Pink Refresher

Did you ever have a piece of clothing, or even a complete outfit, that you just seem to be in a complete rut with? I mean every time you wear it you seem to wear it exactly the same way! It always looks exactly the same!

Frankly, we can get that way with all our outfits if we’re not careful, if we don’t consciously think creatively each time we put something on. I’m usually quite good about changing things up in my outfits. I try to make each look even just a tiny bit different each time. Whether I’m just switching out my earrings or a bracelet, anything to shake up the look. But, for some reason I have this one piece that just always seems to look the same. This really hit me the other night when I was considering what to wear for the following day.  I took it out, hung it on the clothing tree and as I began gathering accessories realized I had seen this same outfit over and over again! Next thing you know, I was on a mission….


Breathe fresh life into the look of this jumpsuit.
Same old, same old jumpsuit look – black belt and black shoes….usually flats or mild heel


What you see is pretty much the way I’ve worn this suit every time Mr. T and I’ve gone out  – basic black belt, black shoes. I have varied the width of the belt and I think I’ve gone up and down on the height of my heel – slightly – but, essentially, it looks the same. Granted, I don’t think I’ve ever worn this out without getting a compliment on it. It’s a great jumpsuit. (Thank you Target children’s department!) But, for my own sake, if for nothing else, it’s getting b-o-r-i-n-g!

Recently, I’ve been deeply enamored with hot pink! I seem to want to buy everything I see in pink! It’s like being in high school all over again! At the beginning of the season it was yellow. And, don’t get me wrong, still love me some bright, sunny yellow, but my heart has gone back to my “first love” – hot pink! So, when looking for ways to liven up this black & white look, my mind immediately said – PINK!

I wandered through my accessories to find all the workable pink pieces I could – our weapons for this operation. So, here we go…. Operation Hot Pink is underway!


Refresh Attempt #1

My modern, pink version of “Madeleine”?

For the first look, I went casual, a little playful, and just a little “French” feeling…well, it feels that way to me.

I picked up this little pink hat at an amusement park, of all places, when Mr. T and I were away for a long weekend recently. The sweetest woman worked the little hat shop and patiently went through nearly a dozen hats with me and was very helpful, and honest, about what looked good. Luckily, she, Mr. T and I all agreed that this was by far our favorite! I felt from the beginning that there was just a bit of a “French” feel to it (Think “Madeleine” in a pink). And, naturally, I couldn’t resist the wonderful color!

When I thought of putting this hat with the jumpsuit, the pom pom topped shoes were pretty much a given! The sweet, fun hat and the beyond fun shoes, for me, just seemed to give new life to the simple black and white of the jumpsuit. It’s still casual. Still comfortable. But, the color and flair take it to a new style level, and, frankly, make it just a little more fun to walk out of the house in!


Refresh Attempt #2

Can you see why I’m so deeply in love with these shoes?! Aren’t they just lovely? The most amazing thing? They’re comfortable! Truly!

The next “pink” to catch my eye as I looked around was my favorite pair of pink shoes! These would definitely elevate the look of anything you put them next to! I admit to having a small love affair with these shoes. (Shhhhhh…..)

The nature of the jumpsuit, as well as the fit, really begs some sort of “belting”, but rather than go with a traditional belt I chose to grab a sorely underused favorite scarf. I love, love, love the watercolor/tie-dye color effect on this scarf. I’ve stubbornly refused to get rid of it for several years, though I rarely wear it, simply because I think it’s so pretty. Sadly, wearing it this way does not display the beautiful print, but at least I can say it’s getting used!

The other very special item I’ve added to this less casual, more date night, look, are the earrings I’m wearing. Like the scarf, something I love that gets worn far too infrequently. These gorgeous Betsey Johnson statement earrings were bought for me several years ago by Mr. T for Christmas. However, they are wicked heavy and the backs are totally inadequate. They weigh on my ears and I spend the entire time I’m wearing them on guard against them falling out. Why do I keep them? Did I mention they’re gorgeous? And, somewhere in my head I am determined to buy myself those “Magic Bax” for your earrings. Just hasn’t happened yet.



Now it’s your turn to weigh in. Were these a successful “refreshes” of this jumpsuit? What about you? Do you have an item/items in need of some creative thinking to refresh the way you wear it? Let me know what you come up with!


One last note…

Some of you may recall several months ago when I reviewed Lily Ana eye and face cream. At the time, I was excited about the early results I was seeing with it. Let me update you on how I’m doing on Lily Ana after the passing of a bit more time.

Since that post, I have also added two more Lily Ana products to my beauty regime – the Vitamin C Serum and the Retinol. I continue to be unbelievably pleased with these products! My skin tone has improved, fine lines that had been beginning to form are now dissipating and most surprising of all, my rosacea has toned down. Obviously, if I do things on my own that I know aggravate – spend to much time in the sun, eat foods that are irritants, have too much caffeine – I can still have flares, but on the whole, the redness in my skin tone has considerably reduced. Several posts back I showed you a picture that demonstrated the redness of my rosacea. Let me re-post (my apologies ahead of time) that picture and beside it let me show you a picture taken just a few days ago of my face without makeup. Notice the difference in the amount of redness. (Please excuse the fact that these look like prison photos!)

LilyAna before after
LEFT: Before Lily Ana. Notice all the red through my forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. You really can’t see the worst of it on my side cheeks. RIGHT: Just a few days ago after several months of Lily Ana creams. The sides of my cheeks are 95% clearer, as well, with only a few strongly visible veins at the lower jaw level.

Adding pink to the wardrobe… getting rid of pink on the face! A busy week! I hear it’s suppose to be a rainy Labor Day weekend here, but whatever the weather wherever you are, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Until We Meet Again,


2 Replies to “Pink Refresher”

  1. Thanks, Jodie! Pink is just always perfect for me! Ha ha! It’s a good thing it’s such a strong color for me! Or maybe that’s the reason I’m so drawn to it!
    I’m always haunting the children’s section, especially at Target! They really do have one of the best children’s sections around FOR ADULTS! 🙂
    You and Rob have a wonderful holiday weekend!


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