Welcome to Bariatric Living, Day 6

Wow! Can’t believe we are on day 6 already! Only one more day to go and we’ve finished out our special week of blogging! I appreciate some of the positive feedback I’ve received, especially through private messages! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed this week.

8: 35 a.m. I slept in a bit this morning! Since Mr. T doesn’t have to go into work on the weekends, he gets up with our little fur baby. Knowing I don’t have to worry about whether or not he has to go potty, lets me relax a little and I tend to sleep a little bit longer! (Thanks, T!)

Breakfast, of course, did not change at all… Chocolate protein shake w/ skim milk, glass of water w/ Mio drops. I’ve found the only time I’ve changed this since my surgery is when we’ve been away and we, of course, eat breakfast out. I do enjoy those times, but am perfectly content otherwise.

I hated these pictures so much, why am I putting one here? I don’t know. Somehow it feels less “exposed” than it does on Instagram. This feels more intimate. This is one of only two that even survived. The rest were just deleted.

Did you ever have one of those days that you just really wanted to hit the “do-over” button? It just felt like a complete waste of time? That’s how today was. The day flew by so quickly! (I can’t believe it’s after 8 p.m. already!) Yet, I can’t say that I feel I accomplished much of anything! My morning was spent changing my clothes – twice. I tried to do a few pictures for Instagram. Despised every image of me intensely and finally gave up! Still struggling, as I was in the dressing room at Clothes Mentor earlier this week, with some body issues. I looked at those pictures and all I saw was imperfections and loose skin and places that need tightened and toned and on and on and on. You wonder if there’s ever a point you get to where those voices in your head finally stop. I think not. Not completely. Not in this lifetime, while we walk this earth, in this society so determined to remind us how short we fall of “perfection.” But, that’s ok. I don’t need to do Instagram today. I moved on. It got better. I’m not going to let my value or even my day be determined by a few lousy photo shots. So, I watched a couple of cooking shows, texted with my girls, and repeatedly attempted to get some course material read…with very little luck! Before I knew it it was lunch time!

Lunch was 1/4 C. of Tuna on a piece of the Sugar Free Whole Wheat Bread w/ a thin slice of American Cheese and a 1/4 of Fruit Salad on the side. Tucker finished off the last three bites of the sandwich for me and I left about the same of the fruit.

About this time Mr. T and I decided to make a trip up to Bed, Bath and Beyond for a curved shower rod for our bathroom that’s under renovations and, also, to pick up a MyPillow for me. I had heard from multiple sources that they’re excellent for people who have migraines and/or neck and back pain. Since I come under all of those categories, we decided to give it a try. Naturally, we love being able to use all the wonderful Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons we’re always collecting, as well! They have the best coupon policy there!

Dinner: While we were out, we grabbed an early dinner at The Olive Garden. We hadn’t been there in awhile and I was really pleased to see some changes to their menu which allowed me to have a lot more options! We had been staying away due to so much pasta on the menu and so little low carb choices. But, I have to say that I had quite a few things to choose from this time and I was very pleased! I had a wonderful Chicken Margarita w/ Parmasan Crusted Zucchini, and of course started w/ their wonderful Salad. It’s hard to judge quantities when you’re out, but they gave you two thin pounded chicken breasts, probably 3 oz. a piece, and three small slices of zucchini – about the length of the inside of your palm each. I had about 1/3 C. of salad, 1 slice of zucchini, and ate slightly more than half of one chicken breast. It was delicious! And now I have at least one more meal for here at home! Lots of leftovers! A perk of bariatric surgery!

Once home it WAS time to start hitting that course material! Unfortunately, it’s the stuff that wants to put me to sleep – the business end! *yawn* I am not a “technical” person and it takes all my brain power – which is in short supply already – to focus on that type of information! So, off I went for an Atkins chocolate snack bar! Something to keep my brain awake! Haha!

You’ll see no workout update today. I rarely workout on the weekends unless I’ve fallen short during the week, and today was no exception. You have to give your body some down time. Every day, regardless, I always try to move as much as possible:  use the third floor bathroom once in awhile instead of the second floor, park a little farther away from the store doors than I normally would, go down every aisle in the store whether I need something there or not, dance around to some music while I’m cleaning, do stretches and bends while I’m brushing my teeth and washing my face etc.

Now it’s quarter of 9 again and I am ready to head up the stairs with my turkey pepperoni and pepper jack. Tomorrow Mr. T and I have plans to head to a local flea market – good for the steps, hopefully won’t throw off my eating. Have a wonderful night! Be blessed!



2 Replies to “Welcome to Bariatric Living, Day 6”

  1. I read one time, that having the same thing for a meal or two (like breakfasts) makes it easier not to overeat. That we tend to overeat when we have too many options!! So it’s good you have the same breakfast over and over. We do that too!!!
    There are some days it’s good to not be productive, I think.
    As for being happy with our bodies—it’s a constant struggle. But I look back when I was younger and think I looked fine, yet at the time I was never happy. So I’m now trying to be happy with the moment. I’ve been noticing the crepe like skin on my arms lately, but I’m happy to be alive, so I’m trying not to obsess over it….


    1. I’ve read that same thing about regulating the meals – I think from Dr. Oz! It works really well for me. You’re right, I think the body issues are just a lifelong struggle. And most days I am content and happy and rejoice in the body God gave me. But, then you’ll have weeks like this one that just sneak up on you and you just have to beat those thoughts down and move on! That’s all you can do! 🙂


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