Leggings…Style’s Little Controversy


Ok, y’all, I am convinced that Pennsylvania is severely Bi-polar and someone needs to put it on some serious meds! Last week it snowed. This weekend we had two days of 80 degrees. Today it’s 54 and we’re back to running our pellet stove! What the heck?! Calgon take me away! Ha ha! I’m showing my age with that reference, aren’t I? And you’re showing yours if you recognized it! Now all the “young uns” are going to have to run and Google “Calgon, take me away!”

Thankfully, I am getting “taken away,” at least briefly. This weekend is the weekend before Mr. T and my 20th anniversary, as well as my 51st. birthday. (If you keep them together like that he’s bound to remember at least one of them, right?!) We’re spending the weekend at a B&B in lovely New Hope, PA. Have you ever been to New Hope? New Hope is a wonderful, charming, artsy town. We went there the day Mr. T proposed, and spent a long weekend there for our honeymoon. I’m looking forward to even just a couple of days away from the daily grind, chaos and controversy of life.

But, for today, I’m going to bring a little controversy into our lives. Don’t worry, we’re not talking finances, religion, or Heaven forbid, politics! We’re talking – LEGGINGS! Should you or shouldn’t you? Who can and who can’t? And, if you do, how? These are questions pondered by fashionistas and non-fashionistas alike the world over! Everyone seems to have an opinion on leggings…at least when they’re walking through Wal-mart and they see someone wearing a pair inappropriately! Then they not only have an opinion, they feel the need to share it all over social media!

So, what is the correct way to wear leggings?

First of all lets lay down the 411 on WHO should be wearing leggings. Are you ready? ANYONE who wants to! Not what you were expecting a stylist to say, is it? Leggings have no age limit or weight limit. The faux pas in legging wear is not about WHO’s wearing them, it’s about HOW they’re wearing them.

6 Tips for Wearing Leggings:

  1. Yoga Pants ARE NOT leggings. Sorry chickies. I know this is a disappointment to many people, but they’re not. Yoga pants are for, well, yoga. For working out. Or at least looking like you work out. They’re for the gym or around your house. They’re not for public consumption.
  2. Leggings should not be see-through. If you can see through your leggings they have ceased being leggings and are now “tights”. Either get rid of them or stop trying to wear them as leggings.
  3. Along this same line of thought, make sure your leggings fit properly! When you bend over there should be no “plumbers crack” – even if you are shopping in Wal-mart!
  4. Leggings should have some “weight” to them. This is the reason that some people get an attitude about curvy women wearing leggings. The problem is not the woman’s body, the problem is the quality of her legging. This is true regardless of the size of the woman. When you purchase your leggings, find a good quality legging with a little weight behind it. It should feel “substantial”. It should be significant enough to not show a panty line. Another, no-no with leggings. 4b. Never ever ever show a panty line! Take the time to find the correct legging and the correct undergarment.
  5. Remember, Leggings really aren’t pants. There are rare few women who look good wearing short tops with leggings. They usually flatter best worn with tunics or long tops or with layered looks.
  6. CAUTION: This is simply a warning. Light colored and patterned tights will make your thighs look larger (and your butt, if you’re wearing a shorter top) If you have nice slim thighs and you’re ok with this, or you just don’t care, go for it. But, if this is something you’re self-conscious about, you may want to keep this in mind.


What Are Some Good Ideas For Wearing Leggings?

Let’s start with an easy Spring look. I’ve layered the leggings with a sleeveless tunic, a long cardi and worn a pair of quilted black and white flats. If you get too warm in the cardigan, the tunic still comes well below the hiney!


Here I’ve layered the leggings under an empire waist silk dress and added a pair of purple suede sandals. This will work Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall with just about any dress. Works especially well with shirt dresses which you can optionally leave open.


Of course, let’s not forget how great leggings can be in the Winter! Here I’ve paired them with a green sweater with bell sleeves, a Chico’s black and white long vest, a beautiful scarf that picks up all our colors, black suede over-the-knee boots and a pair of statement earrings.


Finally, leggings can be great for a night out! For the top I’m wearing a ruffled Ann Taylor camisole with a Susan Graver flowy, sheer animal print vest over the top. On my feet a pair of nude Via Spiga pumps. I’ve kept the bling to a minimum because of the ruffle in the top and the animal print vest, so I went with a simple gold tennis bracelet and a pair of black and gold chandelier earrings.


Leggings can be a great, versatile asset in any woman’s wardrobe. Just remember – keep it classy and then make the look your own!

Until we meet again!



12 Replies to “Leggings…Style’s Little Controversy”

  1. Cute article, Ronnie. I’m not a leggings lady, and I do dislike seeing them worn too thin, with nothing covering the backside. Embarrassing. But I like the looks you’ve put together πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks, Linda! Yes, it’s best to keep the hiney covered! πŸ™‚ Don’t know if you noticed on the sidebar or not, but I did start a second blog just for my writing. It links straight to it.


  2. I love leggings. I buy Hue and perhaps they are more expensive than some but they are not sheer and last a long time. I wear long tops and/or tunics and I feel leggings look nicer when they cover your derriere. I like either black or if they’re jeggings, a darker denim color. I live in leggings and jeans and I’m 72 years old.
    Leggings are very functional and great for travel. The key is how you wear them.


    1. Hi Franci! Thanks so much for stopping in! Leggings really are great! They’re so comfortable and easy to move in. Sounds like you know exactly the right way to style them! To get a good quality to pair you DO have to pay a little bit more. My two pair are Ann Taylor and Philosophy. You don’t need a hundred pair in your closet. You just need good ones.Thanks again for stopping in and sharing with us!


  3. Great tips and ones that everyone should adhere to! I really enjoyed seeing the variety of ways you styled yours, particularly under the pretty dress. I do like wearing leggings now, but I can remember being slow to give them another chance. Mostly because they reminded me of my days in the 80’s!


    1. Thanks, Jennie! I don’t think I ever stopped wearing them since the 80’s! LOL! But, I’m REALLY glad we got rid of those horrible stirrups! those were bad!


  4. I think of leggings and my old tights in the same category. What I wouldn’t wear tights with when I was younger I won’t wear leggings with being older and I am 67. Do I wear legging?-you bet! I still like my short skirts but will only wear them if they go with dark leggings.
    And I agree, a big NO when trying to wear them as pants with short shirts in public unless you are working out.
    This is a good post because I think this is a questionable topic for advanced aged ladies.


    1. Thanks, Terri! You have great insight here. I wear short skirts, too, with pretty much the same rule – either heavy dark tights or dark leggings. And, it’s really, for me, less about my age, and more about just basic propriety in general. Though I know everyone has their own thoughts on that.


    1. Hi Jess! So sorry for being so late in responding. Your message didn’t come through until I had left for the weekend, and then I honestly just wasn’t checking until we got back!
      You know it had never occurred to me that someone would have trouble with leggings because they’re too tall. I, of course, having the opposite problem, have to watch for excessive bulking up at my ankles. Or there are also ones that pull half way up my chest! LOL! Patterned tights are a great alternative, though! What a great idea!
      We did have a wonderful weekend away! Thanks. The B & B’s are just so charming and welcoming. So much nicer than a regular hotel.
      Thanks so much for stopping by!


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