Time to Catch Up

I know, I know…I have been MIA from social media quite a bit lately. (“missing in action” for those unaware of the abbreviation. Don’t you hate it when someone uses one and you have no idea what it means?!)

Life has been busy and crazy…or should I say busy-ER and crazy-ER than usual. Then, of course, add in the holidays… Now I know some of you are amazing type “A”s who thrive on multi-tasking. But, as we’ve established before, I missed the type “A” gene when they were handing them out… and I acknowledge I may be slightly ADD – focus is not my strong suit! LOL!

So, I still don’t have an “official” post for you – are we surprised?! – I just thought I’d pop in before I fly back out the door and at least catch you up on what’s been going on and, since my posts on IG have been lagging, add a few of the looks I’ve been wearing this week…

Life’s been full of ups and downs, though I suppose it always is – still, it seems we’ve had some extreme highs and lows.

On the down side we recently lost Mr. T’s grandma. She was an amazing lady – 99 yrs. old. She was a strong and feisty woman, full of energy and spirit. You just kind of thought she’d always be there. Even at 99 years old, her death felt very sudden and shocking.

All in this same time frame we discovered my dad has cancer. We’re very thankful it hasn’t spread, but it’s still been a very emotionally straining event.

My youngest grandson, Max, had minor surgery where he had tubes put in his ears. I know many of you had kids or grandkids go through this as well. I went with my daughter to Children’s Hospital for the day when it was done. Even when you know it’s a common and small procedure, you worry when they’re so little. And they look so vulnerable laying there, knocked out with tubes going through them. But, so far, so good. I pray this gives him some relief from his constant ear aches.

He’s so adorable in his little hospital gown!

On a more positive note, I’ve been helping some friends who run a thrift store with their store displays, going in several days a week. I absolutely love doing this! It’s been so much fun, and I’m glad I can help them out. They’re great people.

Additionally, I’ve had several client meetings and consultations and am now planning another styling workshop in January in conjunction with a friend for a local business woman’s event. I’m extremely excited about this opportunity, but know the planning is going to be very time-consuming.

Of course, I’m in the final stretches of my makeup artistry certification. I’m thankful that it’s a “work at your own pace” program. That’s been super helpful. But, I’m at the point where I want to be DONE! I’m on the last unit and, thankfully, it’s not a very large unit.

Praise the Lord my Christmas shopping is basically done! But, NOTHING is wrapped and I have no decorations up and nothing baked! This is unprecedented for me. Between the busyness, a definite lack of motivation and a real battle with my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome lately, I have NO idea when these things are going to get done. I need little elves, like the shoemaker, who sneak in during the night and just take care of all of that for me! If you know of any, please send them my way.

One quick fashion note – there have been such incredible sales on the online thrift stores! Have you checked any of them out? GoodTwice, Swap.com, ThredUp, ReStitch and Poshmark have all been recipients of some of the early Christmas money I received as a gift at Thanksgiving. Some of the sales have been incredible. Just a reminder though, not to forget the rules of thrifting when shopping those incredible sales. I picked up $200 jeans and a $400 dress both $.95 a piece. It’s easy to see things at prices like that and start just grabbing things randomly because they’re so cheap! Don’t let yourself get caught in that trap! Even $.95 eventually adds up and that great piece can still end up in the black hole, wasted in your closet, rather than in the closet of someone who would truly use it! Always questions 2 and 3 from 12 Tips for the Thrifty Fashionista:

2. Know When to Put It Back. If you have to … hem and haw, and go back and forth over an item, then you don’t need it! If you don’t love it, don’t buy it! Period! Even $2 wasted is $2 wasted. A good question to ask yourself is, “If I were in a retail store paying regular prices, would I still want to buy this?” If the answer if “no”, put it back! Also, ask yourself, “Do I own something very similar to this?” Let’s face it, no one needs 5 black blazers in their closet. So, if the answer is yes, put it back!

3. Follow the Rule of 3. Before you buy something, picture your home wardrobe and make sure you can wear it in three different ways – for instance: Is there a way you could style it for a work outfit? Is there a way you could style it for a date night? Is there a way you could style it for running errands on the weekend? If you know you could get three different looks out of it, you know you’ll get your money’s worth. (exceptions to this rule are specialty items: dresses for formal occasions, swim wear etc.)

Well, that’s just a taste of what’s been going on around here. We’d need a short novel to hit all the points! Hopefully, things will soon calm down enough that I will be posting regularly again. Until then, I appreciate your patience and hanging in there with me!

Until We Meet Again,

Be Blessed!


2 Replies to “Time to Catch Up”

  1. Thank you, Jodie. She was quite a lady.
    Oh my…and they’re STILL going on! Good twice is having 40% off skirts today thru the 16th and ThredUp and Swap.com are having free shipping today. I am SUCH a sucker for free shipping! But, I do believe I am TRULY out of closet space. LOL! I guess it’s time for me to start selling on Poshmark so I can make some room! 😉


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