Where I’m Shopping

Happy Friday to all my friends in the blogosphere! I hope you had a great week, and that the shock of it actually being NOVEMBER already is finally wearing off. I still can’t believe we’re talking Thanksgiving dinner already! Have you planned what you’re wearing yet? Believe it or not, it hadn’t even occurred to me until this morning! One particular item immediately came to my mind, but, I’ll have to ruminate on it for a bit before I decide for sure.

Last weekend I had the privilege of leading a Thrifty Fashionista workshop (two sessions) at my church. Though the church sponsored the event, it was open to the public and there were seven other workshops also available to take, everything from finances, to crafts to makeup and zumba! There was a great turn out for all the workshops and everyone seemed to have a wonderful time!

For myself, I couldn’t have been more excited with the fantastic groups of ladies who showed up for each of my workshop sessions. It’s wonderful to see how enthusiastic people are about thrifting, whether they’ve already tried it or are just dipping their toes in the pool for the first time. Just as many women were there for styling interests and I was able to answer lots of people’s questions during and after sessions. Interestingly, some of the most frequent questions I fielded about thrifting were concerning where to thrift online – the good, the bad, the pro’s, the cons etc.

There is no doubt that online thrifting is a growing and valid way to do our second-hand shopping. As we become busier and busier, sometimes getting out to a brick and mortar shop can be difficult. Or perhaps you live in an area where those shops simply don’t exist. Or in some cases you may have a house full of munchkins that can make it difficult to really shop effectively, but it’s a little easier to grab your laptop or phone or whatever after all the littles have gone to bed for the night and scroll around.

So, to answer their questions, and maybe give a new suggestion to a few of you, here a few of the newer places I’ve added to my online shopping experience –

ThredUp.com – I’ve been shopping ThredUp for a couple of years now. I have a love/hate relationship with them at the moment. I started out completely enamored with them, but they have slid down my scale quite a bit lately. I have had several quality issues with them recently that I had to address. They have added multiple little fees here and there that I haven’t appreciated, including raising the amount you have to order for free shipping to $99 and did a little “price hiking” trick that I really didn’t like recently. However, they still have one of the best selections I’ve seen. I still recommend them, but with caution. REALLY watch the pricing. They play with it a lot. Examine your item closely and know your sizing because they DO charge for returns now.

Thriftonic.com – They are connected to Goodwill somehow and based in the Silicon Valley. I have not purchased from them yet. Prices seem reasonable and they do take returns up until 30 days with no fee. Free shipping on orders over $50.

Swap.com – This place is EASILY as big as ThredUp. Tons and tons of clothes to choose from with fantastic pricing. Men’s, women’s and children’s clothing. 30 day returns. Free shipping at $50. Not as attractive a site as ThredUp and not as easy to maneuver, so it’s a little bit of a trade-off. I THINK you can send your clothes there for credit, but don’t quote me on that one! I have not ordered anything from them at this point, though, so can’t speak to speed, service or quality.

ReStitch.com – ReStitch is another subsidiary of Goodwill. Part of each sale from this site goes toward job training for someone in need. I LOVE that! They do take returns at no fee up to 30 days, and you only have to spend $24.99 to get free shipping. Not bad! Additionally, if you sign up for their newsletter they’ll give you a 20% off coupon for your first purchase. It’s only good for 10 days, but have no fear, if you don’t use it, they’ll send you another. In fact, they kept sending them to me until I finally used one! They always seem to have a coupon going. However, you can’t use coupons on clearance items, which is kind of a bummer. Prices are average for these sites. Basic store items run about $10 – $15, Designer items run $30 – $50 at full price. But, they have a really nice clearance section. They do not carry any accessories, but they do have workout clothes and pajamas and lingerie. Women’s clothes only. I have only ordered one thing from them – a sweater on a day when they offered free shipping with no minimum order – it hasn’t come yet and it’s coming from Texas – so I can’t yet speak to speed or quality.

Poshmark – Ok, I have become a HUGE fan of Poshmark. Some of you, maybe most of you, have probably been on Poshmark for ages, but I’m just jumping on this one. And I’m hooked. I’ve purchased three items thus far from two different sellers – An Alice & Trixie silk blouse for $9! And Trina Turk and Theory dresses – $15 FOR BOTH! The blouse would have retailed for over $200. The two dresses would have retailed for over $300 a piece. The blouse was in very good condition. The dresses were like new.


Trina Turk Dress
Alice & Trixie Blouse
Theory Dress

Things I like about Poshmark: – You can go the full spectrum of price and quality. If you want to spend $1000 on a super high quality piece, you can find that. If you want to find something for $5 – $10, you can find that, too. I love the “bidding” for prices. I like having the seller offer me “deals” and being able to offer the seller a deal if I can’t afford what’s there. I like the “personal-ness” of it. I like that the money is going more directly to the person who’s selling and that person is getting a larger chunk of their sales.

Things I don’t like: I feel bad when I have to turn down a person’s deal on something I DID like because I just can’t afford it at that time. I just want to help everyone out!

I’m so taken with Poshmark that I’m almost positive I’m going to start selling my own stuff on there. So, if you’re on Poshmark, keep your eyes open.


GoodTwice.com – My new favorite place on the web! This little (and yes, it is little) shop on the web has taken over as my favorite online thrifting spot! It is a tiny store, as online thrift stores go. However, it is extremely well designed and easy to maneuver. Though the selection is small, what they have is excellent. The prices cannot be beat. And shipping?! There is nothing that annoys me more than the cost of shipping – nothing! – their shipping cost? $.99 flat rate! Yep! You saw that right! At that price it doesn’t bother me to see something one day, order it, turn around and see something another day and order again! And I have! Additionally, they have had at least one sale running everyday since I’ve discovered them. Today tops and tees are 35% off. So far I have ordered a pair of black ankle boots, a Coach tote bag and a Tahari sweater. Everything arrived very quickly. Everything was in excellent condition and the pricing was fantastic. Additionally, they do allow 30 days for returns, but it must be for store credit.

Tahari Sweater
Ankle Boots
Coach Tote

Well, there you have it, folks! My new online haunts. Hopefully, I’ve inspired some new shopping ideas in you, as well, or at least expanded your options! Now, go forth and conquer! Can’t wait to hear what you find!

Until We Meet Again,


8 Replies to “Where I’m Shopping”

  1. Haha! And it’s always good to have variety! And to be able to price compare! The way I see it, I’ve saved money by finding new options – some with lower shipping costs or lower costs over all! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! 🙂


  2. Ronnie, this was such a good overview of what is out there. I am definitely a brick and mortar kind of girl, but with online becoming such a big presence for thrifting I have been wondering where to shop. Thanks for all the info, especially your own opinion of what works, and what doesn’t. Very helpful. – Amy


    1. Thank you, Amy! I think it’s important to stay up to date on what’s out there. I’ve enjoyed exploring these new places. And since everyone so far, minus ThredUp who only gives 14 days, gives 30 days to return, it really is a win-win. I received my order from ReStitch the very afternoon I posted, which was really quite fast considering it came from Texas. It was well packaged and in lovely condition. The only issue was a missing button on the wrist of the sleeve (It has a french cuff effect) That wasn’t indicated on the description, but just said gently worn. But, I had no issue with that since it’s second-hand. I actually grabbed a set of buttons from my grandma’s old button tin and replaced them. The vintage buttons look fantastic on it and it’s a gorgeous sweater that cost me less than $5! I definitely consider it one of my best recent purchases. So, ReStitch did well on my first purchase! 🙂


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