Ronnie’s Certifiable!


Well, that’s it. I’m done. Fini. Finito. The end. I pushed the button and have turned in the last of my assignments for my certification. And before I had the chance to even type that all I had to do was sit back and wait for the grades to come in, the notification showed up in my box that my grades were in! So, that’s REALLY it! With straight A’s I am officially certified! (Or is that certifiable?! I’ll let you answer that question!) All I’m waiting for now is my certification to come in the mail.

This last Unit felt soooo loooong. Eleven projects. It really made me appreciate the fact that was a “work at your own pace” program versus having deadlines for each project.

As you know, the Unit started off with Thrifting (yippee skippy!) and then we moved on to Fashion Over 40. Interesting. We finished off the Unit styling maternity wear and weddings. I swear I looked at so much tulle and cubic zirconia I was starting to see it in my sleep! Even though these last projects were a lot of work, I was happy with how they turned out, and so was my instructor. (I got an A+ on the Unit!) So, I thought I’d just share with you some of the actual pieces I turned in.

Let’s go backwards first to the Styling Over 40 section. I had the privilege of working with my youngest daughter’s mother-in-law, and my friend, Robin, on this project. She volunteered to be my “client” for the project and went through a full interview and measuring. I then put together two outfits for Robin, one for work and one for an evening out, based on her style personality, her body type, coloring and lifestyle needs. This is the outfit I put together for “An Evening on the Town” Look.

Robin’s Evening On the Town look


After the Over 40 section, we moved to weddings. We started with traditional weddings where I needed to put together three options for a bridal “client” who wanted a very conservative, traditional wedding. I did this giving three dress options – a ball gown, an empire waist and a bohemian look. Each gown then had a veil, shoe and jewelry option. Following this project, the next project assumed that the traditional bride chose my first suggestion, which was the ball gown option. I then had to put together a suggestion page of what underpinnings she would need for this type of gown.

The individual pieces for the ball gown traditional wedding: the gown, veil, shoes, earrings, necklace and bracelet. Very “Cinderella-esque”

The last wedding section, I have to admit, was my favorite of the wedding designs, as well as my instructors! We had to put together a destination wedding. We were allowed to pick our own destination, as well. After having attended a lovely wedding last Summer at Cape May, NJ, I chose that as the destination for my wedding as well. We had to put together a look for the bride, the maid of honor, the groom and the best man. The groom and the best man, not pictured here, are in tan linen pants and vests, with white linen shirts. For shoes they have brown leather fisherman sandals. Their only differentiation is their boutonni√®res. The groom’s is fuller, using all the colors in the wedding scheme. The best man’s is just a coral bud, tied with the blue ribbon.


The bridal look for our Destination Wedding.


The maid of honor

First comes love, then comes marriage…then comes…the baby carriage! Yep! After weddings we moved right into maternity! I already knew this from shopping with my daughters when they were pregnant, but this project REALLY drove the reality of these points home – maternity clothes are MUCH more attractive than when I had my kids! And…maternity clothes are MUCH more expensive! There were two main projects in maternity. One was called the “Manhattan Mama”. This was putting together 3 outfits for an expecting Manhattan business woman – a corporate office look, an attending a gala look, and a comfortable but chic travel look.

Manhattan Mama: Office Appropriate Look

The other project, which was much more labor intensive, involved a first time mom on a tight budget. We needed to pick out just 7 key pieces of maternity wear and then put together as many outfits as possible for her with these pieces. None of the outfits could cost more than $50 a piece when combined. (We did not have to count shoes and accessories into the cost.) I wish I could show all of the pics for this project here, but that may be just too much, but it was probably one of my instructors favorite pieces and she was very impressed with the amount and the quality of the outfits I was able to put together. I have to admit, I was really excited with her response! With the 7 pieces, I put together 13 different looks with a cost of just over $9 per outfit.

Seven Base Pieces: Black leggings, White button down, Blue tunic, Cranberry blouse, Black midi-skirt, Dark wash boot-cut jeans, Basic black dress

Can I admit that I already miss it?! I miss not automatically having something to style every morning when I get up. And the question looms, Where do I go from here? Good question! When I started this journey it was with no expectation. It was just “wherever God leads, He leads.” If that meant it was only for my personal edification, so be it. If that meant I take a leap of faith and start my own business, I was ready to step out of that boat, too. So, for now I wait, wait for that still small voice to say “this is the way, walk in it.”

Until We Meet Again!



Side note: Though I enjoyed the entire program, I truly and completely enjoyed working with my instructor/mentor, Stylist Mallory Sills. I cannot say enough good about her. Her positive, encouraging attitude. Her gift with style and dealing with clients. I learned quite a bit through the books and material, but I truly believe the bulk of what I learned was through Mallory’s comments and her encouragement, which helped me believe in myself and spurred me on to discover and research things on my own.

Mallory is a personal stylist who’s styling business, Image Success, is based in Chicago. You can follow her on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, as well as check out her website, which I encourage you to do!¬†

6 Replies to “Ronnie’s Certifiable!”

    1. It’s still in discussion. I’m actually all for a combination of both, myself. Maybe part-time work in a store, but still being available for private work. But, still just really praying to see what doors God opens.


  1. Congratulations Ronnie, joy well done and I know how hard you worked! It much be a relief but quite strange noy to have so much work to do anymore. I will look forward to see the adventures this will now take you on.


    1. Thank you so much, Terri! I do feel a little at loose ends without a project to do! But, I look forward to seeing what will be next in my path!


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