A Little Dior…even in the cold

Could it possibly be any colder?! I think not! For a girls with zero tolerance for the cold, this is totally unacceptable.

And for a girl who loves to wear dresses and skirts, this also puts a huge damper on my wardrobe selection. Let’s face it… though we can argue that dresses are equally as comfortable as pants – frequently more so – and make life much easier when getting dressed – one and done… they rarely meet criteria for being as warm. Try going online and doing some dress shopping this afternoon and you’ll note that easily a good 75% of dresses are sleeveless, strapless, cap sleeved or, at best, short-sleeved. Finding a long-sleeved dress – and one you actually LIKE – can be challenging. Then throw in a good warm fabric and you’ve narrowed the playing field even more.

I’ll admit I’ve been itching to pull out my dresses. Sundays I usually break down and pull them out for church anyway. I’m in and out of the car so quickly that I’m willing to weather the cold. I just like to be dressed up for church – I’m a little old school that way – though I have no issue with jeans for service, either. But, sometimes you just want to throw on a day dress, and, admittedly, our 100 yr. old house, charming though it may be, can hold the cold and most days it’s just not worth it – not when it’s this cold.

But, today was special. Tomorrow my daughter Heather and I are off to one of the museums in Philadelphia to see a Christian Dior exhibit. Christian Dior! My little fashionista heart is all a flutter. How can you even think Dior without conjuring images of the ultimate in feminine fashion?! Dior seemed to be able to capture like no one else the essence of the feminine figure – her grace, her beauty and charm – and yet, even in that time, still understood her power. He seemed to understand that a woman’s strength and power were not exclusive of her femininity but were a natural extension of it.

Mr. Dior left this earth while on holiday in Italy in October of 1957. Today, Christian Dior fashion houses, which are all over the world, are run by Groupe Arnault.

Sadly, I have no Dior pieces hanging in my closet (yet!). Still, today’s outfit is in honor of the original Dior look. Though altered to modern-day – and horrendously cold weather – I tried to keep the essence of Mr. Dior’s look – clean and very feminine.

I used a strong A-line skirt with a very full effect, combined with a fitted hot-pink blouse and fitted black Italian cashmere sweater (’cause it’s frickin’ cold!). Then I added a wide black belt at the waist. The belt in combination with the skirt and fitted tops gives the same body-effect as the fit and flare dresses, creating a nice hourglass look. (Though my waist is NEVER going to look as little as those Dior models! Sorry!)

I kept my accessories simple and feminine. My earrings are basic hot-pink, sparkly studs and my necklace is multi-layer beaded in a lighter tonal pink. I’ve added a very feminine crushed velvet and embroidered handbag in the same tonal pink as my necklace. I love the shaping of the bag as it’s a little bit of a throw-back to those vintage Dior days.

Keeping with this polar vortex season, I’m wearing fleece lined tights and knee-high boots. Had I chosen to wear this skirt in the Spring or Summer, I would have been more inclined to add a light blouse – perhaps with a pussy-bow for throw-back femininity. I probably would have kept the belt to accentuate the waist, tights, obviously would go and the boots would be replaced with a pair of cute pumps or sandals.

I can’t wait to see what’s in-store at the exhibit tomorrow. You can be sure that my phone will be out snapping pictures left and right and I will be back sharing those pictures with you all!

Until We Meet Again….Stay Warm!


5 Replies to “A Little Dior…even in the cold”

    1. Thanks so much, Amy! It was tremendous fun! Having my daughter along – a fellow fashionista – really made it extra special! The exhibit was extraordinary! The only downside was it ended way too soon for both of us! Haha! We could have looked (ogled!) these beautiful pieces for many more hours!


    1. Thanks Terri! It WAS fabulous! We had a wonderful time! The pieces were simply amazing and getting to read all the little write up pieces with the little tidbits you never knew is always fun and interesting. Of course, you just wanted to reach out and touch all the beautiful fabrics – which was an absolute NO NO – and my daughter and I mooned over how we wished we had this piece and that piece…there was a Pucci there that I REALLY thought belonged in my closet! Haha! The final piece just as you left was Grace Kelly’s wedding dress and ensemble! Soooo special to see! I’ll post more pics in this weeks blog post. Thanks so much for stopping in. Always love hearing from you!

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