A Peek at My Thrifting Take-Home


Can you believe that 4th of July weekend has come and gone already?! I hope you had a wonderful holiday! Ours was mostly spent with Mr. T working on DI Y’s around the house, hanging with the grand-babies and comforting poor Tucker who is petrified of both fireworks and thunderstorms, both of which we had our share.

I did, however, manage to sneak in 2 hours of some total fun and relaxation for myself! What did I do, you may ask. C’mon guys, you know me by now…I went thrifting! Saturdays are 75% off day at my favorite thrift shop. Whatever tag has been on sale all week (50% off), is now 75% off. You would think everything would be picked over by Saturday, but there is always lots of good stuff left!

Truth be told, I was feeling a little blech! You know that feeling? Physically have been struggling. Stressful things happening in life. Just needed to get out and relax. For me, that’s thrifting – preferably alone. I know a lot of you probably like to shop with a friend, and at times, I do, too. But, when I’m really in need of relaxation, I like to go by myself, then I can take my time, look at whatever I want and not feel like I’m slowing someone else down or boring the daylights out of them!

I did have some specifics in mind for my wardrobe, as well. At the start of the Spring, my seasonal wardrobe was sad and I’ve really been working on revamping it. For the most part, I have. But, I was still very low on seasonal dresses, and short sleeve tops. (I had plenty of spaghetti straps tops for layering and plenty of long sleeves, but not short sleeves.) Just imagine my joy and surprise when I walk in the door of the shop to find that not only do they have the 75% off tags, but all women’s and juniors dresses and tops were 50% off! See…God knew what I needed that day!

Many of you already know how much I love to follow Janeane from Designing from My Closet. Janeane will frequently share via YouTube or Instagram a video of the treasures she has found on a thrifting trip. I LOVE seeing what she’s unearthed! Well, sorry folks, I’m not ready to video myself quite yet, but, I did have such a great shopping trip, I thought I would share with you my take for the day. And my total! So, just sit back and, hopefully, just enjoy the pics!




My first dress is this Bisou Bisou lemon yellow sheath dress. It was in pristine condition!
My second dress is another sheath. From d’Amour this basic brown jersey can easily be dressed up or down. It’s crazy comfortable and I just love the flouncy sleeves. Condition: Like new
Dress #3 is this fun and flirty faux wrap, blue polka dot,A-line from Be-Bop. Condition: Like new
My fourth, and final, dress is this cute jersey sleeveless dress from Talbots. Again, another dress that is easily dressed up or down. Couldn’t you just picture this just as easily with a pair of sneakers and a little denim jacket? Condition: Pristine!

Tops & Pants & Misc.

This is a two-fer. The top from N.Y. & Co. printed sheer in the front, solid yellow jersey in the back. Condition: Excellent. The jeans, the only pants I purchased, are skinny, high-waisted from Madewell. (very soft fabric) I did a little Googling to find these jeans retailed for $119! Condition: Excellent
Since the rest are just tops, I didn’t really style them, just put them on with the same jeans, so the focus would be on the shirt itself. (I know, I cheated! But this is a lot of clothes to try on!) This is a cute little baby doll blouse from Ann Taylor Loft Condition: Very Good


When I first saw this Ralph Lauren top on the hanger, I was afraid it looked a little “old lady-ish”, but I loved the colors so I decided to give it a try. Always try things – it ended up being one of my favorite pieces! Condition: Pristine!
Even though I wasn’t looking for anything sleeveless, I could not resist this racer-back Kenar top – still tagged. This color is one of my favorites, I love racer-back and the price for a still tagged item was too good to pass up. This top is a lesson in thrifting. Always look up and down sizes. I usually wear an XS, sometimes a regular small. This was a medium, but I knew it looked cut small and decided to at least try it. I think it fits really well. What do you think? Condition: New, Still tagged
This floral peasant top from Xhilaration is my final top. It’s a perfect cut for a “rectangle” shape like myself – the wide open shoulders creates width for my top, the cinching gives the illusion of a waist and the slight peplum emphasizes a hip. The whole shirt gives a little bit of an hourglass effect – and who doesn’t want that? Condition: Excellent
Ok, I admit it, I completely forgot about this beautiful vest when I originally did my pictures. Since it’s out of season, I had put it away elsewhere and it just slipped my mind until I was well into writing. So, as you can see I just threw it on with the clothes I was already wearing! I know, bad blogger! Bad, bad blogger! At any rate, this is a beautiful vest from H & M. It’s angora and wool with tiny little pearl-like beads all over it. Even with my extreme shortness, I liked the length where it fell. Condition: Excellent

So what was my final take away? Let’s list it out:

  1. Bisou Bisou Sheath Dress
  2. D’Amour Sheath Dress
  3. Be-Bop Faux Wrap Dress
  4. Talbot’s Black and White Sleeveless Dress
  5. Madewell High-waist-ed Skinny Jeans
  6. NY & Co. Two-tone Tee
  7. Loft White Ruffled Blouse
  8. Ralph Lauren Multi-Colored Blouse
  9. Kenar Blue Racer-back Top
  10. Xhilaration Peasant Top
  11. H & M Angora Vest

         Total Cost: $20.46

Thrifting is like an adventure, a treasure hunt, looking for those wonderful pieces that are just what you need – a lemon yellow dress or a top that’s perfect for your figure – whatever your imagination (or closet) can envision. Now add to that the bonuses of aiding our environment by recycling clothes and not contributing to the piles and piles now in landfills, and the financial benefits of being a good steward of the money God has blessed you with, and the question isn’t why I thrift, but why everyone doesn’t!

Until We Meet Again!


16 Replies to “A Peek at My Thrifting Take-Home”

    1. I love finding these great deals! Especially when I find brands like Bisou Bisou and Kenar and Ralph Lauren. It really is like a treasure hunt! 🙂


  1. I find myself decompressing by going through racks of clothing at a thrift shop on super stressful days! I just got back from a quick trip to Williamsburg to visit a friend. No we didn’t go to historical sites, we went on a thrift shop hunt!


  2. Yay Mari! A woman after my own heart! When Tim and I went to New Hope I did the same thing! Even at home when I want to relax I end up going on ThredUp and just browsing through their site. Last week I got 3 designer tops from their site – $531 retail for $21! Love it! Love it! Love it! Keep it up, my friend! We should get together soon!


  3. Girl!!! I cannot believe you got all of that for $20—what a steal!!
    I have to admit, I’m a sucker for dresses when I go thrifting!! They are just so easy and I know I’ll wear them. As for the tip of looking at other sizes—that’s so smart. Not everything is sized the same. Besides—for me, I can always alter it (or have my mom alter it—ha ha)!!


  4. Thanks, Jodie! I’m a sucker for dresses, too! I can’t resist that department! Unfortunately, I have to pay someone if I need altering, so I’m super happy when I find great fits like this! I really believe that I’m blessed with several of the best thrifting spots around!
    Have a great weekend!


  5. Great haul! I love those discount days. I don’t have anything like a 75%. only Goodwill’s Senior 25% on first and third Tuesdays. I am another one who likes to go solo when shopping. I don’t mind the girls, though, because we just do what we want when we get anywhere and regroup when we are finished.

    My favorite piece is your fourth and final dress from Talbots. What you could put with that! I haven’t been thrifting for a while, but that does have to do where I live.

    I like these “my thrifting haul” posts. I might try one someday.



  6. Thanks, Terri! I have to admit that I have a couple of really exceptional thrift shops near me. And this particular one, which is practically out my back door, is by far my favorite. Not only do they have great deals, but they are incredibly well organized, making it very easy and pleasant to shop and the staff is exceptional.
    Yes, there are a few people who I can shop with like that – they just go off and do their thing and then we re-group. That does work really well!
    That Talbot’s dress IS really great, isn’t it?! It dresses up and dresses down soooo easily! Put put blazers and cardi’s over it, other shirts under it… the possibilities are endless!
    I appreciate you letting me know you like this kind of post. I may do one again if I know people enjoy it. I would LOVE to see one from you! You have such great style!


  7. Ronnie, what a great thrift haul! I love the lemon dress and your Xhiliration top. I love the church and hospital thrifts for clothing. One of my favorites will close the last week in July to do a seasonal switch-over and re-open the beginning of August with fall and winter clothing and they always have the most amazing things!

    I enjoy your blog and seeing your outfits on IG.



  8. Thanks Maggie! Church and hospital thrifts ARE really great places! This particular shop is a Mennonite shop and much of their proceeds go to charity so you always feel good supporting them. I volunteer at our church’s thrift shop, but sadly they are closing down the last week of July.
    Thanks so much for stopping by! I’m really glad you’ve been enjoying the site! I look forward to checking yours out, as well! 🙂


    1. Thanks Logan! It DOES look great with white jeans! Frankly, with so many colors, it looks great with a lot of things. I have a pair of peachy colored ankle length jeans and it is sooo fun with those! Really a versatile top. I’m so glad I didn’t let my initial reaction stop me from trying it on! 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping in! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Jess! I have just continued to do great with ThredUp…in fact am waiting for a package now!
      Ha ha! I love that eyelet dress,too, but am starting to think it’s cursed! Every time I’ve tried to wear it I end up either with a horrible migraine, terrible side effects from my meds or an awful flare from my fibro and wherever I’m going gets canceled so the dress STILL hasn’t actually left the house! But, it always looks great when I put it on! 🙂


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