Do You Have Happy Clothes?


Do you have happy clothes? You know what I mean…clothes you wear simply because they make you happy! Whether they make you feel pretty, are flowery, frilly, colorful, fun, comfy, sentimental…whatever the reason, we probably all have them. And we all have days we need them. In my last blog I referenced an article from designer Christian Siriano. One of the things he said in that article was, “What we wear can be armor, it can be therapeutic, it can be a source of joy, or an expression of strength. ” Singer Cyndi Lauper, known for bright and playful fashion choices, was quoted saying, “On my darkest days, I wear my brightest colors!” Clothes can change our mood, how we feel about ourselves and help us face our day.

Today I was having one of those days where I definitely needed “happy clothes”! A little like Cyndi I needed my “brightest colors”. I needed fun. I needed beauty. I needed to be a rule breaker. I needed to feel girly, but maybe just a little bit sexy, too. Still, I needed to be comfortable because I’m watching my grandson this afternoon. And I needed it all wrapped up in one outfit! Was that even possible?! Yes! Yes, it was!


Basics: Ann Taylor t-shirt, thrifted, $1; H & M vest, thrifted, $1; Kensie jeans, TJ Maxx, $19, gift card; DexFlex suede booties, Payless, $14


This casual boho look met all the criteria for my “happy” look for today! Being nothing more than jeans and a t-shirt, it definitely falls into the comfort category! These Kensie jeans also have a nice level of spandex in them so they have an extra stretch and comfort and are not at all stiff or binding. Even the suede booties, which you might think break the comfort rule are actually one of the most comfortable shoes I own. From Payless’ DexFlex, a favorite of mine, they are both comfortable for all day wear and have great support for your arches if you have foot issues. (I’ve struggled with plantar fasciitis over the years.)


Super comfy DexFlex booties. Retail $49. I scored them for $14 by hitting a sale and then stacking multiple coupons. Also, note the cute cut out on the edge of the jeans


What other “happy” requirements does this outfit meet for me besides comfort? How about my rule breaker requirement? Back in the day – pink and red together? – No Way! – But, today? You bet! We’re going  to break that old rule to pieces with this look! first in the embroidery on the leg of the jeans – the flowers have a wonderful blend of pinks and reds, as well as blue and sage. Then we’ve gone all out with the color combo by going with this Ann Taylor brick-red t-shirt and H & M long blush pink vest.


Accessories: dangle earrings, Francesca’s, gifted; multi-layered necklace, Amazon, gifted; Relic belt, Ross, $5.99, clearance


Did we meet our fun and girly and beautiful requirements? I think so… Check out the great frill on our vest! It’s fun to swirl and swish around! And you can bet I do! Additionally, I’ve put a little pink bling to work with this fun multi-layer necklace and these great dangle earrings. Normally, I don’t like to do matchy-matchy types of jewelry, but for some reason I just love this necklace and earrings together. And, of course, we can’t forget the beautiful embroidery at the bottom of the jeans! You can’t get more girly or beautiful than flowers on your jeans!

Well, the only requirement left is sexy. I can say that I feel a little sexy in this outfit. Whether or not I look sexy or not, we’ll leave for Mr. T to decide! I know he usually likes me in jeans, boots and t-shirts, so we have a pretty good bet! And that makes me happy!

What are your happy clothes? What clothes do you put on to lift or change your mood… when you’re feeling down? I’d love to hear from you!

6 Replies to “Do You Have Happy Clothes?”

  1. I totally agree that clothes can make you happy!! Certain colors and styles are just so fun, that they can’t help but affect how you feel!!
    Love this combo, Ronnie—especially those jeans. Even though I don’t need another pair of jeans to save my life, I may have to splurge on a pair like those!!


    1. Thanks, Jodie! I admit I love these jeans, too. Even though I mostly thrift, every season there are a few items that I save up to purchase retail because I know the chances of finding them thrift are pretty slim – these jeans were one of those items. I just couldn’t pass them up!


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