Adam Really DOES Ruin Everything

I admit, it’s the first time I’ve ever really watched the show – Adam Ruins Everything – but, I sat there not sure whether I wanted to reach through the screen and strangle this guy or congratulate him on a good, positive message. Wait, no, I wanted to strangle him!

Let me say, first of all, that I didn’t turn him on. It’s not really the kind of show that generally interests me. Mr. T had control of the remote, which, if it’s after 5 p.m., is pretty much the norm, and is fine with me. But, it just figures that the one time I see the show that he is talking about weight loss. And not just weight loss, but the fact that trying to lose weight is basically all a waste of time and no matter what you do you can’t win. It’s all genetics, he said, and even if you lose it temporarily, you’re going to gain it back. Talk about a discouraging and frustrating thing to say to people!

Now, before I go ANY farther, I want to say, in his defense, he ended the show with a truly positive message with which I totally agree. First, I do believe that genetics plays a huge role in our body size, shape and ability to lose or gain weight. He strongly criticized shows like The Biggest Loser for causing more harm than good to the bodies of the contestants and the psyches of those who watch. I agree vehemently with this. He, also, said that we need to stop playing into societies unrealistic goals placed upon people (women, especially) about what our bodies should look like. Many supposedly “fat” people are far more healthy than many supposedly “thin” people. Finally, he said that we should eat healthy and exercise, but not to obtain some unachievable goal, but to be stronger and healthier – mentally and physically- we’ll look and feel better in a myriad of other ways – regardless of whether or not we shed any pounds or not.  I agree with all of these things.

So, why am I not happy with Adam? As a bariatric patient, someone who has gone to great lengths for my health and weight loss, to tell me that basically it was a waste of my time and that no matter what I do I will eventually just gain it all back is extremely demoralizing. And to every other person out there who is working and fighting for their health and fitness and has achieved some level of success, to hear that, I imagine it felt the same way.

Next month will be my two year anniversary. Two years since my surgery. I’ve lost 87 lbs. Small potatoes by a lot of bariatric standards, but when you’re barely over 4’9″, that’s a big percentage of your body weight! Two years feels like a long time for me. I’ve never maintained any of my weight losses this long before – ever! Maybe it’s the method of choice, but I think it’s the sense of determination. I was ready this time. Really ready. It wasn’t about fat or thin for me anymore. It was about healthy or sick. It was about moving and not moving. Really living or laying on a couch. It was about being done being a victim of life, of illness and doing what was in my power to do to take my life back. So, to sit there and hear Adam what’s-his-name say it just doesn’t matter – well, it ruined everything!

For about a half hour it almost ruined me… I felt discouraged. Hopeless. Those are the statistics. Those are the facts. Here we go again! Might as well go throw out my size 0’s now! I went into the kitchen and I ate a half a cup of organic oatmeal animal cookies. Adam really DOES ruin everything! But,  then I got mad! Really mad! (You don’t want to make a woman mad whose veins flow with both Italian and Irish blood!) The cookie bag went in the trash. I did push ups and leg lifts against the kitchen counter and then ran the two flights of steps up to my room. (Those animal cookies didn’t stand a chance!) The statistics that Adam quoted were right – I had read them hundreds of times myself – only 1% of people who lose weight keep it off! Well, nice to meet you Mr. Adam Ruins Everything – you’ve just met Mrs. 1%!

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