Make Your Diamond Sparkle

Friday was a gorgeous day in PA – 83, sun shining…. it was hard to have to do anything, but sit outside and soak up the sun.

I sat outside with the dog several times and couldn’t help noticing how beautiful my wedding rings looked out in the sun. When you positioned them so the sunshine hit them just right, with the beautiful backdrop of the gold bands, the diamonds just came alive. Many people who find themselves with a Diamond body type often feel they’ve gotten the short end of the stick. They feel like they have the worst body type you can have. But, we know there are no bad body types. God knew just what He was doing when He wove you together. The Diamond Shape (often referred to as the Apple shape), though it has it’s challenges – just like all types do – when you know how to work it and position it just right, can sparkle and shine just like it’s namesake!

If you recall from our first post two weeks ago, the Diamond body is one where the shoulders and hips are in general alignment, and the waist comes out wider – thus creating a diamond shape.

IMG_20190418_195905757 (2)

Dressing this body type uses the same principles we used in dressing a Rectangle body – color and cut. Using dark and light colors to highlight or diminish, as we see fit, and using the shape and cut of a garment to make the most of our best attributes.

Sadly, I didn’t have a live model to put this together for you. But, hopefully, a few general pics will still help you get the concept.

Unlike the other body types, we’re not trying to achieve an hourglass by trying to accentuate a waist. Rather the goal with a Diamond body type is to draw the eye away from the midriff and re-direct it to the face.

Color and Patterns:

When wearing bold prints and/or light or bright shades, because they draw attention, consider wearing these in vertical panels to elongate your frame. You’ll want patterns, embellishments and detailing that cause the eye to move up and down.

Remember the color rules: Deep colors, solids, neutrals and vertical lines will diminish the area where you wear them. Bright colors, texture, print and horizontal lines will draw attention to the area they are worn.

Cut and Shape:

The general guidelines you’ll want to keep in mind: Show off your legs and arms. Make use of long, draping statement necklaces and slim scarves, also worn long and draping.

Cuts and necklines that highlight your shoulders and “the girls” will work well for you.

Now let’s get specific and consider individual pieces.

DRESSES: You’ll want to take advantage of vertical seams, zippers, contrast stitching and pleating. The vertical lines will visually stretch and elongate your shape.

The best shapes for you will be items with vertical details, like a long ruffle or buttons. Y-shaped dresses and Halter necklines will look great on you, as well as dresses lightly belted above the waist. SAY NO TO: Tube dresses! They emphasize horizontal proportions and are very unforgiving.

v-neck, belted, asymetrical dress
Check out this fabulous dress! It checks off so many of the details a Diamond is looking for: V-neck, tie slightly above the waist and fun, ruffled bell sleeves! (Extra points: the asymmetrical hem and the nude shoes are also great choices for a Diamond!)  DRESS AVAILABLE AT NORDSTROM.COM


BOTTOMS (shorts, pants & skirts): You don’t want anything too tapered or too wide. Keep things straight or slightly flared. Again look for items and detailing that elongate your lower half.

Skirts: Your optimal pieces are A-line styles and high-waisted sleek skirts.

A-line skirt with vertical striping
A wonderful example of a complimentary A-line. Note the great vertical lines, as well. (Bonus: the model is wearing a shoe that blends with her leg color and pointy toes, both of which also elongate your frame.) SKIRT AVAILABLE AT NORDSTROM.COM



boot leg trouser with vertical pleat
A fabulous example of a great Diamond trouser! Note the slight boot-cut shape as well as the vertical seeming down each leg. (Extra bonus: the vertically angled pockets!) TROUSERS AVAILABLE AT NORDSTROM.COM

Pants/shorts: Straight-leg and boot-cut trousers and jeans are your best bet, as well as “City” or Bermuda shorts. SAY NO TO: Tapered legs! They create an exaggerated volume in the midsection.


TOPS: Look for shapes that will flatter your figure and frame your face.

Boatneck, chest and arm embellishment
This beautiful boat-neck top is a great choice for a Diamond! It has fun embellishment on both the arms and bust-line. Additionally, it has pastel, vertically angled striping. TOP AVAILABLE AT NORDSTROM.COM


Your best cuts are: V-neck tunics. Tops with a front twist or halter design. Boat and scoop necks. Tops with fun embellishments on the sleeves and/or bust-line. SAY NO TO: Clingy, tight tops! These show off any extra around the midriff.

v-neck tunic
This is another great choice! We have a v-neck tunic – already flattering. But, they’ve also added a fun bell-shape to the bottom of the sleeve, and the tie strings left hanging vertically both aid in the elongating of the frame. TUNIC AVAILABLE AT NORDSTROM.COM



  • You’ll look great in monochromatic or tone-on-tone dressing! One color or pattern, head to toe, and add an accent finishing piece (jackets, vests etc.) to create a long visual line.
  • Draw attention to your face and keep it there! Necklines and bust/neckline embellishments are great, but also, consider some lovely statement earrings!
  • Nude or flesh colored (blush pink even works!) shoes, as well as pointy toes, help to elongate the leg.
  • Avoid short tops and jackets that end at the waistline.
  • Consider items with princess seaming. (When considering princess seaming, try the “blink test”…stand in front of a mirror. close your eyes tight for about 5 seconds and then open them. Take in where your eye FIRST goes. If your eye stays at the face, you can handle princess seaming; if it moves down and stays there, look for a different cut.)
  • Avoid tight waistbands, waist pleats and bulky fabrics.
  • Drop waist dresses work for you!
  • You’ll create a great smooth silhouette with loose, unfitted tops and a slim bottom.
  • Avoid items that are overly structured.

And so we conclude our second body type, the Diamond. I hope there are some ideas here that will help you make your Diamond shape shine! Stay tuned for the next post where we’ll discuss the Triangle shape.

Until We Meet Again,


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