Little Dress, Big Impact


“One is never over-dressed or under-dressed with a Little Black Dress” – Karl Lagerfeld

We’ve all heard it said… everybody needs a LBD – Little Black Dress! You’ll recall several posts back when I talked about a stylist’s list of “must haves” for a woman’s wardrobe. You can bet a Little Black Dress made its way to the top of that list.

Coco Chanel is thought to have originated the Little Black Dress in the mid-1920’s, and brought it to full popularity with her Model-T dress that was published in Vogue in 1926.

But, really…what’s all the fuss about the Little Black Dress? Are they really that valuable a staple in a woman’s wardrobe?

The answer in a word…YES!

That single, innocuous item that’s hanging in your closet (or should be) is one of the most useful, versatile pieces you may ever own. Let me demonstrate.

Let’s start your day at the office. You need something quick and easy to throw on in between chasing after kids, making sure everyone has their lunches (including you!), checking that everyone is fully clothed, etc. What is easier than throwing on a simple, in this case, fit and flare black dress? Add a quick blazer to look professional, a pair of heels and, of course, some bling and you’re out the door! Get a little warm in the office? No problem! Take off that blazer and you’re still office appropriate. Bonus, black is going to cover a multitude of sins throughout your day – ink, drink spills, dirt and dust.

Pardon my very pale legs up against this black dress, guys. I haven’t started using self-tanner for the season yet.


Now, you’ve just gotten home from work, when your cell phone rings. It’s the hubs. Call a sitter. Don’t start dinner and meet him out front in the car in half an hour. You’re having dinner with his boss and a new client. It’s a nice restaurant so make sure you look “decent”, he says! After you think of 101 ways to kill the man you married, you zoom into motion. In no time the sitter is taken care of and the children’s nourishment is dealt with. You fly up the stairs to find a way to look “decent” in 15 minutes. But, lucky you, you wore your Little Black Dress today! Take off the work blazer, work shoes and everyday jewelry. Replace it with black pumps and pearls and guess what? You’re out the door!


This dress is a Lauren Conrad. I thrifted it about a year ago for $5.


You made it to the weekend! Saturday morning and, like half the mom’s in America, you’re out running all the errands that didn’t get done during the week. You want to be comfortable, but still look kinda cute…after all you ain’t dead yet! Little Black Dress to the rescue again!

Here we’ve just added simple white sneakers, a bolero cut denim jacket, yellow scarf and coordinating stud earrings.


Errands are run. Its been a full day. The hubs says, how about we call the sitter again and grab a movie… just a casual night out. You notice that if you leave in a half hour you can catch the last showing of the new one you really wanted to see. Ready in a half hour? Not a problem because you’re wearing that magical piece of clothing, your Little Black Dress!

We’ve switched out the sneaker look for straw and canvas wedge sandals, a colorful embroidered belt, a distressed denim vest, and orange and copper statement earrings.

I could go on and on with the possibilities of outfits created from this one little dress! Originally I had planned this post for the winter. I had all my pictures taken, but was unhappy with their quality and scrapped them, not getting back to it until now. At that time, I created 5 completely different looks than what you see here. Both times I found I really had to limit myself because I came up with soooo many different outfits. Without a doubt this is one of the best $5 investments I’ve made in my wardrobe. The thing is, all of these looks, and many, many more, are things anybody can easily re-create with a few items from their own closets.

Part of the magic of the Little Black Dress is the vast array of shapes and styles that are available to us! I confess, this is not my only LBD. Frankly, I have 5.  Each one has a slightly different shape, cut and fabric. I have long sleeves, short sleeves, no sleeves, and one that is just out-and-out formal and that’s just all it will ever be. Find the look and style that’s right for YOU and then really make it your own by adding all the little “extras” that show off who you are! After all, that’s what true style is all about!


Until We Meet Again!




5 Replies to “Little Dress, Big Impact”

  1. Ronnie, what a great LBD story! I love how you lead to one thing then the other. And yes, I have quite a few Little Black dresses, each one with its distinct personality and look. Thank you for linking up to 2nd Loved 1st Friday.
    Terri xox


    1. Thank you, Terri! They ARE such a staple, aren’t they?! Coco certainly knew what she was doing when she started this classic going!
      And, thank YOU for inviting me to be part of your Link Up! It’s a fun thing to do!


  2. Love this, Ronnie! I enjoyed reading each of the scenarios (haha to thinking of ways to kill your husband!) and how the little black dress came to the rescue. Each of these looks are perfect for the occasion. Now I want to see all the looks you had planned for winter!


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