Working Your Wardrobe to a Tee


I came downstairs this morning, looked at my calendar and was awestruck by the fact that we are over half-way through the month of May! How did this happen?! Didn’t we just have Christmas like a week ago? It certainly feels that way. This is the first year in a looooong time that we have zero kids in school – which I LOVE – but I will admit that it makes me lose track of time. The kids’ schedule always seemed to mark different times in the calendar year – this is Thanksgiving, Christmas break, Spring break, Memorial weekend…and on and on. Now I have nothing to gauge the passing of time except my own memory – and we all know how dependable THAT is!

Several weeks ago we started what has turned into an unplanned series on the “Essentials” in a woman’s wardrobe. We started with the classic LBD – Little Black Dress – and then moved on to the Basic White Button Down Blouse. Today we’re not wandering too far from that white button down blouse – we’re visiting the basic white tee. Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall, every woman can use a plain white tee in her wardrobe. I presently have 3 in my drawer – each serving a slightly different purpose. I have a long-sleeved  round neck that predominantly comes out in the winter. I have a 3/4 sleeve with a scoop neck and a slight sheen that works all year, and, lastly, a short-sleeve v-neck that I use mostly in the Spring/Summer months. The short-sleeved v-neck is what we’ll use today.

Some of you who have been reading for a while may remember a post where we were demonstrating the power of accessories with one basic outfit – a white tee and jeans. So as not to make this nothing but a repeat of that post, and for the sake of variety, I determined NOT to use any jeans today. I know jeans are the go-to for so many of us. But, we need to think a little more creatively, a little more outside of our comfort zone boxes.

Let’s start in our “usual” place – the office! Some of you may think of a plain t-shirt as too casual for an office environment. But, as you see, the white tee translates beautifully into the office work space. Here, I’ve paired it with a navy and lighter blue skirt suit from Banana Republic. The shoes are faux snake-skin from Isaac Mizrahi’s Target line. For bling I’ve added a silver and rhinestone multi-layer chain necklace and a silver stretch bracelet. With just the right pieces, the usually casual tee, becomes instantly office appropriate.

All pieces in this look are thrifted

After we leave the office, let’s face it, we’re in the mood for a night on the town! Again, I can hear some of you questioning the casualness of a white t-shirt. Let’s face it – many of us grew up in the days when white t-shirts were only used as undergarments, usually by men. But, times have changed, and just as the simple tee quickly became office appropriate, it can also be ready for a night on the town with just a few easy switches. For this look, we’ve lost the suit and added a pair of black joggers with a slight sheen from White House Black Market. As a topper, a black and floral kimono from Xhilaration. To get a little sparkle, I’ve used a multi-layered gold, grey and purple necklace and a purple and gold bracelet. Then, finally, finished the look off with a pair of purple suede Piccolini sandals.

All pieces in this look are thrifted

The work week is done. We’ve partied till dawn. (OK, we were home by 10 p.m. We’re not Spring chickens anymore!) Saturday is here and it’s time to run those errands once again! With beautiful Spring weather, we want to keep the look light, easy and comfortable, but still cute and stylish! (NO “people of Wal-mart” candidates! Pajama pants are for going to bed!) For our Saturday “mom-on-the-go” look we’ve taken our tee and added a simple denim skirt, which I’ve belted with a colorful embroidered belt. I’ve forgone the necklace with this look and opted for a wonderful turquoise colored scarf from Charming Charlie’s. (Don’t you just love the way turquoise looks up against white?!) On my feet, a pair of red canvas peep-toe wedges from American Eagle. Finally, as a finishing piece of bling, and to pull our turquoise and red together, I’ve added some colorful stretch bracelets I picked up at Burlington.

All items EXCEPT the bracelets and belt are thrifted

The basic white tee, much like the white button down, has almost endless possibilities. There are very few items that I believe universally belong on a woman’s “Essentials” list. Every woman’s life – both circumstantially and geographically – is different and her list needs to be customized to suit her needs. However, that being said, I do believe, along with at least two pairs of well-fitting jeans, these three items we’ve discussed: the Little Black Dress, the White Button Down Shirt and the Basic White Tee really do belong on every woman’s list. With these items at your fingertips and a few accessories, you can be ready to face any occasion and build an endless number of looks!


Until We Meet Again!



4 Replies to “Working Your Wardrobe to a Tee”

  1. It’s true how the tee has become a staple for us, Ronnie!!
    And when I was working, I’d even wear them under another shirt that was dry clean only, so I wouldn’t have to dry clean it after I wore that piece (just call me lazy and cheap!)
    Great looks and totally relevant!!


    1. Thanks, Jodie! That’s not lazy and cheap, that’s brilliant! The tee really has become a staple – I have a drawer full that stretches the whole rainbow of colors!


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