Welcome to Bariatric Living, Day 2

Can I say that it’s weird writing again already? Not bad. Just weird.

7:30 a.m. and I’m up. For you morning people (Evil, evil people) that doesn’t seem early. For me, it’s early. Wish I could say I slept well again. I did not. Thankfully not because of pain, but because of BUG BITES! I’m always super prone to them, but this year it’s worse than ever! I am COVERED from head to toe in them! I think the bugs from Pennsylvania are flying to New Jersey and New York and saying, “Come over here! This chick has great blood! Come bite her!” Ugh!

Breakfast: Same as always – Chocolate protein shake and Mio flavored water. Do I ever have a different flavored drink? Nope. I’m a chocolate girl all the way! How can you possibly get tired of chocolate?! It’s inconceivable to me! Sometimes I get Chocolate Supreme or Chocolate Brownie or Chocolate Truffle…but basically, it’s chocolate! Do I have a particular brand? I started out with Pure Protein from either Wal-mart or Wegman’s and I still will frequently get that and I pretty much always use their vanilla flavor to bake with. It bakes really well. But, I’ll pick up whatever chocolate brand falls into my nutritional needs and is the best price at our local Grocery Outlet store most of the time. Primary nutritional needs? Whey protein. At least 24 grams of protein. Less than 5 grams of sugar – preferably less than 2.

Ready for an afternoon of thrifting with my good friend, Mari!

Getting ready for my thrifting day with my friend. Music is going as always! Have some fun 70’s & 80’s dance music going – Wild Cherry, the B52s, Katrina and the Waves… if you can stay still while that is playing then your get up go, got up went! That is some fun music! My guilty pleasure music! No intrinsic value, but it makes me happy! Well, I guess that in itself gives it value… it doesn’t have to be Mozart, now does it?! And it gets me moving – that is definitely of value! Did you, also know that music reduces pain? It’s true. They’ve proven that music that we enjoy reduces physical pain by 20%. Right now, when I’m without my fibro meds, that’s a huge deal for me.

Had a great time out shopping with my friend, Mari! Is there a better combination than shopping and great friends?! I think we both found a few good things at the store and it was wonderful to catch up.

A mandatory habit for me has become sticking a protein bar in my purse to take along for a snack. It keeps me from falling prey to unhealthy junk food when I’m out and about and also from allowing my blood sugar to drop and ending up with a migraine. I didn’t need it today, but it’s always a good thing to keep on hand, just in case.

Lunch: After a few hours of thrifting you can work up an appetite so we grabbed a quick lunch at the Wendy’s that was across the street. I ate about 3/4 of a half Taco salad – minus the tortilla chips and the sour cream. Wendy’s has such great salads!

I came home to an attention starved Morkie and a notice in my inbox that my first homework unit was graded! (Shake, shake, quiver, quiver) Drum roll please…. A+ on both assignments! Phew! I have to admit I was REALLY nervous! They weren’t hard assignments, it was just the idea of getting past that first hurdle – it’s like a weights been lifted. I can breathe a little better! I think we need an afternoon snack to celebrate! I treated myself to another new bar I’ve tried this week – Oatmega – chocolate brownie flavor. 14 g. of protein, non-gmo, 7 g. fiber, 5 g. sugar, grass-fed whey protein, gluten-free. Quite yummy! Good mid-day pick-me-up.

Dinner time brought a little bit of an unusual dinner for me – I actually allowed myself bread! I found a loaf of Nature’s Own Life Whole Wheat Sugar Free bread at an outlet store two weeks ago. Normally, I don’t touch bread. My occasional use of Triscuits is the closest I come, but because of the combination of whole wheat + sugar free + it’s pretty low carb + it has 4 grams of protein per slice, I decided to treat myself. I bought the loaf and broke it down into ziploc bags of 4 slices each, leaving only one baggy out and freezing the rest. So, when I made Mr. T french toast with sausage (turkey sausage) for dinner tonight, I actually made myself a piece, as well. So, my dinner tonight… one piece of french toast with sugar free syrup and 2 1/2 pieces (very small) of turkey sausage. (Tucker got the other 1/2 piece!) It felt like such a treat!

Work out time tonight I chose something a little shorter because I got a slightly later start. I chose Leslie Sansone’s 2 Mile Fat Burning Walk. Are you familiar with Leslie Sansone’s walking DVDs? Every workout is based on going a certain amount of miles – say walking 2 miles or 4 miles or 6 miles. This particular workout is only a half hour long and is equivalent to going 2 miles, but it also includes a good bit of toning with it and you use small weights – I use 2 lb. weights. There’s a lot of squats and lunges, arm lifts, as well as regular walking and marching. I always like to make sure I mix up a few days of toning workouts with my days of aerobic workouts. Let’s be honest, with weight loss surgery, probably with any large weight loss, it’s not fun to think about or talk about, but there is “looseness” that comes along with the thinness. Anything you can do to tone up and tighten up is very important!

Unfortunately, again, today I am struggling to squeeze my water in. I know it’s frequently worse when I’m out of the house because I know it’s harder to get to a bathroom so I don’t always take a drink with me. And, today in particular, I knew the store we were visiting doesn’t allow food or drink inside so there was no point in bringing one, which put me hours behind on my water intake. So, once again, it’s a quarter of 9 and I’m chugging water. Tomorrow I’ll be out of the house again running errands. I need to think of a game plan to work around this. Any suggestions?

For now, I’ll grab my turkey pepperoni and pepper jack and head up the stairs for the night!



6 Replies to “Welcome to Bariatric Living, Day 2”

  1. Doesn’t my fashionesta friend look so hip? She’s good, I learned a lot in shopping with her. Can’t wait for her to practice her skills with me more in the future.


    1. It was fun! You found some good things! BUT, guess what I did? I went to Clothes Mentor in Montgomeryville today…wish you were with! They were having a $3 and $5 sale! And THEN I went BACK to Care ‘n Share and, man did I hit the jackpot! Not only were tan tickets still have price, but so were hats, scarves AND shoes! I got 4 pairs of shoes…to start! And really good pieces!


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