Welcome to Bariatric Living, Day 4

Sadly my day did not start with visions of cake dancing in my head… or my kitchen! Instead I awoke from dreams of giant bugs crawling across my floor and crushing them with my bare feet! Gross! Where do these things come from?! Since I was a very young child, I have always had very strong, bizarre, vivid dreams that I was able to remember when I woke. Dreams always fascinated me, wondering about where they came from and what they meant. I read books about repeat dreams and what they might mean. Amazing how our minds work and capture information even when we don’t realize it!

7:45 a.m. I shook the visions of squashed bug guts from my head and pulled myself from under the covers, grabbed my fur baby from his crate and headed down to start my day.

Breakfast was same old, same old…chocolate protein shake with skim milk, glass of Mio water w/ caffeine and vitamin enhancement. Do I get bored with this? No, not at all, actually. There’s a certain amount of stress relief in never having to think about it – knowing exactly what I’m eating, exactly what I’m doing and just doing it! None of this, “What can I eat this morning and still be on plan and in range…yada yada yada” and taking an extra half hour just stressing about all that. It’s done, taken care of. My brain doesn’t function well enough at 8 a.m. to have to think that much!

Today was a “Bubba Day”! For those of you who don’t know – Bubba (Caden) is my 4 year old grandson. He is an adorable, funny, chaotic ball of energy that I love to pieces, and I got to spend a couple of hours with him today while mommy went to the doctor. (Bubba is getting a baby brother, Max, in just a couple of weeks!) We had a great time together – we pretty much always do! Of course, he was hungry! He’s ALWAYS hungry when he’s here! (What is it about being at grandma’s house that brings out the hunger in us?!) Usually he wants my french toast! I’ve never seen a child devour french toast like Bubba does! (As much as I hate to cook, I do make a mean french toast!) It’s a delight to a Gigi’s heart! But, today it was ice cream sandwiches and cinnamon toast! Don’t worry – Gigi didn’t have any, but I’m pretty sure Tucker managed to get a bite or two! But, I DID sneak in a mid-morning snack, as well! Playing with 4 year olds AND Morkies definitely works up an appetite so I pulled out my favorite Atkins bar and that tied me over until lunch time. But, I did take note of something. Originally, my doctor did not allow me to have any caffeine. He lifted that specifically for me because of my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to help me function better. But he did warn me of possible side effects and problems that could develop from using it, such as my stomach being more prone to ulcers because of the surgery. But, I have noticed what appears to be another side effect. Before I used the caffeine in the morning, I NEVER needed a mid-morning snack. My shake was always sufficient for me until lunch. Since I’ve started using the caffeine, I find I will need the mid-morning snack more frequently. I have noted a definite pattern as I’ve watched for days I don’t use caffeine and days I do. I truly believe the caffeine is stimulating my appetite. So, I am trying to use it sparingly.

Lunch: By the time Bubba went home, it was time for lunch. I had just enough of all the ingredients from the zucchini pizza left to make a serving of that, so last night’s dinner was now today’s lunch. And it was just as yummy today! I topped it off with the last 1/4 of the Halo Top Red Velvet Ice Cream! Super Yum!

The rest of my afternoon was filled with laundry and studying, studying, studying! I’m surprised I’m not seeing clothes and accessories in my dreams with all the studying of regular course material and studying magazines, other stylists, anything I can get my hands on really – I’m so completely immersed in it right now! But, that’s part of the learning process. I don’t want to do this part way. That’s not me. And, thankfully, I love it! I enjoy it every minute of it, even though I’m exhausted and pretty sure I’m going cross-eyed, I still love it!

Dinner: Dinner was another quick, simple one…Do you see a pattern? Ha ha! (I told you I hate to cook!) Burgers on the griddle. I had a 1/2 a Cheeseburger w. pickles (no bun), 1/4 C. Cucumber Salad, 1/8 C. fruit salad, I was really full though tonight. I managed to finish the burger (first rule for Bariatrics – Protein first…ALWAYS) but only managed 3/4 of the cucumbers and about half the fruit.

Workout: This week has been busy, busy and I was tired and still busy and I chose to “skip” my work out. Well, kind of. First of all, my rule of thumb is to shoot to work out 5 days so that I always work out 3. NEVER do we do less than 3. I’ve already worked out 3 days this week, so anything else I do is just icing. But, guilt took over a little, so I decided to take Tucker for a walk. Tucker is not a good walker. He was scared by a big dog in our neighborhood awhile back and we’ve only recently gotten him to walk at all. It’s very stop and go. There’s a lot of pulling. He gets spooked very easily. And he doesn’t go nearly as far as I would on my own. So, I managed about 25 minutes of walking. It’s good for Tucker. He needs it more often and at least I was out at all. I didn’t feel stagnant. So, there you go.

And, now it’s a quarter of nine, our usual time to say goodnight. I’m still out of turkey pepperoni and pepper jack, but tomorrow is grocery shopping day (yay! I love to grocery shop!) so I’ll be stocking up! I think tonight I’ll grab an apple and some peanut butter. Tucker loves that – he gets to lick the remains of the peanut butter off the plate at the end! Mmmmm….



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