The “One Piece” Challenge

This week has been a challenge…literally. The challenge I presented myself (Ok, honestly, it’s a challenge I “borrowed” from another fashion blogger because it just seemed like a fun thing to do) anyway, the challenge was to pick one item of clothing and wear it all week, styled differently each day.

Immediately, this appealed to me. I love challenging myself to come up with different ways to wear things! Do you enjoy doing things like this? The only question…what piece to use? A shirt? Could be done. But, that, of course, would require a lot more washing of the garment to keep it fresh feeling and looking. Also, it’s so prominent, it would be much more easily observed as the same thing over and over. Shoes would be an option. Or a cardi or kimono or blazer… Lots of possibilities. However, the more I thought through this challenge, the more I felt pants were the way to go. Prominent enough to be a key piece of clothing, but generic enough to be able to be very versatile.

Next the decision was, which pair? Of course, you could always do jeans, but that seems almost like a “cheat”. So incredibly generic a piece that restyling them takes almost no creativity. Black pants? Essentially the same issue – simply too generic. Finally, I settled on a pair of khaki green colored, embroidered cargo pants. The color, khaki green, is a neutral and allows for a good deal of versatility in your other choices. The embroidery makes the pant a little more interesting, and the cargo style add a little more of a challenge to the style process – a little less generic than a basic jean.

Here’s what my week looked like:




I started the week with my base White House Black Market embroidered khaki cargos. I wore them rolled. For my top I wore a purple paisley Lucky brand cami and added a hi/lo pink DKNY cardi that pulled from the pink in the cami. Accessories included a green tassel necklace and a pair of green circle earrings – both from Wal-mart, and a leopard print belt. Finally, on my feet, a pair of Apt. 9 brownish/green suede shooties. Everything is thrifted, sans the jewelry and the cargos. (The cargos were gifted.)




I hadn’t realized until after I was dressed and doing my photos that I had practically copy-catted my color scheme from the day before! Apparently, I really like pink with my khaki…well, we already know I really like pink! LOL! Today we unrolled the cargos and switched out the shooties for a pair of leopard print flats. The top is a lovely leopard print, with a stitched shoulder from St. John and the long fuchsia cardi is from Chico’s. I’ve added natural stone jewelry – a necklace, earrings and several stack bracelets, and finally, a simple black leather belt. Everything is thrifted except the Chico’s cardi – I found it on their final clearance rack.




Wednesday brought out a little bit of my free-spirit, and one of my favorite tops – what Mr. T calls my “butterfly top”.  When I saw this tie-dye/watercolor Bebe top on ThredUp it was love at first sight and it went immediately into my shopping cart! I was not taking a chance on it disappearing on me! So, when I wore this on Wednesday and accidentally knocked a large glass of raspberry Crystal Light all over the top, the cargos and my white kitchen counter, I panicked just a little! But, after raising 5 kids, I’ve dealt with my fair share of stains, and thankfully, even though the fabric is quite delicate, I did manage to get the kool-aid-like stain out! In addition to my Bebe top in this look, I’m also wearing blue suede Old Navy ankle boots, Chico’s hoop earrings, an unbranded bangle bracelet and a Wal-mart brand cami. The Chico’s earrings and Wal-mart cami were both clearance items. The bracelet, boots and Bebe top are all thrifted.




Thursday combined a little bit of feminine and a little bit of masculine… one of my favorite combinations. To our trusty cargos I’ve added this sweet black Nanette Lepore short sleeve cardigan with a shawl collar I purchased from ThredUp about a year ago. For jewelry a chunky, artsy necklace I just thrifted last weekend for $1 and a pair of Premiere earrings that were gifted to me years ago. The look is finished off with a strong masculine nod in a pair of khaki green White Mountain combat boots thrifted several years ago from my favorite shop.




And, finally, we come to today. I decided to add a little more color for the final day  – my top – the cami – is a pale yellow WHBM with a bit of green/pink/red/brown floral design.(gifted) I’ve topped it with a purple long cardi. (thrifted) For shoes, brick-red DexFlex ankle boots. (Payless clearance) Jewelry is simple – a pair of beaded loop earrings from Wal-mart and a thrifted vintage brooch.

Did I learn anything from my week of one-piece challenge? Well, it was, to a degree, fun to come up with different ideas for the pants each day. But, what I really learned? I learned that I’m a girl who needs variety! Bored. Bored. Bored! I was sooooo bored with the same pair of pants every single day! I was bored without the option of a skirt or a dress or even a pair of leggings! There’s a teacher in New Jersey (I think it’s New Jersey) who is bringing attention to the problem of waste in landfills (totally worthy cause) by wearing the same dress every day for a month. Well, God bless her! I think this is very noble. I agree with her cause and her intentions, but…I’m weak people! I do my part for the cause with my thrifting. But, one week of the same pants apparently stretched my limits.

My lesson for the day is that I’m outrageously thankful for the bounty in my closet! For variety! I’m thankful for a God who loves beauty and filled the earth with not ONE kind of flower, but thousands! With not one color, but dozens! With not one kind of person or personality, with not one color hair, not one color skin, not one color eyes…. Viva la difference! Hooray for variety!

Until We Meet Again!



2 Replies to “The “One Piece” Challenge”

  1. You are so on my wavelength, Ronnie. Wait until you see my IG post next week….it’s kinda like this!
    But I’m also like you…I love my variety, which is why travel outfits are hard for me at times!!!
    You did a great job though….and it’s a fun challenge!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks Jodie! I apologize for the delay in my response. Tim and I were away for the weekend and I pretty much stayed away from social media!
    That’s so funny! I love it when we do similar things! Can’t wait to see your post! I’m sure it’ll be great!
    Have an awesome day!


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