asset, but if your shoulders are dominantly wide consider: open necklines, but never boat-necks; Avoid shoulder pads, horizontal lines, large patterns, light/bright colors or color blocking near your shoulders.

Inverted Triangles: When looking at sleeve types, look for lower-cut armholes, diagonal cut sleeves and flutter sleeves.

Hourglass: Look for higher-cut armholes, puff sleeves and straight-cut sleeves.

*3/4 sleeves are universally flattering!

General Tips for those who are slender and/or tall, regardless of body type:

  • Horizontal lines, seams or patterns
  • Separates and contrasting colors
  • Larger scale prints, which help fill out the frame
  • Belted dresses to create a break
  • Tiers, ruffles and decorative hems
  • High-waisted bottoms
  • Below the knee hems
  • Bold accessories, which favor taller frames
  • Cuffed or cropped pants
  • Narrow garments paired with wide garments, which creates curves


And, so, our over-look of body types is complete. I truly hope you’ve found these posts to be helpful in understanding how to best accentuate the great shape that you’ve been given.

Before I go I have a bit of an announcement. After considerable thought, I have decided to set my blog – as well as my Instagram – aside. At least for now. I have really enjoyed writing this, and enjoyed interacting with those who’ve messaged and commented. But, I know that right now I need to step back from it all for a bit. Hopefully, I’ll find at some point that it’s time to return. Until then, I pray God’s abundant blessings on each and every one of you!

Until We Meet Again,


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