A Slight Miscommunication


Yeah, so, this happened to my hair yesterday!

You may remember that this is what my hair used to look like…

As you might have guessed, I had a hair appointment yesterday. This hairdresser is relatively new to me – this was only my third time seeing her. I switched several months back, frankly, just because this place was a little less expensive than where I was going before and I was trying to save a little money. But, I’d been pretty happy here so far. The young woman here isn’t quite as personable as where I went before, but she’s done a good job so far, which really is the point, isn’t it?!

When I went in yesterday the salon was quiet except for one gentleman finishing up with the other girl working and so I was taken care of very quickly. As we began discussing my hair, I did say that I thought we could go a bit shorter than last time. Now, when I said a bit shorter, in my mind I was thinking maybe an 1/8 of an inch around my ears because I like to push it behind my ears and it didn’t bend behind there as easily as I wanted it to. But I didn’t say that…I only said “a bit shorter.” Now, I have no doubt whatsoever that my former hair dresser would have known exactly what I meant. She knew me very well. But, like I said, this is only the third time I’ve seen this young woman and she’s not a talker, so she doesn’t know me well. And, apparently, in her mind this was the definition of “a bit shorter”.

Didn’t I realize what she was doing? No not really. For one – I’m very trusting, so I let my mind wander and I really wasn’t paying a whole lot of attention. Part of me is still very use to my previous hair dresser whom I really did trust implicitly. Secondly – I have to take my glasses off when they do my hair and I am blind as a bat without my glasses, so I can’t really see what’s happening.

I’ll admit when I first got home I was a little a shell-shocked when I first really looked in the mirror. Just that initial surprise. The next thing I did was send those top two pictures to my “panel of judges” to see what they had to say – my three daughters! I knew they would give me their straight up opinions. The consensus…they loved it! They thought I pulled it off well, but understood that I still needed to get my bearings with it.!

And I did. I mean, after all, there’s really nothing I can do about it is there? Not like I can glue hair back on. So, I might as well decide that I’m going to love it and make it work for me! Super short girl – super short hair! It’s all perspective.

You know I could have really let this ruin my day. I could have been really angry and laid into poor Britney. Why didn’t she ask me along the way if she was going too short? Yada yada yada! I could have come home and stewed and pouted and gone to Ulta and priced extensions! I could have…

I couldn’t help thinking about how often we let the little things in life completely derail us – derail our day, our week, our month. Someone cuts us off, short changes us, makes a rude remark… cuts our hair wrong, and we allow it to completely destroy us because we hold onto it. And you know I’m as guilty as the next guy. I’ve done it myself and do you know what I discovered? That guy who cut me off? He has gone on about his merry way having a perfectly lovely day while I’m sitting here stewing and fuming allowing my day to be ruined, and for what? Having to wait an extra 20 seconds to pull my car out? Now who’s the real dummy here? And hair? Guess what… IT GROWS! Go figure! And if I decide this isn’t me, that’s just what I’ll let it do. But, for now, I’m gonna rock my pixie hair for all it’s worth!

Until We Meet Again!


6 Replies to “A Slight Miscommunication”

  1. You have the perfect perspective Ronnie. Besides the fact that I’m with your daughters—it’s a fabulous cut for your face!! Now I could be biased since mine is short like this, but we both have kinda the same face shape and glasses, so it’s very, very flattering!!!!!!
    In fact, once I cut mine, I realized that I’ll probably never go back—it’s easier to manage (if that word really applies to my crazy curls) and it looks better because my hair is thin!!
    The hardest part for you is you weren’t prepared for the cut—but you are amazing in your response!!


    1. Thanks Jodie! I cut it short-er a couple of years ago for that very reason – I have very thin, fine hair. And this cut DOES still totally wok with that which is basically what I asked her to respect and she did that. So, I think you’re right – you and I BOTH totally rock this short hair thing, and will probably go on doing so!


  2. Aww I love it Ronnie! You wear it well!! I would have flipped a lid if it was me. Bahaha just kiddin. 😂 Actually I’ve had my hair dresser do my hair quite a bit shorter than usual one time. Did I mention one time? Yep! She pulverized my hair once! ✂✂ I don’t think I really noticed until I got home?! I was like whoa?!! And she is my regular hair dresser! I distinctively remember her talking with someone who walked up while she was cutting my hair and that was what did it! But hair does grow back! I completely keep my eye on her now but she’s so use to me that if I say half an inch that’s exactly what I get! Ahhh Gotta love the ones who cut our hair!! Lol. Great post! Xo


    1. Hey Marietta! It’s just hair, right?! And you know what? I love it now! I just needed to get over the initial shock! It’s all good!


  3. I remember when cutting your hair short (er) would have been worse than a slow and painful death 🙂 It looks just fine, and as you say, it will grow. Maybe you’ll get to liking it so well you’ll just keep it this way.


    1. Haha! Linda, you know that’s right! This would have horrified me at one time! You know, I love it already! And I really think it was a blessing from God. The pain in my hands has been so bad that I’ve been having a terrible time holding my round brush to style my hair. This cut requires no styling! I blow dry, fluff with my hands and just quickly comb it into place! Wahlah, I’m done! No hand pain! God always knows what he’s doing – even with unexpected haircuts!


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