My Makeup Revolution

Today I’ve decided to do another product review for you. But, I’ll be honest, I don’t feel like I’m doing a review – I feel like I’m doing a  commercial, a blatant promotion! No, I am not being paid. This company has no idea whatsoever that I am talking about their product today. This is just one beauty/makeup/fashion lover to another.

As you can imagine, during the process of my makeup artistry courses, I’ve done quite a bit of trying and experimenting with new product when I see it. And, for those of you that have been reading along for any length of time, or know me well, you know that’s going to mean product that’s affordable! I want drugstore prices! I’m not, and I don’t expect anyone else to pay $45 for a concealer! Do you feel me? If you choose to do that, that’s fabulous! I truly mean that. I hope it works well for you. But, that’s not my budget and not how I choose to use my finances.

A few months ago, around the beginning of May, I was wandering around Ulta when I came across a makeup line I had never seen before. It was called Revolution. The selection was not huge, but there was something about it that really drew me in. It had the look and “feel” of a higher end makeup, but with drugstore prices.  The first product that caught my attention was their Luxury Baking Powder. A loose powder that “bakes” onto your face using the heat from your body to leave a beautiful finish. Well, I read the container and questioned this immediately, skeptic that I am. One of the Ulta workers was nearby and I dragged her over to question her about it. I picked the right woman because she had used the Luxury Baking Powder and assured me it does just what it said. She was impressed. I had started to reach for the translucent color, but she steered me to the “banana” color and said to trust her.

Luxury Baking Powder in “Banana”, $9.99 at Ulta

Well, praise the Lord and pass the collection plate – I am so glad I trusted her! It only took one use to convince me. You won’t fall in love when you first put it on. Give it 15 or 20 minutes to sit on your skin, and then, wham! It does give you a beautiful, smooth finish! I haven’t used another powder since (though I have a drawer full) and I have no intention of going back! At only $9.99 a jar, it’s worth every penny! (I’ve had it since May and the jar is still over half full, though it looks like a tiny jar.)

Love it though I did, this remained my only Revolution product until about 3 weeks ago when I saw in the Ulta flyer that they were having a “gift with purchase deal” for Revolution. I mean, who doesn’t like free gifts?! Buy $15 worth of product and get a free highlighter palette. We all know you can spend $15 in makeup without blinking, so this was totally worth checking out!

That week my little fur-baby, Tucker, had his quarterly grooming appointment at Pet Smart. That gives me several hours in town to kill while I wait for him. Conveniently, Pet Smart is right next door to Ulta, so this was a great time to stop in and see what I could find. I picked out two new products. Their Conceal and Define concealer, which was $8 and comes in a vast array of color choices. (Similar to Maybelline’s FitMe foundation line), and their 4-color blush/highlighter palette for $10. There were four blushes in various shades of pink, each with a coordinating highlighting shade. The “claim” on the blushes was that they were unbelievably blend-able.

I took my purchases to the counter. Met my quota (plus they still took my Ulta coupon from the paper!) and got my free “gift with purchase” – a lovely set of three highlighters, called their “Strobe Lighting Palette”. Happy with my purchases, I went on my merry way.

The very next day I, of course, tried all three of my new purchases. And, all I can say, is it didn’t take long before a new makeup/fashionista love affair had begun!

The Conceal and Define concealer: it comes, as I said, in a vast array of colors. This is meant not only so you can match your skin exactly for a concealer, but, also, you can choose to pick up or down a shade or two and use it to create contour and definition. I have only bought the one for the concealer, and thankfully, chose the correct shade. I am thrilled to report that this is, to date, the best concealer I have used. It is liquid in form and has a sponge-like applicator. With my rosacea, a good concealer is very important to me. This is lovely! You only need a tiny, tiny dab and just stipple it into place with your concealer brush and, wah la! Your spot, irritation, whatever, is gone. Like the powder, this has become my go-to, one and only concealer. I have every intention of gathering a few more shades to myself to experiment with the defining!

Conceal & Define concealer, color C5, $8 at Ulta


The Blush Palette (color shades, Goddess): There are four beautiful pink shades in this collection, ranging from the darkest sort of dusty rose-pink to the lightest more peachy pink. Each one has a coordinating highlighting shade with it. Above the blush on the rack in Ulta was a small write-up on the product claiming that is was basically one of the most blend-able blushes you will ever use. Well, I confess that blush is one of those products that has always drove me nuts. It never seems to be the right shade and, no, it never seems to blend correctly. It’s either too dark or it practically wipes off. Anybody else ever have these issues? I have to say that this Revolution blush has solved both of those issues for me. All four of these colors have worked beautifully with my skin tone (the palette does come in other shades, if you have a different skin tone), and, I swear, it practically blends itself! I have a wonderful Kabuki blending brush that I recently purchased and I have barely needed it since using this blush! Truly a very, very blend-able blush. Layers extremely well so you can go as light and natural or as dark and dramatic as you choose. Full disclosure – I have NOT used any of the highlighters that came with it at this point, so I can’t speak to their quality at this time.

Revolution Blush Palette in Goddess; $10 at Ulta

Last but not least…

The Strobe Lighting Palette (Highlighter): I have been, for at least a month, been in search of a highlighter that I really liked. They have all been too sparkly! That’s fine when you’re in your teens or twenties. But, after 40, too much sparkle no longer looks attractive. A little illumination is wonderful! We want that because our skin begins to lose that youthful glow and color, but glittery sparkle – NO! Well, I finally found exactly what I wanted in the form of my “free gift with purchase” from Revolution! These Strobe Lighting highlighting colors – there are three in your palette – are so beautiful! They have just a subtle shimmery glow that draws just the right amount of light to just the places you want it. The colors are an opalescent pearl shade, a golden shade, and a pinkish shade. They coordinate and work very well with the colors in the blush palette. They are the reason I haven’t tried the highlighters that came with the blush.

Revolution Strobe Lighting Palette (Highlighter) available at Ulta (not sure of the price since this was the free gift)

You know, it’s really SO nice when you get to review a product that you are so thrilled with and excited about! As of this writing, I am only aware of Revolution being available at Ulta stores and on their website. Ulta carries a decent amount of their product now, but I’m hoping it will expand even further, since you can see on the website there is a huge selection of product available. There are many, many items I am truly anxious to try, including a “camouflage” foundation made especially for people with problem skin such as rosacea or eczema or acne etc…and the price is phenomenal! Especially considering what other companies making foundations just for rosacea are charging! Can’t wait to try it!

Just a little taste of how great the makeup is. This especially demonstrates the quality of the concealer and the luxury powder.

I almost can’t believe I’m doing this! Ugh! But, this is my skin without makeup on. Do you see all the red? (And this is a good day!) You can’t even see from this angle the broken capillaries from my rosacea on the sides of my cheek, which are the worst and most difficult to cover.


This is after using the Revolution concealer, my normal foundation and the Revolution powder. Before using them, this would have taken me two applications of foundation and about 3 to four applications of concealer, apart from my green primers, and powder. And I would still have rosacea breakthrough throughout the day. Since switching the concealer and powder (and foundation helped some, too) I have almost zero breakthrough and one application of both concealer and foundation! Woo hoo!

Again, can’t say enough about how much I am enjoying playing with and experimenting with this makeup from London-based company Revolution! Look forward to seeing what else I can add to my collection, and I hope if you get a chance you’ll give some of their products a try, as well! It’s great to see a company offering such great quality product at such customer friendly prices!

Until We Meet Again!


10 Replies to “My Makeup Revolution”

  1. Thanks, Amy! So glad you stopped in! My sister use to sell Mary Kay, but I never had much luck with their products – they just never seemed to work well on me, though everyone else seemed to do so great with them.
    You have a wonderful weekend, as well! 🙂


  2. Great, Terri! This is the first finishing powder I have ever been impressed with. And at this price you really can’t lose. Let me know how it works for you!


  3. I steered away from Ulta for a long time, too, Linda. And, I will admit, that I still buy MOST of my makeup at Wal-mart because of what I buy they have a bigger selection and it’s cheaper, but there are some things that you just can’t get and just can’t beat Ulta for.


  4. Great timing, Ronnie! I know I need to revamp by makeup routine, but didn’t know how – this sounds like just the ticket and I’m going to Ulta today. And thanks for being so BRAVE to show your “naked face” – we ALL look like that, and it is inspiring to see you (and you’re gorgeous anyway because of what’s INSIDE you and what you share with all of us) and how elegant and sophisticated you look in the “after” shot! That’s what I want! Keep up the great work – LOVE your blog!


  5. Mary Katherine, Thank you so much for your kind words! I hope you have a good Ulta trip and the makeup works well for you. Ulta is such a fun place to go exploring, isn’t it? Let me know what you end up with and how it works! Thanks so much for stop by and I’m so glad you enjoy the blog!


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