A New Dress…A Perfect Score

“It’s not about the dress you wear, but the life you lead in the dress.” – Diana Vreeland

By now you are all well aware of my deep love of twirly, girly skirts. Running a close second – really neck and neck – is my love of a great dress! (Is there such thing as a “not great dress’?)  I seem to be on an eternal search for them. Wherever I go, wherever I’m shopping – brick and mortar or on-line – you can lay money down that my first stop, and probably my longest stay, will be in the dresses. Like shoes and purses, one can never have too many! There always seems to be another one that is yet another level of “pretty”, or is for an occasion with needs simply not met by your existing collection, or well, is so beautiful, you’re positive you can come up with an occasion to wear it if you simply think hard enough. (Surely other women, also, do their grocery shopping in Christian Siriano gowns…right?!)

So, when I received a new dress in the mail today, from a new source, how could I NOT come here and share all this joy with all of you?!

The story of my dress actually starts several weeks ago when Mr. T and I were away on a long weekend. While at lunch one afternoon I took a second to check my Instagram and I had a comment from a company called Dress Score Consignment. Just a really nice comment on a pic I posted. They had seen that I thrift (I mentioned ThredUp) and suggested that I check out their site, as well.

One thing I cannot resist is a new small business, especially if they’re clothing/accessory related, and especially especially if they’re thrift. I was on their site by the end of the day and immediately intrigued by what I feel is a completely cool and unique concept! The basic premise of the site is that, as the name suggests, you “score” dresses, just dresses! That’s all they sell! And every dress is $20. Period. No questioning, no haggling. It just is. Easy peasy.  To make this even higher on the “Ronnie Cool Scale” (a very important place to rate, I assure you! LOL!) all the dresses are thrifted – on consignment! As I understand it, at this present time, they all come from their “local” – not sure how big a radius that is – community. Also cool. Now, here’s the twist. It’s a “pop-up” store! WHAT?! We’re all becoming familiar with the idea of pop-up stores, but I imagine most of us think of them in terms of physical stands. I personally know several vendors who work through pop-ups that show up at malls, festivals, fairs etc. This, however, is an internet pop-up. The base site is there all the time. You can drop in, read about the company and read little fashion articles and tidbits, but the store only pops-up about once a month, as I understand, though that can vary from more often to less, probably depending on stock. I love both the old school & modern-ness of this all tied into one!

This was something I immediately wanted to be part of and support! Dresses, thrifting, small-business…. yes, this seemed like a very good thing to me. It was only about a week after we got home from our trip that the first pop-up happened. It began at 7pm. one evening and went for 48 hrs. There is not a large selection of dresses, and what is, is split among the sizes. However, what is there seems to be very good quality brands, so you’re getting something of value for your $20.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything at that particular pop-up. Mostly it was a size issue. I’m pretty small and that can sometimes be a problem. When I’m shopping on-line, I’m much more careful and cautious before purchasing in that regard. There was one Moulinette Soeurs dress that I was in love with and I think would have fit perfect, however the color was orange – yellow/orange – but, too much orange, which is the worst possible color on me, so I had to pass. I hope it went to a good home, though! Adorable dress. Very good quality brand. For $20 they were getting a great deal.

Thankfully, it wasn’t long until another pop-up….popped up! Another opportunity arrived over Labor Day weekend and this time I hit gold! A White House Black Market Dress, labeled in LIKE NEW condition. I was taking a mild chance…it was XS and sometimes I have to do an XXS at WHBM, but with the cut of the dress I was pretty sure I could make it work no matter what. (They do, however, take returns on their dresses within 14 of receipt of the dress.) Dress ordered, I just sat back and waited.

Today my wait was over! The package got here very quickly. I’m sure the holiday slowed things down just a bit for everyone, but I was told it shipped first thing Tuesday morning and it arrived today (Thursday) around 2 pm. I certainly have no complaints about the speed of their service.

It arrived well packaged. Look at this adorable bag it was in! How cute is that?! Inside it was very neatly folded and wrapped in tissue paper.


(Can I just add a side note here about how “unwrinkled” it was – what nice condition it was in?! I have received things from other companies, much larger companies, when it did not appear they took a steamer or anything to the items, they were so wrinkled when they arrived. I realize things get jostled in shipping, but sometimes you just want to say, “C’mon, really?!” But, this dress could easily have slid right off a hanger at WHBM. Not a wrinkle in it. The entire condition was pristine.)


As is my standard practice I examined the dress thoroughly first. Again, it was in pristine condition. Not even the tiniest snag. Next was the try-on. Again, I was thrilled – especially considering this dress was not petite. The length, a little longer than what I consider my “perfect length”, was still in my acceptable length zone. Through the arms and chest the fit was perfect – I couldn’t have asked for better. There was only one area that could be considered even slightly off – and that, only ever so slightly – and that was the elasticized waist. Whether it was the natural make of the dress, or the fact that it was a little stretched by the previous owner, the waist hung just a tad. One of those deals where you know it when you’re wearing it, but probably people looking at you would never notice. All in all, I was very pleased.

Now the fun part begins… the styling!

Of course you know, I could never be satisfied with just one way to wear my dress! How about three?!


The Classic Look

Worn in the traditional manner with hoop earrings and bracelet that pull out the burgundy stripe along the bottom of the dress. The multi-layer chain necklace echos the chains in the fabric print. Repeating colors and patterns throughout a look, even when the brain is unconscious of it, is almost always pleasing to the eye. This also gave me the chance to wear these beautiful Nine West peep-toe pumps that I thrifted BRAND NEW for $5 and still hadn’t worn.

The Casual Dress Look

This dress works just as well casually as it did traditionally. For this look I added a few boho touches to bring the “dressed-up” level down – black,suede,tassled OTK boots; a burgundy, floral fringed scarf; stacked gold stretch bracelets (non-matching) and long, layered, dangly earrings.


The Tunic Look

Finally, I pulled the dress up just a bit, belted it just below the natural elastic, blousoned it out and, wallah! now we have a tunic versus a dress! I added a pair of thick quality leggings; knee height brown riding boots; a long, oatmeal colored, crocheted vest; and for bling, some natural material earrings, necklace and bracelet.



Let’s be honest, not all dresses are this versatile. Sometimes they just are what they are – and that’s ok, too – because just being a dress, in and of itself, is pretty terrific!

The Dress Score is a pretty fun and interesting way to shop for dresses, and I’m really glad they found me! I will certainly be keeping my ears open for their next pop-up. You can do that, as well, by following them on Instagram, or, better yet, signing up on their website and you’ll receive a personal notice when the next pop-up is coming.

Until We Meet Again!


**As always, this is not a solicited post in any way, shape or form. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!) The very nice people at Dress Score have no idea that I’m talking about them! Mwha ha ha! This is just info from one consumer to another.

6 Replies to “A New Dress…A Perfect Score”

  1. This sounds like such a fabulous idea!! And I totally agree…dresses are the best piece…even on vacation. Heck, in fact on our Alaskan cruise we all brought a dress and changed it up three ways—you’ll see it on the blog next month!!
    As for the stretched waist—I bet that’s an easy fix with some elastic???

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oooh, can’t wait to see the post from your cruise! I’ll bet that was awesome!
      Actually the stretch isn’t too bad. It’s really just one of those things that I feel, more than something anyone would notice. Just mildly loose. If it stretched any further, I have plenty of friends who know how to sew who I’m sure could fix it.
      They actually have another pop-up coming up this month – September 18, 7pm – the store will open if anyone is interested.


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