The Organ


It was a normal Saturday night. Fresh from her bath, Gracie could still smell the Ivory soap on her skin. As she traipsed down the hall toward the living room, the treads on her footie pajamas made a silly swooshing sound along the carpeting that made Gracie giggle.

Grammy was playing the organ, as she often did. She could hear Amazing Grace echoing down the corridor. There was a small lull in the music and Grammy began to laugh – one of those deep down in your belly laughs – like Santa! Gracie couldn’t help but laugh, too. She knew then that Pappy was at the organ with Grammy. Pappy was the only one who could make Grammy laugh like that.

Gracie loved staying at Grammy and Pappy’s house. It always felt warm here – like a big giant hug when you’re afraid of the dark. Grammy always kept vanilla cookies in the kitchen under the bottom middle cabinet. Gracie liked that because she could reach them and sneak a few. Sometimes she thought Grammy knew she was sneakin’ them, but pretended not to. She liked that, too.

Gracie also loved Grammy’s bedroom. Grammy had more shoes and sparklies than anyone she had ever seen! And Grammy never got mad if Gracie wanted to try them on! Sometimes Grammy would even put them on her and she would pretend she was a princess in a far away kingdom! Then she and Grammy would giggle and dance around, and Pappy would tell them how pretty they looked, and they’d laugh some more. Gracie loved staying at Grammy and Pappy’s house.

As she came around the corner, Grammy was still at the organ, with Pappy on the bench at her side. Amazing Grace had ended, and she began to play The Old Rugged Cross.

Pappy saw her come in, motioned her over and patted the seat between them. “C’mon Gracie! Grammy and I saved your spot!”

Gracie raced over as fast as her 4yr. old feet would take her, and crawled up on the bench between Grammy and Pappy. Gracie loved being all snuggled up between these two people she loved so very much, and who made her feel so loved.

“C’mon Gracie, “ said Pappy, “sing for me.”

“Ok, Pap, but only if you sing, too.” She loved to hear her Pappy sing. There was something comforting in his voice that made Gracie feel as if she was in the safest place in the world.  And she knew this was Pap’s very favorite song.

Soon the room echoed with the joyful sounds of one old organ, one 4 yr. old girl, and one dear old Pappy,

For I”ll cherish the Old Rugged Cross, Till my trophies at last I’ll lay down,

I Will Cling to the Old Rugged Cross and Exchange them some day for a Crown…”

Gracie loved staying at Grammy and Pappy’s house. She loved the warmth. She loved the cookies. She loved dressing up with the jewelry and the shoes.

But, most of all she loved this… sitting with Grammy and Pappy at the organ, snuggled up between them, singing Pappy’s old songs…

I Will Cling to the Old Rugged Cross and Exchange Them Some Day for a Crown!”


My Grammy & Grampy, much loved, much missed – Ronnie

2 Replies to “The Organ”

  1. Thank you, Linda! I claim it as fictional/memory. It’s actual memories from my childhood condensed into a single fictional account. I sat at that organ and singing with my Grampy while my Gram played many times until we lost my Grandpa when I was 13. It WAS fictional that his favorite hymn was the Old Rugged Cross, though…it was How Great Thou Art. 🙂


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