The Best Day Ever


Violet couldn’t wait to get home from school! Tuesday was now her favorite day of the week! Tuesday! Tuesday! Tuesday! This was the best day ever!

At breakfast this morning, Violet found the prize at the bottom of the cereal box – not stinky old Charlotte. Charlotte always found the prizes and she never shared. But, Violet was going to share her prize! In Sunday school, Miss Thomas said the Bible says when we’re nice to our enemies it’s like piling stuff on their heads. Violet couldn’t remember what kind of stuff. But, if she shared, then she got to pile stuff on Charlotte’s head and obey Jesus! That made Violet very happy! This could be the best day ever!

When she got to school, Violet’s teacher, Mrs. Chapelli, changed the seating chart and now she didn’t sit next to “braggy Maggie” anymore! Hooray! All Maggie ever does is talk about how rich she is, how big her house is, how many toys she has, and what great vacations they get to go on. Blech! Who cares?! Now, she gets to sit next to Patrick. He’s nice. And sorta cute. But, Violet’s mommy says she’s too young to notice things like that, so she tries not to look. This really was becoming the best day ever!

Going through the lunch line, the dessert was supposed to be vanilla pudding. Violet hates vanilla pudding! (B-O-R-I-N-G) Just before they got to Violet’s line, the pudding ran out! Everyone in Violet’s line got brownies instead! Brownies are Violet’s absolute favorite dessert! Well, brownies and her Grammy’s cheesecake. And chocolate chip cookies. And her Mommy’s potato candy. But, brownies are definitely ONE of her favorites! This was the best day ever!

At the end of the school day, Mrs. Chapelli passed out the short stories they had written for English last week. Violet got very worried because she didn’t get hers back. Was it so bad Mrs. Chapelli threw it out or burned it? Or worse…did she take it to the principal and now Violet would have to go to his office and then they’d call her parents and they’d get mad and then she’d be grounded and not be allowed to go to Teresa’s house or watch TV or…. “Violet, Violet…” Mrs. Chapelli was trying to get her attention. She explained to the class that Violet’s story was so special that she was going to pin it to the board in the hall so everyone could see it. She was also going to send it in for a special contest that was for all the elementary kids in the state who write stories. Violet was so excited she could hardly stay in her chair! This was the best day ever!

Violet was practically bursting at the seams to get home and tell Mommy all the great things that happened today. As she reached the house, she noticed Daddy’s car in the driveway. “Hmmmm. That’s weird.” she thought. “Daddy’s never home when I get home. Daddy gets home when ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ comes on.” Oh well, all the more people to tell about her great day!

Mommy and Daddy were sitting in the living room when Violet walked in. “Mommy! Daddy! Wait ’til you hear about today! It was the best day ever…”

Before she could finish, Daddy cut her off. “Could you do me a favor first, Violet? Could you reach under that red chair and get my slippers for me? I left them under there.”

Now Violet was very confused. She had seen Daddy’s slippers by the front door when she came in. He must have forgotten and she’d just have to remind him. “No, Daddy. Your slippers are by the front door. I saw them when I came home. Want me to go get them?”

“No, Violet. This is a different pair of slippers. Those are my blue slippers. These are my black slippers. Just reach under the chair and grab them.”

Violet was no dummy. Obviously Daddy was still confused. “Daddy, you don’t have a second pair of slippers. No black ones, just the blue ones. I know because you asked Mommy for a second pair of slippers for Christmas since those ones are getting worn out. ‘Member…We all made a family Christmas list. I asked for a puppy, Charlotte asked for a Barbie dream house, Mommy wanted a new iron and you asked for new slippers. ‘Member Daddy?”

Daddy put his hand on his head. He looked a little frustrated. Violet knew that look very well. “Just trust me, Violet. They’re there. There’s a new black, fuzzy pair. Please, for Daddy, reach under the chair and get them.”

Violet was still confused, but she knew she needed to obey her Daddy. And she could see it made Mommy and Daddy very happy when she did because they both got great big smiles on their faces.

Violet reached under the red chair. What do you know! Daddy was right! There is something fuzzy under there! But, when she pulled her arm out, instead of black fuzzy slippers, Violet was greeted by the warm, wet kisses of a black fuzzy puppy! Shrieks of joy and laughter vibrated through the house ’til Daddy thought the sound might crack the glass in the windows.

“Is he mine?! Really?! Is he really, really mine?!” Violet squealed.

She really, really is. But, you must take very good care of her!” Mommy replied “And, you better give her a name. We don’t want her running around nameless, now do we?

“Oh, that’s easy,” Violet smiled. “Her name is Tuesday. Because now today really is THE BEST DAY EVER!”

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