Merry “Thrift-mas” to Me… Thrift Box #2 is Here!


“When what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a box full of thrift that brought dancing and cheers!” Ok, I may have taken a few liberties with the words to that wonderful old poem, but it accurately describes the scene at my house one week ago when Christmas began early with the arrival of my 2nd Thrift Box from Janeane at Designing from My Closet!

Some of you may recall when I treated myself to my first Thrift Box back in April as a birthday present to myself for my 50th birthday. (You can read that post here.) It was, without a doubt, one of the most fun gifts I have ever given myself. So, when the opportunity came around to get an early Christmas present there was little doubt in my mind what I wanted.

For those of you unfamiliar with Janeane’s Thrift Box service, let me fill you in a little. Thrift Box is a personal shopping service where for a flat fee (shipping included) of $100 you will receive enough clothing and accessories to create 3 – 4 outfits. In your package, along with your items, will be a sheet from Janeane outlining exactly how to combine your items in order to create each of your looks – pictures included. Where does the “Thrift” in Thrift Box come from? All the items in your box are THRIFTED! Easier on the pocketbook. Easier on the environment. Additionally, unlike many personal shopping services, you are under no obligation to sign up for monthly or bi-monthly deliveries. Want to try it just once? That’s fine. You can do that. And what makes Janeane such a great choice to do this for you? Well, she is not just a celebrated fashion blogger, but a trained interior designer and professional fashion stylist, as well! How’s that for credentials?!

My box arrived eight days after I placed my order, which, considering it was coming from California to Pennsylvania and she had to find all my items, style them and ship them, I think is amazing. Interestingly, I was out thrifting when my box arrived. Mr. T was home and phoned me to let me know it was here. I almost abandoned my purchases to race home because I was so excited – I didn’t – but, it was close! When you open your box, you’ll not only find your purchases and your styling sheet, but also a personal note from Janeane. A very nice touch! Everything is very well sealed and packaged for it’s long journey across the country!

Style sheet with instructions for how to combine your pieces


As you can see from my style sheet I was lucky enough to get 4 looks from my box this time, or as Janeane put it – 3 outfits and a “bonus” outfit! All of the outfits are built around the base of a pair of off-white J.Crew corduroys. The cords were perfection and fit me to and absolute T! Actually, everything fit great which was a real plus! No alterations needed!

The individual pieces included:

  1. off-white J. Crew corduroys
  2. Double Zero crocheted black w/ rainbow trim cardigan
  3. Leith blush pink tunic
  4. Classiques Entier tan nubby cardigan
  5. Soft Joie pinky/peach plaid top
  6. Maeve navy blouse (still tagged)
  7. Old Navy gold metallic belt
  8. statement necklace

For those of you who know your brands, you can see that these are all excellent brands, and the feel and quality of each was just wonderful!




Here we have the base cords, the blush tunic belted with metallic belt and the black crocheted cardigan. Additionally, I’ve added a deep plum tee that picks up one of the colors in the cardigan trim, burgundy booties (a color also in the trim) and a gold necklace and hoops for some extra bling.

One of the things that I absolutely LOVE about Janeane is that she knows me so well and picks pieces that I immediately fall in love with (I may NEVER wear anything but this black cardigan for the rest of my life!), but, also, while she knows and understands my style she also knows how to stretch me just that little bit out of my box. When I saw the style sheet with the blush tunic with this cardi I wasn’t sure that I could pull that off. But, once I styled it together with my own things and put it on I was like, “yes! that’s what I’m talking about!” Something I just would not have thought of on my own, but now seems so perfect!




For the second look Janeane kept the cords and blush tunic, but had me switch the cardigan to the nubby tan and add the statement necklace. All I added are some small rhinestone earrings that bring out the colors in the necklace (though you can’t really see them here) and a pair of brown suede ankle boots.

I love the softness of this look. Even though it’s very modern and very chic, it retains a very feminine edge to it. In the future, I might have to add a cami under the tunic. It’s very low cut, and though the necklace fills in and the cardi holds it in place slightly, it still pulls open a little too much for my comfort zone.




Look #3 keeps it very low key and casual, and yet there’s something very classy about it at the same time. For this outfit Janeane included the cords, once again, the nubby tan sweater (this sweater is incredibly soft and comfortable and you can just feel the quality) and the pinky/peach plaid shirt (crazy soft!). To the mix I kept on my same rhinestone studs from the last outfit (you still can’t see them), added a couple of gold stretch bracelets and a pair of cinnamon colored suede wedges. This really takes your casual every day look up a notch.


Look #4 “Bonus Outfit”


For this final look she had me combine the navy blouse with the base cords, the metallic belt and the statement necklace. She called for me to tuck the whole blouse, but I loved the little kick opening in the back so I did a half tuck instead, as you can see in the pictures. I, once again, stuck with those same rhinestone stud earrings and kept my same gold stretch bracelets. On my feet I added my favorite metallic gold loafers that seemed to work perfectly with this entire look. There is so something so simple, yet so sophisticated about this look. It could take you so many places throughout your day and your week. I love that.

I wanted to try to give you a closer look at this necklace. Unfortunately, the colors are still not popping here like they truly do – there’s peach and mint and sparkly rhinestone. The fabrics are straw and metal and a crocheted fabric. The color and textures are just wonderful! But, hopefully, this gives you a little better feel than the distance pictures did.

Last time I received my Thrift Box I showed you different ways that I was able to style my pieces on my own to show you the versatility of the pieces Janeane chose. Well, these pieces are no less versatile, that is for sure. But, rather than make this the world’s longest blog post, I’m going to encourage you to check out my Instagram in the next week (or two). I’ll be taking these pieces with me – as well as some other great pieces I’ve found myself recently – and sharing them with you on my Instagram page. And no excuses if you don’t have an IG account! I have a public page, so even those of you with no account can still go on and check out my page! Hope you stop by!

If you’d like more information about a Thrift Box, stop by Janeane’s site Designing from My Closet and check out her Styling Services link!

Until we meet again!



9 Replies to “Merry “Thrift-mas” to Me… Thrift Box #2 is Here!”

  1. What a perfect way to gift yourself for the holidays, Ronnie!!
    Janeane does an amazing job with her selections, and white cords are the perfect jeans for the winter!!!
    I can’t wait to see these pieces in our #thriftedchicstylechallenge too!!!
    Enjoy your Monday!


    1. Thanks, Jodie! It really was the perfect gift to myself! Ha ha! Tim said he should have had the video recorder on me opening it… I was like a little kid at Christmas! It’s so much fun! You know you’re getting things, but at the same time, it’s a surprise!


  2. Janeane did a fabulous job! I enjoyed seeing the little cheat sheet she provides with ways to combine the items. You look so great in each of these looks! I really like the black cardigan and the colorful rainbow shawl collar. So bright and pretty!


    1. Thanks, Jennie! Janeane really does do an awesome job! This is my second Box from her and it amazes me how well, in the short amount of time we’ve known one another, she has completely grasped my style – and I think of my style as being kind of all over the place! The black cardigan really is my favorite, as well! It’s such a fun, and yet, versatile piece!


    1. Thank you, Linda! We really ought to get together, you know! It’s been too long! Maybe after the rush of the holidays slows down. Merry Christmas to you and Terry, as well!


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