Finding Fabulousness


Here’s a shocker for you – I am completely behind on everything! Ok, ya’all can quit laughing now because I know none of you are even remotely surprised! This seems to be the story of my life. Let’s face it, I am no Type A person – never have been. I have always stood proudly in the small line of Type B’s who can easily pass by piles of laundry and dishes because we’d rather build forts or finger paint. But, there are moments – moments like these when school units are pushing me to my limits, both of my capabilities and my patience, when family demands seem high and laundry and dishes ARE piled all around – that I DO envy you Type A’s and your ability to just seem to fly around and do 100 things at one time.

And doesn’t it seem that these things always seem to hit us when we’re already down? In the midst of all my “behind-ness”, my fibro has, of course, decided not to play nice. Though I’ve found a new doc that is awesome, and she has prescribed new meds, they are helping with the pain, but causing “is this really worth it?” side effects, creating a whole new set of issues all their own! Ain’t life grand?! Of course it is! But, I’ll admit that the struggle with the fibro has been dragging me down both physically and emotionally lately. You want to keep a positive attitude and always look up, but let’s get real, when you’re in pain 24/7 and dealing with a level of fatigue that is like carrying around a 50 lb. weight all the time, it’s a little hard to be Mary Sunshine. It just is.

So, you might look at that title and think, “Well, then Ronnie, what’s with the fabulousness?” Well, I’ll tell you… when you struggle with fibro you really need to feel fabulous now and then – you need to be reminded that anything in life still is fabulous. We all need that once in awhile, don’t we?! In whatever it is we struggle with, whether it’s a health issue, financial, family, personal, whatever it may be, it’s easy to forget about the “fabulousness” of life!

Sad to say all this pain, fatigue and brain fog has even been keeping me from one of the great joys of my life – thrifting! I just frankly haven’t had the energy and haven’t been going out like I use to. But, two weekends ago I had to go out and run an errand anyway and I thought, as long as I HAVE to be out, I might as well do something I enjoy and decided to run to a new thrift shop that I’ve been visiting in a nearby town. And I’m so glad I did!


Hope ReStored Thrift is a relatively new thrift shop, having just opened March 11 of this year, and is located in Quakertown, PA. It’s owned by Hope Against Heroin and run by the nicest couple you would ever want to meet, Kim and Kevin Hogan, as well as many dedicated volunteers. The proceeds from the sales at Hope ReStored directly benefit Hope Against Heroin, a non-profit organization dedicated to addressing the needs (support, education, awareness, life-saving treatment) of those affected by the opiate/heroine epidemic.  Kim, who is also the president, founded Hope Against Heroin after heroin addiction hit their family very closely. As, well, she and Kevin watched as multiple friends lost children to this horrible epidemic.


Just a few of the beautiful items you’ll find available throughout the store.


The store carries primarily women’s clothing and accessories, along with a small amount of household goods. Things are beautifully arranged making it easy to shop and find what you’re looking for. I’ve always been impressed with the well styled displays and was thrilled to find out they are often done by Kevin! He has a great eye for style! There’s always wonderful treasures to be found when you walk through the door – Betsey Johnson, Chico’s, Armani Exchange, Banana Republic, Free People and, of course, my weakness, White House Black Market! Something for everyone!

                         More lovely items available. Hmmm…I wonder if that leather jacket is my size?!

It seems whenever I walk in the door they always have an amazing sale going and that Saturday was no exception! Clothing was “fill a bag for $7”! Wow! You can’t beat that. Everything else – shoes, hats, jewelry, etc. – was 50% off! Much as I would have liked to have taken half the store home with me, I did show some self-control! My take away from the day:

  • a beautiful Petticoat Alley boho blouse
  • a lavender abstract Simply Vera blouse
  • a crazy soft cranberry with asymmetrical hem New York & Company sweater
  • a slightly oversized black and gray Apt. 9 sweater with silver sparkle threading woven throughout
  • another crazy soft ivory sleeveless vest kimono with bottom fringe from Say What
  • an adorable black and gray wool paperboy hat and
  • THIS fabulous ruana that I’m styling for you today!



Leopard print ruana w/gold threading throughout, thrifted from Hope ReStored, about $1; White House Black Market jeans, thrifted, $3; Talbots turtleneck, thrifted, $2; Life Stride booties, thrifted $3.50; necklace, Sears clearance rack, $5; Leather belt, Ross clearance rack, $5

I fell in love with this ruana as soon as I saw it! I actually thought I was done shopping, was leaving the dressing room and caught sight of it on a display on my way to the checkout. So, of course, I grabbed it right off of the display! (I may have a reputation for snatching things off of displays!) Though I’m usually in skinny jeans, I chose to style this with straight legs. (I would also do wide leg jeans.) This is because I’m small and the the ruana and the necklace are both rather big and bold. If I had put skinny little jeans on my legs I would look “off – balance”… like all this heavy top walking around on sticks. The wider legs on the bottom adds a little “depth” to that area so there is a more balanced look.

It was a really GOOD decision to go thrifting that day! I left truly feeling I had found my fabulous! Yes, I felt fabulous about my purchases – fabulous deals, my fabulous ruana. But, even more so, as I got to talk with Kim and Kevin, and later as I learned about their store and their ministry – their heart for young people and families struggling with addictions – THAT, that my friends is what’s TRULY fabulous!


2 Replies to “Finding Fabulousness”

  1. Thanks, Linda! It’s a wonderful little shop! I should have put their address… It’s on Broad St. in Quakertown, just pass the fire station but before you get into the main part of the downtown shopping district. Their prices are very reasonable, and as I said, they’ve always got something on sale.


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