New Reviews from My Beauty Bag

Let’s take a break from “trends” this week and talk makeup and beauty products! As usual I’ve been experimenting with “new-to-me”, budget-friendly products and thought I’d take a post to share with you my thoughts – the good, the bad and the ugly – on each one. As always, my opinions are just that – my opinions, nothing more. They are not paid for or solicited in any way – though I have no issues whatsoever with fellow bloggers who do so.¬† This is by no means an exhaustive list of the items I’ve tried since the last time I gave you reviews, but I felt these items were the most worthy of mention.

This time around, rather than waste your time with items that I found sub-par, I decided to only bring you products that I felt had some merit. Not all of them get my rave reviews, but they all get a nod on some level.

1. Milani Primers – Prime Shield (Mattifying), Prime Perfection (Hydrating)


These have become my go-to primers, both for myself, as well as for anybody on whom I have done a make-over. They both do just a beautiful job of covering the skin, keeping your makeup in place and hydrating or mattifying, whichever your need. Additionally, the Prime Perfection boasts that it reduces redness. And it does. If you have severe redness it’s not going to make it disappear, but it will tone redness down. These both run about $7.95 at Wal-mart and a little goes a long way, so your .68 fl. oz tube will last a decent amount of time. I highly recommend these products.

2. Milani Eye Shadow Primer


Staying within the Milani product family we move to another one of their primers – eye shadow primer. Let me just interject here that if you’re not using an eye shadow primer (and are wearing eye shadow), you should be. I know that some people say just put some foundation or powder on your lids, but you will not get the same result. Spend the couple extra $$. It’s worth it. And as long as you’re spending the extra dollars, spend it on the Milani! This is an excellent little primer! What a ginormous difference there has been in the staying power of my shadow since switching to this primer! Now, you may be a little put off by $8.26 for a teeny tiny little tube (.30 fl. oz.), but don’t be. The tiniest little dot on your fingertip will spread between both lids. This little tube has lasted me for months! Highly recommend!

3. Rimmel Match Perfection foundation


We’ll move on now to several Rimmel products. I have found Rimmel, for me, to be a kind of “bi-polar” company…they’re products are either very, very good or very bad. But, their prices are so exceptional that it’s not a big deal to experiment with whatever’s new. Interestingly, the Match Perfection foundation is kind of a middle of the road product for me, though I think a lot of you may like it. Here’s why I say that. Quite a few of the women whose makeup I’ve done recently are big fans of Maybelline’s Fit Me line. This Rimmel line reminds me soooo much of the Maybelline line. (But, it’s cheaper!) I, personally, don’t wear the Maybelline line, though I stock it for other people, because it’s medium coverage and with my rosacea I prefer a full-coverage product.


  • Though not as much color selection as Maybelline, there was a nice selection and I easily matched my skin tone.
  • It promises 24 hr. wear. I haven’t put that to the test, but when I’ve worn it, it did stay put quite well.
  • It states a “pore blurring effect”. Now when I initially put it on it looked like my pores were going to look awful, but after it sat for just a minute it soaked in nicely. (I find this to be true for many foundations. I always allow my foundation to sit for at least 5 minutes before moving on to blush or setting powder.)
  • It has an SPF of 20. I LOVE when my foundation has sunscreen built-in.

Even though this is a medium coverage foundation, it is a nice little foundation for just over $5. It’s worth a try.

4. Rimmel Provocalips 16 HR Kiss Proof Lip Color


Now, I do have my own tricks for getting regular lipstick to stay and they work pretty well. But, let’s face it, a one step process would be so much easier. Friends have told me of other products they used, but they were wicked expensive and required a drilling team to get them off your lips. I’m just not into that. With the Rimmel product at just under $6, I thought it would be worth giving it a shot.

PROs: It did last much, much longer than my typical lipstick (even using my “tricks”); the color was beautiful; the cost can’t be beat; removes easily with makeup remover wipes

CONs: It did not last 15 hrs.; when it wore off it wore in a kind of funny effect on my lips; I have never seen anything that gets on your teeth as easily as this does! BEWARE!

I have decided to add this to my regular rotation, but have found ways to work with the “CON” issues. *I keep a coordinating lip gloss color with me and gloss over as it begins to wear. This works perfectly to keep the color going. Of course you could just take it, too, but the gloss is just cheaper. *As far as the “effect” it leaves as it wears – I “prep” my lips as I would for lipstick: first with a lip primer then penciling over the primer with a pencil the color of my lips then a layer of powder. This helps negate the effect and also seems to help the product last a little longer. *For the problem getting on your teeth: First, make sure you apply this in VERY thin layers. Let each layer dry before putting another layer on until you reach your desired depth of color. Between each layer do the old “suck your finger” trick that we all do with regular lipstick to keep lipstick off teeth. And finally, just give them a final careful once-over to be sure no color slipped past you before you leave the house! I would cautiously recommend this.

5. Rimmel Stay Matte Fix & Go 2-in-1 Primer and Setting Spray


This is my newest purchase. I’ve only had it about a week. I had been using Ulta’s setting spray – which I really like! – but ran out and didn’t make it to Ulta. I was at Wal-mart grocery shopping, saw this, was intrigued by the idea that you could both prime and set with it, so decided for just under $6, it was worth a try. I have to say that so far I am really impressed! It does a wonderful job of setting your makeup in place. 11 pm last night I examined my makeup in the mirror and, other than my lipstick – long gone from eating and drinking etc. – everything else was still nicely in place and fresh looking! Though I have not replaced my other primer with this, I have sprayed it on top of my existing primer just before starting my actual makeup. I really feel it’s added an extra layer of “stick” to my makeup to keep it in place, but it doesn’t make my face feel sticky or like I’m wearing anything extra. Good job, Rimmel. Definitely recommend.

6. Ulta Beauty Tinted Eye Primer (satin blush)


Yes, I’m listing another eye shadow primer…but, not for the reason you’d think. This sweet little product I received as part of a “gift with purchase” at Ulta a month or so ago. I’ll admit that one of my first thoughts was, “why do I need a tinted eye primer if I’m just going to put shadow over the top of it?!” My second thought was, “what a great color! It would be an awesome lipstick!” That’s when it hit me…why don’t I use this as a lip primer?! And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. It has not touched my eyes even once! I use it as the first step with any lip treatment, then placing a natural lip pencil over that and going from there with whatever other look I’m going with. It works wonderful! It gives a great smooth base to work with, as well as adding extra life to my lip colors staying time. Since this was a “gift with purchase” I have no idea what it cost, but I’m definitely going to be going back to Ulta to purchase another one very soon! Definitely recommend.

7. Revolution Baking Oil


If you’ve read any of my past product reviews, you’re probably not surprised that Revolution products ended up on this list! With each new product I try, I become a bigger and bigger fan of this British company.

When I purchased this particular product, I had gone in looking for another Revolution product, which they did not have, but my brain was determined to go home with something new Revolution, and I came across this. There was very little explanation as to what the product was or does. It was just there. Still I bought it on faith and brought it home, went to their site and looked it up. It seemed that people used it in all sorts of ways, but the intended way seemed to be to apply to your skin prior to putting on your foundation.

After moisturizing, the next thing I do is rub a drop or two of the oil into my face and neck, giving it about 5 minutes to soak in. Then I apply primer and makeup. I LOVE this product! It makes your foundation lay on your skin soooo beautifully. In general, I think you will see a difference in the overall appearance of your skin. I read several people who apply it just before going to bed. Let me list the ingredients for you: Grape seed oil, hydrogenated ethylhexyl olivate, olive oil, unsaponfiables, sunflower seed oil, jojoba seed oil, peach kernel oil, argon kernel oil, lemon peel oil, peppermint oil, citral linalool, geranol

The only caution I would put with this is that if you have oily skin, be careful with how much you use. You could break out. When I first started using it I had to back off on how many drops I was using for that very reason. I do really well at 1 – 2 drops. This runs between $9 – $10 at Ulta. I highly recommend!

8. Revolution Foundation Stick


Can I admit that foundation sticks always kinda scared me? I mean how do you use these things? Why would you put foundation in a stick? It reminded me of soap on a rope – kinda cheesy. However, when I discovered that the only foundation that Revolution had available at Ulta was a stick and my obsession with Revolution demanded that I try some sort of foundation of their’s, I decided to purchase one. And I was won over to the stick! At least Revolution’s! Their foundation stick has become second in my foundation rotation. It really doesn’t say if it’s meant to be a full or medium¬† coverage, but it looks lovely on my skin, but, yet feels extremely light and is unbelievably creamy. When I first started using it there was this thought that I was going to need to put on lots of lines of it, but don’t believe that! This is sooooo creamy and spreadable – like butter! A little goes a long way, so start light. It very buildable. You can always go back and add more. Further, it can do double duty and act as a concealer. Once you’re on the go, pop the little tube in your purse. Later in the day you see something you missed on your face. Put the tiniest dab on a carry-brush or your finger and away it goes. Naturally, it works beautifully with the Revolution Conceal & Define concealer and the Revolution Baking Powder that I’ve already raved to you about in a previous post. At only $9 at Ulta, I highly recommend!

I hope some of the information here has been helpful to you! I’d love to hear about new products you’ve tried and how they’ve worked!

Until We Meet Again!



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4 Replies to “New Reviews from My Beauty Bag”

  1. My mom ALWAYS used her lipstick as her blush. I don’t think I ever saw her with regular blush. So, that’s just always been a regular fall-back for me. And now you’re seeing a lot of companies making multi-purpose product that IS for both cheek and lip, and even for cheek and lip and eye. Sooo convenient for today’s busy lifestyle!
    Have a great weekend, Jodie!


  2. Ronnie, this was a great review of products you use and believe in. I am a Mary Kay user and have been very happy with most of their products, especially in the moisturizer, foundation and facial cleanser. But I love their make up as well. However, I am always open to trying new things. My daughter used to be a make up artists so she is always trying new products and has some very inexpensive things that she uses all the time. Thanks for sharing your choices! – Amy

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Amy! Make up is just one of those things where you just have to find what works for you! Everyone is different, everyone’s skin is different. Even what we’re looking for in our appearance is different. But, it’s always nice to have a little input from others on their experience with things. Thanks for stopping in! – Ronnie


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