Saying Goodbye to Old School Rules, Part 3

Labor Day Weekend has come and gone! For most of us, regardless of what the “official” calendar date is, this signals the end of Summer and the beginning of Fall. Kids are back to school. Work schedules are back to normal. And, if you’re like me, you may have even started switching out your seasonal clothing – deciding what gets put away, what comes out and what will transition between the two seasons. It can be a project! Half of my wardrobe is still strewn across my bedroom!

In truth, I don’t normally leave a lot out for “transitional” clothing simply because I have very limited closet and drawer space. But, there is one group of clothing once banished as soon as Labor Day passed that now retains it place of honor in my drawers all year long – my white jeans! And this leads us to our third, and final, Old School Rule to Break –


Back in the day this was such a hard and fast rule it was practically carved into stone! In fact, I once had a boyfriend – wealthy, very proper – reprimand me because I had my white pumps on a few weeks post-Labor Day! Gasp! How dare I?! I’m surprised he didn’t dump me on the spot! Frankly, it wasn’t long before a mutual dumping took place! ha ha!

Old Navy Blue Suede Ankle Boots I thrifted for $3

Thank goodness this silly, nonsensical rule has been left in the dust several seasons back! Designers and street style fashionistas alike have been showing how fresh and modern adding pure, clean white to our winter wardrobe truly is! In the same way you get the true depth of colors by pairing them with the chicness of black, when paired with light reflecting white, the deep, rich colors of winter will come alive and pop!

I love these gold dangle earrings I found on clearance at Burlington for only $4! It’s one of my go-to places for jewelry.
A collection of miscellaneous stretch bangles I collected over the years and threw together. But, I love the purple and red together!


Is there a “right” way to do white in the Fall and Winter? Well, there seems to be different schools of thought. Some say to stick to weightier fabrics – denim, wool, cashmere, leather etc. Others seem less concerned about the fabrics you choose as long as you balance your look with a deeper, richer color – black or brown, for instance – and/or a heavier weighted fabric. It’s all about balance. Which really seems to be the key to any well put together outfit for any season, right? Personally, I do a little bit of both, using my best judgment. Let’s face it, some things you look at and they just say “Spring/Summer” and your head knows to put them away. Other things you can look at and think, “I can work with that. That would look good against a suede belt or my leather boots.” Let your imagination run free!

Jeans, gifted, The Loft; Plum colored kimono, The Limited, closeout, $7; Paisley camisole, Express, thrifted, $1

With this outfit I combined both ways of thinking. The denim is a heavier fabric, appropriate as the temperatures get cooler. As well, I paired it with the suede of the boots and the deep, rich colors of the plum and navy in the camisole, boots and kimono. Finally, I finished off the look with my favorite leopard print bag because, well, it’s always a good time for leopard print!


Leopard bag, Thrifted, $3

And, so we say goodbye to our series on Breaking the Fashion Rules. But, actually breaking the rules of fashion?! That goes on and on! Carry on fashion rebels! Let your creative juices flow! Wear what makes you happy and brings you joy! After all, that’s what fashion should really be all about!

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