“Brooching” the Subject of Trends

Can you believe we’re in the last week of September? It seems as if we blinked and Summer somehow became a distant memory. Not complaining, mind you. I love the Fall – by far my favorite season. But, it seems to go by so quickly and then leaves us under Winter’s dark shadow – my least favorite season – which always feels as if it drags on and on. But, let’s not borrow trouble from tomorrow! Let’s just glory in the beauty of the Autumn – the crisp air, the turning of the leaves and the golden hues they take on as the sun shines through the branches…. And boots, and cardigans, and layering and all the wonderful things that come with our Fall wardrobes!

Last week we began talking about trends for the coming seasons – particularly, we looked at the animal print trend and layering animal prints together. Another great trend that made its way into InStyle’s “holy grail” pages, and pleased me to no end, was the resurgence of brooches!

I have long been a big fan of the brooch (or pin if you prefer the simpler term), especially vintage pieces. But, quite frankly, if it’s pretty and catches my eye, I don’t care if it came from the Dollar Store! Sadly, it’s been a long neglected piece, with many of the younger set considering it an “older generation” item. Thus, it thrilled me immensely to see it making a runway comeback – and with really no distinctive change to its tried and true beauty.

Display of runway brooches from InStyle’s trend article in the September issue


In honor of the return of this beloved accessory, I’ve compiled 5 Ways to Wear Your Brooch, for those who’ve been out of the brooch loop for a while, or anyone just looking for a new way to show their pin off!

5 Ways to Wear Your Brooch This Season


  1. Clustered

    Whether it’s on a blazer, a sweater, a blouse… instead of just one brooch, try showing off a collection of your pins together
  2. As “Bag Bling”

    Add a pretty brooch (or two) to a plain bag to amp up the look. Word of caution: Be sure your bag has some sort of hook or loop you can use to attach to (as this bag does) or is a fabric bag, or you could damage the material. Of course, if it’s an older bag that you’re just trying to revive, that might be ok.
  3. Add Sparkle to You Chapeau

    Don’t forget your crowning glory when adding a little sparkle! Add a pin or two to your hat before heading out the door. This pin is rather large, so one is plenty, but several small ones clustered would look cute, too!
  4. Create a Unique Necklace
    Find a spare chain or group of chains and attach your brooch. Here I’ve attached it directly center creating a lariat affect, but you can place the brooch anywhere along the line of the chain creating an almost endless number of looks and styles.



5. Stabilize a Scarf

Ever have your scarf sliding all over the place, annoying you all day, as you have to keep repositioning it?! Try stabilizing it with, and upping it’s style value, with a beautiful brooch!

As you can see, brooches aren’t just for lapels anymore. If you can imagine it, you can do it!

One of the tried and true lessons of trending is not to try and do too many trends at once – you’ll just end up looking like a fashion train-wreck! Pick one or two things that really appeal to you and add those in small doses. Brooches are a GREAT…and easy…way to add something “on trend” to your wardrobe this season. Not only are they tasteful and easy to wear, but they’re also very inexpensive. If you’ve ever scouted the jewelry displays at Christmas time (it’ll be here before you know it!) you know that you can find boxed pins there for as little as $5 – $10. But, if you’re willing to thrift, you can find brooches much less expensively than even those prices. Last weekend I hit a local shop on a 75% off day. I purchased 3 brooches. Two had the 75% tag. One came to $.25 and the other was $1. But, even my full price pin was only $3.49!

I hope this has picqued at least some of your interests in adding brooches to jewelry box. See what unique ways you can come up with to wear one!

Until We Meet Again!



4 Replies to ““Brooching” the Subject of Trends”

  1. How funny, because I just pulled out one of my brooches for last weeks photo shoot which you will see on the blog next week!! I certainly don’t wear them much in the summer, but the best part of the cold weather is pulling them back out.
    I love the idea of creating a necklace like that—-great idea Ronnie!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They are great pieces, aren’t they?! For me they never went out of style.
      Poodle pins?! I would LOVE to see them! You need to put pics of your collection up!


  2. Thanks, Jodie! That is funny! How often have we found we think on the same wavelength! Great minds! 🙂
    I actually find them to be great pieces for the Spring/Summer because when it’s hot you can often feel sweaty with a scarf or even a necklace around your neck, but you can stick a pin or two on your top and get that same “bling-y” feel without it weighing you down quite so much.
    Can’t wait to see what piece you choose for your post!


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