Forgotten Treasures


I have to confess that the last couple weeks have been – not great. My fibro has been through the roof. No rhyme. No reason. Usually it reserves this kind of nonsense for cold weather seasons. But, dealing with fibromyalgia is somewhat like dealing with a two-year old, there are things you know will trigger a tantrum – lack of sleep, lack of proper eating (too much sugar and junk) – but sometimes a tantrum just comes on and all you can do is fasten your seat belt and wait until it passes.

Likewise, my migraines have thought, much like the two-year-old’s precocious brother or sister, that they might as well join the party while my resistance was already down! So, I’ve had several, multiple-day migraines as well. Naturally, this just throws off my groove for all of life – not that my groove was ever that great to start with. I’ve dropped things, forgotten things, tripped on things, thrown things out and lost things…not the least of which is part of my sanity!

Needless to say, I had completely forgotten about my blogs for the greatest part of the week. My new blog went altogether by the wayside this week, but since like five people read it, I thought that was not really catastrophic! LOL! But, suddenly it was yesterday morning and it hit me that I was a total blank for what to talk to you guys about this week – and, trust me, for me to be speechless is a rare thing indeed!

I began to rack my brain for any and all fashion articles I’ve read recently. Style conversations that were going around. Anything that struck me – and that I could do quickly! (I know, that’s pretty sad! But, its real people!) Well, then I remembered a new blog I was perusing the other night and she was talking about those items we purchase and for whatever reason, though they’re perfectly good pieces, we just never wear them. Then she challenged her readers to wear that item as many ways that they could in one week.

What a great idea! We all have them, don’t we?! Those poor forgotten pieces… no matter how hard we try to shop wisely, there still ends up being one or two pieces that, for whatever reason, just don’t make the cut when we’re putting together a look.

It’s true that my wardrobe is all fairly new. Because of my weight loss, I’ve had it all for less than 3 years. But, as I rummaged through, lo and behold, it wasn’t long before I came upon the perfect item.


Meet my forgotten piece. It’s a turquoise, sleeveless, racer back Ann Taylor blouse.

My Forgotten Item

This top is probably one of the “oldest” items in my closet, having been purchased relatively early into my weight loss. I loved it then and I still love it – in theory. I love the color. It’s a good color on me. I love the racer back look. I think it makes shoulders look very attractive. I like the ruffle at the top. It’s like built-in jewelry. But, it’s been at least a year since I’ve worn it. The question is why? If you read the blog two posts ago you probably can already guess why – the arms! And it’s not just sleeveless – that racer back that can be so attractive on the shoulders creates an even wider armhole. A wider armhole means even more area where I have loose skin that shows and I feel very self-conscious in it. Thus, the blouse has been tossed into the black hole of the closet. Why don’t I just get rid of it? Because something in me still really likes the blouse! So, here’s my moment! Now’s the time to find a few ways to wear this top or else it’s just going to go! Can we do it?! Let’s see…


The first look I came up with is simple and casual. I paired the top with one of my favorite go-to skirts.

This skirt is called a “yoga” skirt, and rightfully so! It’s just yoga pants in skirt form. Sooooo comfy. I love all the colors, as well, because you can wear anything with it. I threw on a short denim jacket to cover my arms and a striped scarf that picks up the colors of the skirt, then some simple, leather flat sandals. Of course, with summer coming, I’d need to allow for the fact that the denim jacket might just get too hot. Well, that scarf does double-duty! I can take off the jacket, leave the scarf hang, and my arms are still left with a bit of a distraction!

The scarf does double-duty as an arm “distractor”


For the second look I went a little dressier. Is there anything more striking than turquoise up against stark white?! I love that look!

I paired the top with a pair of wide legged trousers and a white jacket. I love this jacket with its slightly unusual characteristics. The arms are jersey instead of cotton. There’s a ruffle trim and the front closure is a tie instead of button or snap. Little unique touches like that make an item really special!

With the scarf open so hopefully you can see some of the detail of this great jacket

For shoes I have on a pair of metallic wedge sandals – though they’re a little hard to see with the length of the pants. Finally, I’ve added a light floral scarf that picks up the turquoise, as well as adding a few more pops of color. Once again, if I choose to remove the jacket at some point, I have the scarf to act as a distraction from my arms.


Because I was late to this game, I didn’t do a whole week of looks with the top. But, I thought three made the point that it’s still a really usable piece in my wardrobe.

For this third and final look I feel like I cheated just a little, or maybe we could just say I got really creative! What’s a collection without a jeans look? Jeans are our staple! But, for this look you’ll barely see the top at all. I used it primarily as a shell piece.

Though, we look at it and think of the ruffle as almost a jewelry piece and normally wouldn’t put a necklace there, I threw that thought out and put a large statement piece over the top of the ruffles. I paired the top with a pair of dark skinny jeans, then topped it with an orange/ivory/brown swirl kimono. For my bling, I pulled out this large Chico’s statement necklace and earrings and finished everything off with a pair of brown metallic sandals.

Ok, what about you, my friends? What forgotten treasures are hiding in the back of your closet? Now it’s my turn to challenge you! Go into your closet this weekend or in the coming week and find one – just one – item that you haven’t worn in ages and see how many looks you can put together with that forgotten piece! I’d love to hear about it, or better yet see pictures!

Until We Meet Again!


In case you’re wondering, as I’m frequently asked, and told you enjoy knowing, everything I’m wearing in the pics is thrifted except the yoga skirt (TJ Maxx clearance) and the Chico’s statement necklace & matching earrings (I actually got them free from Chico’s with some very creative coupon/sale stacking!)

6 Replies to “Forgotten Treasures”

  1. First, I’m sorry your fibro isn’t behaving. It’s so frustrating when your body doesn’t cooperate.
    I totally love this idea of pulling out our “problematic” pieces, Ronnie. It’s funny how once we figure out what the problem is, it makes it easier to figure out how to fix it!! The scarves are a great addition to that point! I’m not sure putting anything under this top would work, but have you tried it? I know it can take awhile to find the fixes, but once you find them, it’s nice to know what works!!!


    1. Thanks, Jodie! I have tried putting something under this one and the style just doesn’t lend itself to that. But, I was really amazed how much the addition of the scarf left hanging really does distract from the arms. Obviously the thicker the scarf and the more colorful the more distracting, but it really does a good job. Glad I took the time to work through this!


  2. Amazing how you can get so creative around one piece of clothing. My fave is a black skirt. I could wear it every day and never have the same outfit.


    1. Thanks, Linda! You’re right, a plain black shirt – or a plain white one – and you can just go crazy with different possibilities!


    1. That’s my favorite, too, Nancy! I always love that color combination. There’s something so fresh and summery about it.


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