Style Comes to Your Doorstep

It’s here! It’s here! It’s here! My Thrift Box has arrived! I have watched the mail like a hawk every day with the excitement of a 4 yr. old at Christmas! Now I’m excited to share these wonderful pieces with you!

Let me do a quick rundown of what a Thrift Box is for those of you who may be new and/or not familiar with them. Thrift Box is a service provided by stylist/fashion blogger Janeane Pittman from Designing from My Closet. For a flat fee (shipping included) of $100, Janeane will curate a package of “pre-loved” clothing, enough to create 3 – 4 outfits. The clothing is always in new to like new condition, on occasion it’s even still been tagged. Then Janeane uses her fabulous styling skills and puts together a “Style Sheet” for you showing the 3 -4 ways to take your pieces and create AMAZING looking outfits! There is a 12 day turn around, and because the items are thrifted, there are no returns.

My Style Sheet

This is my 3rd Thrift Box (read about the other two here and here) and I have LOVED each one. Janeane gets to know your style so well, as well as your sizing, and it’s like getting a wonderful surprise package from a good friend!

Even though I am also a stylist, and a very proficient thrifter, I believe, in my own right, there are few things that thrill me like getting that box in the mail from Designing from My Closet!

Once again, Janeane did not disappoint! The only request I made was to think in terms of Spring clothing. Other than that I let her have a free hand – I trust her completely.

This box had a definite theme – actually two – the color raspberry ran heavily throughout the collection- which was great since it’s one of my best colors! Also, the collective style was very boho – a style love which Janeane and I share. But, there is also an air of sophistication to it, something I really appreciated. At 51 years old, I really don’t need to jump on every trendy bandwagon. I do appreciate things that are a little more chic. Janeane gets that, even to the point of picking brands that she knows I appreciate!

My box included:

  • a raspberry Maeve (Anthropologie) blouse
  • Forever 21 raspberry jeans
  • Anthropologie tiled tunic tank
  • Anthropologie capris
  • Multi-strand necklace
  • I Love Comfort leather shoes

Janeane added a new element to her Style Sheet – a “Summary Box”. Here she works up the estimated original retail value of each of the items. I love that! (This is something that places like ThredUp do, as well.) I actually use to do this myself with the Thrift Boxes after she sent them to me. But, I love that she’s saving me the effort! (I’m so lazy!) The estimated retail value of my box? $321 Don’t you just love thrifting?! Now onto the outfits!



Look #1

Anthropologie Blouse with Forever 21 Jeans, Necklace and Leather Shoes


Close-up of shoes


Necklace Close Up

I love the colors here! This blouse is AMAZING! The fabric is so soft and I love the way it hangs. Even though the sleeves are a little longer than we think of for Summer, the fabric is very light and it’s possible it may get more wear than expected as we move from Spring into the hotter season. In the future I would add a belt to the jeans. There’s just the tiniest bit of looseness in the waist. The only real sizing issue with anything that we had – and its so commonplace for me, I hardly count it – is that the jeans are massively long. There are three options here:

  • hemming – I’d have a professional do this
  • continuing to roll/cuff, as I’ve done here
  • cutting them and creating a frayed/raw edge

I have a direction that I’m leaning, but I’d love to hear your opinions. What do you think I should do with the jeans? Comment below or on my IG or Facebook pages.


Look #2

Forever 21 Jeans, Anthropologie Tiled Tunic Tank, Necklace

Ok, first, excuse my incredibly pale arms. I’ve finally started self-tanner on my legs, but I hadn’t started on my arms yet. Obviously! After seeing this picture – I started my arms! The only change I made to Janeane’s suggestions was to switch out her shoes for a pair I already own with a wedge heel. These have a very similar look and feel to them, but with the tunic coming down so low and the jeans rolled up, I felt my already short legs looked a little cut-off. Adding just that bit of height made a huge difference for me.


Look #3

Necklace, Anthropologie Tiled Tunic Tank, Anthropologie Capris

Confession time – When I first saw the capris, I was a little trepidatious. With the looser shape, I was unsure how they were going to look on my short/squat little frame. In my mind they belonged on someone tall and lithe. But, of course, once I put them on with the tunic, I wondered why I would ever doubt Janeane! How cool are these?! They have such a chic, boho look! The tunic sets them off perfectly. Again, with the length of the tunic and the capris (and my legs!) I did prefer a bit of a heel with them versus a flat shoe. As with the blouse, the fabric is so light and airy they will be cool and comfortable well into the Summer.


Well, friends, those are my fabulous Thrift Box looks! But, as always, I’ve put together a few looks of my own with the pieces using my existing wardrobe so you can see how easily and beautifully her choices can blend in with what I already own, which makes them a true value. The pieces I chose to re-style: the Anthropologie blouse, the Anthropologie tunic and the capris. ( I didn’t do the jeans because, well, they’re jeans – you can put them with anything – even raspberry ones!)

The Raspberry Blouse:

I’m not sure the photos picked it up, but scattered among the white pattern in the blouse there are little blue dots. I decided to play on those in this casual look with my blue Loft jeans, the shoes from this Box, a metallic belt from a previous Thrift Box, a thrifted blue and brown Coldwater Creek necklace and a pair of gifted large wood dangle earrings. (If I look a little disheveled, I probably am. I took this picture quickly after cleaning up dishes from Sunday lunch!)

The Tiled Tunic:

Puttering around the house on Saturday in the tunic, I added a white tee underneath. I wore my thrifted Marc Jacobs ankle jeans, a pair of low wedge black London Fog sandals (not thrifted, but super saled at $3) and finished it off with the necklace from the Thrift Box. I really liked the tee under the tank, and with that option, it’s going to allow me to wear it into cooler months on the other side of Spring/Summer. (But, we don’t want to think about that!)

The Capris:

I wanted to be sure and include the capris in the re-styled selection because, honestly, I thought they were going to be the hardest piece to work with. To an extent, they were. Still, I was amazed at how many looks I was able to come up with. I questioned whether I’d find anything that looked good tucked or short-waisted, but I did find several that really looked great. However, this look won out as my favorite. The sweater cami is a beautiful purple chevron print that I recently acquired on a super “sale on top of clearance on top of coupon” coupe from White House Black Market for about $4.50! I topped the cami with a teal cardigan that I recently thrifted. The beautiful multi-layer necklace is from Premiere Jewelry and was gifted from my daughter, Stephanie. As you can see it works well with or without the cardi. I’m using the same brown wedges that I’ve used in several of the other looks.


There you have it, my fellow Thrifty Fashionistas, my Spring Thrift Box! I hope you enjoyed seeing it half as much as I enjoyed getting it! Don’t forget to leave me a message letting me know what you think I should do with the jeans!


Until We Meet Again!


4 Replies to “Style Comes to Your Doorstep”

    1. Thanks Nancy! Oh my goodness! How cool! Did you find some good deals? Once you get going it’s absolutely addicting!


    1. It is fun! It was a great birthday gift from Tim! And, yes, absolutely! They mix and match with so many things I already have! I’ll get so much use out of this little box! 🙂


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