The Perils of a 4th Grade Chatter-Box


“Violet Decker! Pick up your books, your backpack and the rest of your items from off of your desk. Mr. Russell, please help Mr. Johnson move Miss Decker’s desk – ONCE AGAIN.“

Timmy Russell stood, but looked perplexed. “Where Mr. Vinci? We’ve moved her just about everywhere in the room? No where has stopped her.”

It was true. Mr. Vinci had moved me everywhere in the whole 4th grade classroom! First I sat between Laura and Eugene. Well, that was a mistake from the very beginning. Laura was my very best friend and Eugene was the cutest boy in the whole 4th grade (plus, he was an “older” man – he’s suppose to be in the 6th grade!). How was I NOT suppose to talk to them?!

Next, he moved me between Patrick and Darryl. Patrick use to live in HAWAII! Can you imagine?! That’s like… almost a whole other country or something! I had LOTS of questions for him. I mean that’s how you learn, right? And isn’t that why we go to school?

After that he tried putting me by some of the girls…REALLY? I sat between Noe and Krista. Noe’s a funny name, isn’t it? It rhymes with toy! But, her sister’s name is worse because it’s Malama which sounds like Llama! Haha! We thought it was funny, but her sister didn’t really think so. Noe and I had a talk about why her sister didn’t think it was funny. We think her sister didn’t have a very good sense of humor. You know how cranky big sisters can be. But, we didn’t get to finish our talk because then Mr. Vinci moved me again.

This happened about three or four more times. I was starting to get a little dizzy. But, all the other kids liked it because we got to keep stopping our work! I knew Mr. Vinci was starting to get frustrated because his ears were getting red. His ears always get red when he starts to get frustrated. That’s usually Wesley’s fault, but this time it was mine. I like Mr. Vinci. He’s my favorite teacher. The best 4th grade teacher in the whole school. I wish I didn’t make him frustrated. I tried not to talk. I really, really did! But, then these things came into my head and the next thing I knew – POP – they came out of my mouth!

Poor Mr. Vinci. It’s not even Christmas yet and he has the whole rest of the year with me – and Wesley. (But, Wesley puts BB’s up his nose, so I think Mr. Vinci still likes me a little bit better!)

My grandma said I was just gregarious. But, I didn’t know what that meant so she said it meant I was just sociable, you know, friendly. She said I got that from her. She sat on the benches at the mall and talked to strangers the whole time we were shopping, and one time she got a wrong number at home and talked to him for over an hour. Gram said I come by it honest.

Finally, Mr. Vinci sighed and said, “I have the perfect place for your desk, Miss Decker!” (He only called me Miss Decker when I was in trouble. Hmmmm…I guess he kinda called me Miss Decker a lot.)

The next thing I knew, my desk was planted firmly far across the room, in the corner – all alone – right behind Mr. Vinci’s desk. Taped to the front was a cardboard sign with big red letters that said, “BEWARE OF JAWS!”

I wonder what 5th grade is going to be like?


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