Welcome to Bariatric Living, Day 7

Well, here we are, Day 7, the end of our week long blogging! I have to say I’ve enjoyed meeting with you all here each evening and I’ve appreciated all the communication I’ve received back from you, both here through comments and through private messages. Talk to me people – I love it!

Wow! First I have to tell you what a GREAT night’s sleep I had! (Shameless product promotion coming – but, I’m not getting paid, so it’s ok!) I slept on my new MyPillow last night…it was wonderful! It’s the first time in years unknown that I haven’t needed a second pillow, and I slept so well and deeply. I woke about 7:20 a.m. and had no head or neck pain! This is practically unheard of for me! I will say it was just the first night so I will allow for the possibility of just a fluke, but so far I AM IMPRESSED! I can’t wait to go to bed again tonight!

All set for some serious flea marketing on this beautiful Sunday morning!

Mr. T and I did a highly unusual thing for us this morning and skipped church and went to a flea market. It’s only open weekends from 6 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. It was just such a beautiful day, we felt confident the Lord would understand!

I had my Breakfast of Chocolate Protein powder w/skim milk, but instead of my usual Mio water I had some iced Green Tea sweetened with Stevia and lemon that I had made earlier this week. We then quickly got on the road, leaving Tucker in the capable care of our youngest son, Matt.

It was a beautiful half hour drive to find Jake’s Flea Market. And what a great flea market it was! I can’t believe this treasure trove was only a half an hour away from us all this time and we’d never explored it before! Well, we were here now and, boy, did the fashionista in me have a field day! I think we’d only taken a few steps in when I discovered my first jewelry table! Oh. My. Word. This place was bling heaven! So many wonderful pieces – new and vintage – and the prices were unbelievable!

You’ll find no place for a Work Out today, well, it is still the weekend, but, let me tell you, we walked our little – well, my little, Mr. T’s not so little – legs off today! 2 1/2 hours of table after table, row after row of treasures! Of course they say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure… Well, Ronnie found lots of treasure! I wish I had remembered to put on my pedometer so I knew just how far I walked!

We grabbed a snack while at the flea market. Why is it the food at these places smells so amazing?! Mr. T had a cheese steak. I had put a protein bar in my purse for a mid-morning snack that tied me over until we got home and had lunch.

By 12:30 pretty much all the vendors were packing up. We learned that it’s best to get there as early as possible. My final stash take away – 5 necklaces, 1 pair of earrings, a fun satchel purse, a new, still tagged pair of stilleto booties (Massimo brand), and a beautiful ceramic cake platter that matches a fruit bowl I had thrifted earlier in the Summer! The most we paid for anything?! The Massimo boots – $6 – and I got him down from $8! A good day for this Thrifty Fashionista! I’m sure you’ll be seeing some of these pieces in upcoming posts and on Instagram! Of course, we couldn’t forget those we left behind! Tucker got a bag of peanut butter flavored gourmet biscuits from this awesome man we met at one of the stands. (I love little artisan businesses like his!) And Matt, in thanks for his frequent puppy sitting services, got an original print double album of Jimi Hendrix. He’s a big fan!

By the time we hit home I was ready for some Lunch. I had 1/4 C. of tuna on my last piece of Sugar Free Whole Wheat bread (no cheese) and a Light and Fit Greek Yogurt. I tried to start some homework after that but the morning had exhausted me and the next thing I knew I was sound asleep on the couch! C’mon, what’s a Sunday without a nap?! Am I right?!

After my nap I felt much better – refreshed – and ready to function. Tucker and I played a little ball, I cleaned up the kitchen and finally started in on that school work! Still working on a lot of the business end of things. Not the most fun part of fashion, but necessary none the less!

By now both of the boys had taken off for the evening and dinner time was

This is one little pupster that deeply appreciates his dinner!

upon us! Tucker got his first, which is always an event! I’ve never seen a dog who gets so excited over the site of his food being taken out! This little 10 lb. dog literally jumps so high he can almost jump onto the counter. Over and over! And then the turning in circles, round and round as you’re sitting the bowl in front of him! Every night it’s the same thing. It never gets old for him. We should all be so grateful for the things we’re given! Well, Mr. T and I didn’t jump up and down or turn in circles, but our Dinner was still pretty yummy! We each had leftovers from our night out at Olive Garden. So while T ate his Chicken Parmesan and Breadsticks, I ate another half of my Chicken Margarita and another piece of Parmesan Crusted Zucchini! That actually leaves me with still another half of chicken and one more piece of zucchini for lunch tomorrow! So, my night at Olive Garden has fed me THREE times! Yay me

After dinner it was more homework and more homework and more homework! Wow! That’s a lot of reading! I wish I would have loved doing homework this much when I was in school as a kid! Ahhhh, so we live and learn.

Now I look at the clock and it’s a quarter of ten and I realize just how old I’m getting. This use to still be early and now all I want to do is crawl onto the bed next to my honey and my fur baby with my turkey pepperoni and pepper jack cheese, watch some tv and play a few games on my kindle. Goodness I’ve gotten boring… and I’m ok with that! At least for tonight!

Goodnight my friends! We’ll talk again soon!

2 Replies to “Welcome to Bariatric Living, Day 7”

  1. I’ve enjoyed this series, Ronnie.

    When I saw my cardiologist last December for my annual checkup, he suggested for the first time that maybe I should consider bariatric surgery. He sad that so far my weight doesn’t seem to be hurting my heart, but that doesn’t have to be true tomorrow or the next day. So I’m thinking about it. My biggest hesitation is that if I can’t stay on a healthy diet now, I don’t know how I’ll do what is necessary afterward.


    1. Linda, I’m so glad you enjoyed this series! I enjoyed doing it and have been surprised on how high the numbers have been and how positive the response has been.
      I have to tell you, I had many reservations going into this surgery, as well as self-doubt. Tim had even more! Going to the free seminar at Grand View helped. But, I can honestly say, short of my salvation, its the best thing I ever did for myself. I’d be more than happy to get together with you and answer any questions you might have…talk one on one. Let me know. I’ll be praying for you!


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