Ronnie’s First Beauty Product Review…For What It’s Worth


Sometimes it’s good to wander off the beaten path – do something a little different. You may recall a couple of weeks ago in my makeup post that I mentioned I was revamping my skin care routine a little. Since then, I have tried a few other new products, as well. I don’t by any means consider myself the Siskel and Ebert of beauty product reviews. (Am I aging myself with that reference? Probably. Here – check them out.) But, I actually had some pretty strong opinions of several of the items I tried. So, welcome to Ronnie’s First (and maybe last, who knows!) Beauty Product Review!


Product #1: SOO’AE Revitalizing Rose Mist (toner)

This was probably the first product I changed up in my routine. I read somewhere in the plethora of make-up artists’ books and articles that I’ve been reading, the suggestion that rose-water was superior as a toner for more mature skin. While shopping at Wal-mart one evening I happened upon this product. It’sĀ  described as a mist that you can use throughout the day to refresh your makeup/face, but it also suggests it can be used as a toner. I was impressed with the natural ingredients and very impressed with the $6.68 price considering the size of the bottle.

I LOVE this toner! First, let me say it smells fantastic! Not necessary, but always a plus! But, my skin just feels refreshed and rejuvenated after using it. I also notice my pores seem less noticeable and my rosacea seems to “calm” slightly! My skin seems to glow and does not feel tight or dry at all as it does with some toners. Highly recommend this product!


Product #2: Lily Ana Naturals Eye Cream (Face Cream)

The second product I came across is Lily Ana Naturals Eye Cream. I had been using another eye cream, a large brand name, that I was extremely disappointed in – it basically did nothing but cost me money. I remembered coming across this eye cream while wandering around on Amazon one evening and being impressed with the customer reviews. Well, the next thing I know Amazon sends me a “lightning deal” for $6 off the cost of a jar! Of course, I jumped at it! And boy am I glad I did! Within 48 hrs. I noticed a mild difference in the skin around my eyes. It’s only been a little over a week now, but I’m still loving it and am anxious to see what’s going to happen long-term.

The company is a small, family owned business and the ingredients are natural and 90% organic. Within 24 hrs. of receiving my jar I received a note from the company asking if I had received my jar, was I happy with it and giving me a number if I had any issues whatsoever. Yesterday I received yet another follow-up to see if I’m still happy with the product. Go on Amazon and read this company’s reviews – they have a reputation for phenomenal customer service.

I have been so impressed with the eye cream that when my day-time moisturizer ran out this week, I went on Amazon and ordered their face cream, as well. (It just came yesterday, so I’ll let you know how I like it.) They have 2 other facial beauty items that I will look into if I continue to like these two. The jars are both 1.7 oz. and are regularly priced $17.99. However, Amazon does “lightening deals” and lowers the price on them on a regular basis – just keep your eyes open.

*I’ve been using the face cream for 3 days now! It says to use it twice a day (morning and night, I presume) but, I’ve only been using it in the morning since I still have my original nighttime moisturizer. I must say that even just using it once a day I am seeing a very nice glow to my skin – dare I say a “youthful” glow! I’m hesitant to praise a company so highly, but I’m lovin’ this stuff, guys!


Product #3: Revlon Youth FX: Fill + Blur Primer for Face/Neck

Well, you knew my “loving it” streak had to end sometime! If you read last week’s post about my sensitivity concerning my jiggly arms, you might have also caught that my second sensitive area is my neck. I’m very self-conscious about the lines and looseness. Additionally, I’m just beginning to get some small lines around my eyes. So when I saw this new primer from Revlon, I thought if this really works it could be a God-send! Of course, the pivotal word there is “IF”! Now, I know for some people paying $15.95 (Wal-mart price) for a primer is not a big deal, but you know I am very frugal and thrifty, and that was a big leap for me. Unfortunately, it was a leap right off a cliff! Revlon Youth FX not only does not even remotely fill or blur anything, it’s not even a decent primer! Keep your $16 in your wallet and save it for a day at the Thrift Store. It would be put to MUCH better use! Highly disappointed!


And finally….


Product #4: E.L.F. Tone Adjusting Primer (lavender)

At least we get to end on a happy note! People frequently underestimate E.L.F. They think because the cost is so inexpensive that the product is sub-par. Don’t let yourself be fooled! While I wouldn’t buy every product they have on the market, much of their line is wonderful. You have no idea how often I’m watching/listening to a professional artist (makeup, obviously) and they either take out an E.L.F product or refer to using one. Anyway, I’ve used other E.L.F. primers before – some I liked, others I didn’t. But, I have been really impressed with the lavender tone adjuster and have used it pretty much everyday since I bought it! First of all, just putting it on is a little piece of heaven! It is so incredibly silky when you apply! Although lavender tone adjuster is usually thought of as a brightener and green is usually thought of for redness, I’ve found it doing quite a nice job of toning down the red in my skin. (Of course, as with all primers, make sure you let it sit on your skin at least 5 minutes or so before you put anything else on over it to get the full effect of the product.) It also does as you would expect from lavender and brightens your skin tone, as well as just doing a lovely job as a general primer. The regular size bottle (pictured here) runs $6 at my Wal-mart or you can buy a larger size for $10. This definitely comes under the Highly Recommended category!

Before we check-out for this week I just want to recognize the great loss of designer Kate Spade this week. Please understand, I’m not putting the life of “a famous person” above that of an “everyday person”, but because of the nature of this blog, the fact that I am a huge fan of her work and, finally, because I have dealt with chronic depression my whole life, I thought it appropriate to honor her memory and recognize this tragic loss. It doesn’t matter how beautiful, successful or talented a person may appear, anyone can struggle with depression and be in great emotional pain. We each need to be aware of those around us and be willing to reach out in genuine love and concern. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends.

My one and only beloved Kate Spade dress!


Until We Meet Again,



11 Replies to “Ronnie’s First Beauty Product Review…For What It’s Worth”

  1. I always love hearing other’s idea and thought about products, Ronnie, so thank you so much for this!! I’m going to try that eye cream because I’m out of mine!!
    And I’m starting to really try to use more natural products anyways. Maybe that’s the difference between Lily Ana and Revlon??


    1. Thanks so much, Jodie! I definitely recommend trying the Lily Ana! If you want more encouragement with it, go on Amazon and check out some of the other customer reviews. Several people took pictures from when they started using it and for several weeks. Wonderful difference! I’ve been amazed at how much calmer my rosacea is looking – of all things – after just a couple days with the face cream. Let me know if you try it. I’d love to hear how it works for you. I know everyone’s experience can be different.


  2. Interesting stuff—I have never, ever bought the expensive brand in makeup and skin care. In fact, I have a moisturizer that I made myself that i like better than anything else I’ve ever tried. Who knew šŸ™‚


    1. I have several products, too Linda, that I make myself that I swear by! Much better than anything I’ve found in the stores. Sometimes it’s best just to trust the ingredients God gave us! šŸ™‚


    1. Thanks Cheryl! I hope you are able to try them! I’ve been able to continue to use the Lily Ana face cream a little longer now, and I have to say I am soooo impressed! It’s just as good as the eye cream, if not better. Now I’m anxious to get a hold of their other products! Have a great week! – Ronnie


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