Help! I Have Nothing to Wear! (One Outfit: Five Looks)

Did you ever stand there in front of your closet, in front of your pulled out drawers, in front of a bed piled with clothes and think, “I have nothing to wear?!” Or did you ever feel like you’re always wearing the same outfit over and over and over? I certainly have! Just ask Mr. T! He can certainly attest to the numerous times piles of clothes have been strewn across the bed as I search for something to wear!

About two weeks ago I had this brief conversation on Facebook with Chrissy from the blog Granola and Grace (What?! you haven’t visited Chrissy’s blog?! Well, then what are you doing here?! Go! Visit Chrissy’s blog and and then come back. Go ahead! I’ll wait. Are you back now? She’s adorable, right?!  )

As, I was saying, Chrissy and I had this brief, but interesting, conversation about how accessories are truly the cornerstone of style. (This is not verbatim!) You can take the most simple, basic of outfits and transform it just by adding or changing up the accessories. And, yet, we hadn’t always understood this. Often we become so focused on investing in some new trendy piece that we forget that it really can be all about what we do with those pieces, and less about the pieces themselves.

This got me thinking…a dangerous past time, I know! This could make a really great blog post! Let’s take one exceedingly simple outfit and see just how many looks we can make out of it! I’ve given you five looks here, but let me tell you, I had to STOP myself because I came up with so many different ones! So, thank you Chrissy for your inspiration for this week’s post!

(Please excuse the terrible photos! I had so many issues with them and an awful time with the lighting – darn that uncooperative sun! Eventually I just had to accept that they just were what they were or I was never going to get this posted! Some day I will be able to afford a good camera and I will learn something about photography, but today is not that day!)




I picked for our starting outfit the most basic outfit I could think of – a white t-shirt and plain straight leg jeans. I figured most of us probably own a white t-shirt of some flavor and a pair of straight leg jeans.



Added: Loft military jacket, thrifted, $5; mult-colored scarf, thrifted, $.99; orange statement necklace, thrifted, $.99, canvas military belt, inherited from my daughter, American Eagle suede shoes, thrifted, $3, stud earrings, one of six in a multi-pack clearanced from Burlington, $5


This first outfit is very simple and casual. I added a loose fitting, cropped military style jacket from the Loft that I thrifted about two years ago. Military looks never seem to go out of trend so they’re great pieces to pick up when you see them! I’ve also added a pair of simple, comfortable suede wedges and a multi-colored scarf. For jewelry, I’ve brought in this bright orange statement necklace that pulls color from the scarf. Because the necklace is so bold and I also have the scarf going on, I kept the earrings to just very simple gold studs, and added a simple gold chain bracelet, as well.



Added: amulet statement necklace, thrifted, $.99; Susan Graver animal print duster, thrifted, $5; Splash fur-trimmed black mules, thrifted, $3; faux-snake skin belt, thrifted, $3


fur-trimmed mules Aren’t they fun?!

The second outfit I switched out the military jacket for this great Susan Graver animal print duster that was actually picked out by my 4-year old grandson, Caden, when we were out thrifting together one day, checking out a new thrift store. He loves anything animal related! I think he grabbed everything leopard, cheetah and zebra print that he saw insisting that “Gigi” needed them in her closet! Well, when I saw this one, I knew he was right about it – I could definitely find plenty of use for this beauty! For jewelry, I again went with simple gold studded earrings since I used this fabulous statement amulet necklace that I found just the other day for just $.99. Additionally, I added in a faux-snake skin belt and these SUPER fun fur trim mules I found out thrifting one day – I just could not pass them up! Fur trim not your thing? That’s ok, you could easily do a bootie or even a flat here, whatever you were comfortable with – but, I love my fur trimmed shoe!



Added: Lucky Brand velvet cami, thrifted, $1; bronzed gold metal earrings, thrifted, $.99; burnt orange vintage beaded necklace, thrifted, $.99, stacked orange and bronzed gold stretch bracelets, thrifted separately, $.99 ea.; Bandalino ankle boots, thrifted, $3

The third look really couldn’t have been more simple – just throw on a camisole – over the top! We’ve all tossed a camisole underneath something now and then, but how about throwing it over the top of something! It’s a great modern look that gives a lot of extra wear to our beautiful camis that often get hidden away. I thought the burnt orange vintage beads were a great addition to the purple velvet cami – giving real contrast and amping up the boho feel, and added the stretch bracelets that echo the burnt orange color, also. For earrings I’ve used my bronzed gold hoops – these are a favorite of mine. I find myself constantly grabbing them. On my tootsies, you’ll see these reddish brown Bandolino ankle boots – they don’t look like they’d be good “walkers”, but they’re actually incredibly comfortable! Finally, for the finishing touch, if you look in the background hanging on the post, you’ll see my rhinestone embellished bag. Some of the stones were loose when I found it, but that was an easy fix with the glue gun!




Added: sparkle paper boy-style hat, Burlington, $7; silk scarf, thrifted, $.99; New York & Co. vest, thrifted (still tagged), $2.50; mark. shoes, thrifted, $7; Ann Klein belt, clearanced, Burlington, $5


My fourth look just feels fun to wear! It makes me want to go find something crazy and adventurous to do! Shouldn’t our clothes do that for us – inspire us? Inspire us to do more, be more?! There’s just something I love about wearing things a little bit “menswear” looking and a little bit feminine! So, here I’ve added the tuxedo-look vest (I also own this same vest in white. Someone apparently sent both to the thrift store – both still tagged! Lucky me!) and the multi-colored scarf tied long to give it a bit of a men’s tie effect. I’ve also added my favorite hat, cut in a typical paper-boy fashion, but given that “girly” touch with floral cut-outs and covered in sparkles. My black earrings should have gotten a close-up for you – are also little sparkly flowers, adding another little feminine touch. On my feet I’ve worn a pair of mark. leopard print flats, and then completed the look with this shiny Franco Sarto satchel purse.




Added: sparkle, floral earrings, gifted; lariat, choker, thrifted, $.99; Max Studio shirt dress, clearance, TJ Maxx, $9; blue faux-snake skin belt, thrifted $3; Old Navy blue suede ankle boots, thrifted, $3


For the fifth and final look, never count anything out to be used as an accessory, even a dress! Wearing dresses over pants is huge right now! I will admit that it took me awhile to jump on board with this trend, but once I did, I jumped with both feet!  I stalked this particular plaid shirt-dress in TJ Maxx for a while. And though by many standards it really wasn’t all that expensive, it was more than I wanted to pay. But, my stalking finally paid off when I got the last one in the store on clearance for $9! That’s what I’m talkin’ about! And, yes, I DO wear it as a dress, but I will admit that my favorite way to wear it is just like this – over a pair of jeans – or leggings! It’s great left open like this, but I’ve also been known to belt it for a different look altogether. With this loose, comfortable look, I’ve used the small, floral earrings I used in Look #4 with the vest, once again. This time I added in a lariat, choker necklace I recently picked up while thrifting. I kept the jewelry very simple because I felt the plaid flannel and white t-shirt called for a very laid back look. I added a faux-snake skin belt, again, this time in blue to blend in with my jeans. Finally, I finished the look with a pair of blue suede ankle boots.

And the looks could have gone on and on… I didn’t even pull out my cardigans or kimonos or blazers! We barely touched the depths of what could be done with a scarf! So many accessories, so little time! Next time, you feel discouraged about your wardrobe, spend an afternoon shopping your closet. You’ll be amazed at the hidden treasure trove that may be lurking there!



7 Replies to “Help! I Have Nothing to Wear! (One Outfit: Five Looks)”

  1. Ronnie, thank you so much. That was the sweetest shout out and the kindest of words. Thank you for that blessing. And you’re right! This blog post is a fabulous idea! One I think would be fun to do a series with. I can’t believe how many thrift scores you’ve made. BTW, The plaid is my absolute favorite!


  2. My pleasure for the shout out, Chrissy! We all need to support and encourage one another! I think a series is a great idea! I had so much fun doing this! And, my, yes, the thrifting! It is my thing! Probably a good 90% of my wardrobe is thrifted. My kids say it’s my “special gift”! Haha The plaid was the first outfit I thought of! I LOVE that shirt dress and will use any excuse to wear it!


    1. Thanks Jodie! I had so much fun doing this one! It’s amazing the fun we can have with what we already have in our closets if we just look. I think Chrissy had a brilliant idea when she said this could be a good series! I may have to consider that!


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