Just Like My Dad

My Dad, my self and my two sisters. I’m the peanut on the far right. (My mom’s in the back with her head cut off!)

Growing up I was frequently told I was just like my Dad.

This was never meant as a compliment.

It usually came from my Mother. Frankly, it always came from my mother.

I knew what she meant… I was stubborn, hard-headed, sarcastic. And, I guess as a teenager, especially, those things were, and are true.

I’m 51 years old now. My Dad will be 82 this year. I look at him and this is what I see:

A man who has very little in this world, but that’s because he is generous to a fault and would give you the shirt off his back.

A man devoted to his family, from the oldest, his rapidly passing brothers and sisters, to the youngest, my grandchildren, the youngest of which is 8 months old. He’s there for each and every one – reaching out with his life, remembering each one in his prayers.

Is he stubborn? Hard-headed? Yes…he knows what he believes and he’s not easily swayed from the truths he stands on. He’s a man of strong character. You don’t see that much anymore.

And he’s a man of God. Devoted to his Savior, he seeks to honor Him with his life daily.

My mom has been gone for over twenty years now.

But, I hope when she looks down on us and observes my life today, she still says,

ā€œShe’s just like her dad.ā€

My Dad and my sweet step-mom, Eva

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