Dressing a Triangle Shape

Back again with the next installment on dressing your body type. This week – the Triangle.

You might wonder to yourself, What’s the big deal about body types? Is this something I really need to know? Quite frankly, no. You can live a perfectly fulfilling life and never once have a clue, or even think about, what your body type is. So, what’s the point in knowing? Confidence! Knowing you’re presenting your body to it’s best possible advantage. The average person thinks over 50,000 thoughts per day. 80% of those are negative and 90% of those negative thoughts we re-think throughout the day. Knowing how to use our assets to our best advantage helps us to say…This is my body world! I’m proud of it! I’m proud of who God created me to be and how He created me to look, and I can totally rock this shape! Stylist and author Deborah Lynn Darling said, “Attitude is a necessary prerequisite to being beautiful. When you feel beautiful, you act beautiful. When you act beautiful, you ARE beautiful.” To paraphrase from her book Dress to Look Your Best, When you feel a healthy sense of confidence in who you are, you have no need to judge anyone else because you are satisfied and content within yourself.

So, how do you achieve this if you’re a Triangle shape?

First, let’s remind ourselves how you know if you’re a Triangle. If your shoulders are IMG_20190418_195905757 (2)narrower in proportion to your hips, with your X (see first post) intersecting above your waist, chances are you have a Triangle body type.

A reminder – we diminish, or draw attention away, with deeper colors, solids, neutrals and vertical lines. We highlight, or draw attention to, with prints, bright colors, textures and horizontal lines.

To give balance to your Triangle, pull the focus up to your shoulders and neckline. Wear things that create visual interest high on your body, above your natural waistline. (i.e. lighter hues, high contrast patterns, vibrant shades, statement pieces) This transfers power from the bottom of your Triangle to the top half. You’ll want to take advantage of fun items like statement jewelry and neck scarves, bold shoulders and tops with fun detailing.


DRESSES: Look for fun, flirty dresses with design elements that flatter your frame.

Look for: Empire waists; Halter necks; Flowy trapeze cuts; Strapless styles; Off-the-shoulder; Fit and Flare designs and pieces with Frills on top. SAY NO TO: Drop-waist dresses. These will conceal your waistline and draw attention to the widest point on your body.

Triangle haler dress
This is a great dress for the Triangle shape! The halter neckline accentuates the shoulder and it gently skims the body. Additionally, it has the advantage of detailing just above the waistline and vertically down the bust – both pluses for a Triangle. Dress is available at Nordstrom.com



BOTTOMS: (pants, skirts, shorts): Your hips are really an asset, creating beautiful feminine curves. Play this up with pants with simple stitching and clean lines, skirts, and dresses, that skim your body.

Look for: Slightly flared yoga and palazzo pants; Boot-cuts with a flat front; Full, high-waisted skirts and Knee-length A-line skirts. SAY NO TO: Pleated skirts and voluminous bubble skirts. These will add excess to your already dominant lower half.

Triangle high-waisted palazzo jeans
These high-waisted palazzo jean are a beautiful choice for you Triangles. The bottom flare will create a great balance for your hips, while the flat front and high-waist will nicely accentuate your waistline. Alice + Olivia jeans available at Nordstrom.com.



TOPS: Balance your lower half and accentuate that X with pieces that draw attention to your top half. Look for necklines that say “Notice Me”. Ruffles, princess, puff and flutter sleeves are your friends!

Look for: Tie-neck blouses; Shoulder detailing: Boat or wide-neck cuts; Detailing at the neckline or bust; Tops with built-in volume SAY NO TO: Dolman or Bat-wing sleeves. They hide your waist and add bulk to your frame.

Triangle tie-neck flutter sleeves
Consider these details for Triangle tops. The tie-neck and flutter sleeves on this cute yellow top are great choices to widen the shoulders and draw attention upward, thus balancing the hip. This adorable top is available at Nordstrom.com.


A Few Extras:

  • Triangle shapes (sometimes referred to as a Pear shape) are the most common body type.
  • Light, bright colors, patterns and textures, and horizontal lines, even in your stitching, work best on your top.
  • Darks, solids and neutrals are your best choice for bottoms.
  • Don’t be afraid of a subtle padded shoulder. This will work great on you!
  • In addition to boat-neck tops, scoop-necks also work very well to balance your shape.
  • Tees, jackets and blouses with pockets on the bust-line, unlike most other shapes, aren’t a problem for you.
  • You can wear necklaces and scarves anywhere from choker-length to the bust-line. Avoid, however, pieces that extend below the bust-line.

I truly hope that you are finding this series to be useful in your own life. Next we’ll tackle the Inverted Triangle.

Until We Meet Again,


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