Welcome to Bariatric Living, Day 1

After my last post, you probably expected my very next post to be all about fashion, fashion, fashion! And, I will confess, that it was very difficult for me to fight the urge to throw on my step jeans, a pair of wedges and walk you through it! Haha! But, I did tell you awhile back that I would walk you through a “week-in-the-life” of a post-op bariatric patient…the eating, the exercise… and that brain worm will not give me peace until I do it! My first instinct, naturally, was to do what I always do, just track for a week, write it out, and post monthly. But, since we’re shaking things up around here already, I thought, why not go outside the box and do this completely different. Here’s the game plan, gang! I’m going to journal my day for you every day this week – the good, the bad and indifferent. If I screw up, I screw up and you’ll know it. That’s the reality of any lifestyle change – sometimes you do great, sometimes you mess up. Life doesn’t always go as planned. So, let the week begin…

8 a.m. – Rise and shine! Thankful I finally was able to sleep! Fibro has been wicked lately, my meds are out and can’t get my refill until Wednesday, so have been waking up a lot at night in a lot of pain. This always makes it harder to stick to my eating plan, as well as my workout schedule.

Breakfast – Chocolate protein shake made w/ skim milk (8oz), 12 oz. glass of water w/ Mio water drops that have caffeine and B-vitamins added (This is my regulated breakfast. It makes sure I start my day with a big protein boost and keeps me from having to think too much about food. Dr. Oz actually suggests regulating one to two meals a day for this very reason – if we have to think too much about it, we tend to over eat and eat off plan. I really like having just a few basic things that I pretty much always eat for breakfast and lunch.)

I’m off to clean my bedroom and attached bathroom, as well as organize my clothes and shoes. I always play music when I do this, dancing around as much as possible and making my movements purposely exaggerated and bigger so that I’m burning more calories as I work.

Lunch: 1/4 C. egg salad, 6 Triscuits, 1/4 cucumber salad (one of only 2 or 3 lunches that I pick from, though the cucumbers are usually fresh fruit)

Time for some more movement…gorgeous day out, I grab Tucker and take him outside for a game of ball – one of his favorite games! Unfortunately, mommy seems to have more energy than Tucker and he poops out on me after about 5 minutes! (Of course, I’m not wearing a fur coat in the middle of the day, either!)

Stay hydrated! – Vitamin Water Zero! 20 oz. Go-go mixed berry flavor (One thing I had to give up after with the surgery was soda – anything carbonated, actually. That was a toughy for me because I was a diet soda junkie from way back! Flavored waters and water drops have helped me through that. I really like the Vitamin Water Zero because it uses Stevia as the sweetener)

Mid-afternoon Snack – Atkins bar – Triple chocolate flavor (One of my favorites! It packs 12 grams of protein in and zero sugars!)

Dinner – The guys are having hot dogs and french fries. I’ll admit, sometimes I will partake in a hot dog (no buns, though, and no fries) But, not tonight. Feels too heavy and the protein is just too low. So, I opted for a Premier Protein Bar. I usually try not to have more than one meal bar in a day – I already had the Atkins snack bar – but I will occasionally make an exception. This is the first time I’ve tried the Premier. Little more pricey. (I had a coupon!) But, 30 grams of protein and sweetened with Stevia! Can’t beat that combo! It was quite good and incredibly filling…I almost couldn’t finish it, so they might be worth the splurge once in a while.

Work Out – I’m an evening workout person. I just can’t motivate myself in the morning and by evening, I’m sick of housework and can’t stand just sitting around watching tv or even just reading… I want to DO SOMETHING! But, Mr. T is a not a “do-er” in the evenings. So, I workout and he gets his downtime – compromise. I’ll admit, without my meds, I had to push myself a little harder through it, so I made sure I was doing something fun, that I really enjoy – I “Party-ed Off the Pounds” with Richard Simmons! It’s a great 55 minute dance/aerobic video set to 80’s pop music like Toni Basil’s “Mickey” and The Car’s “Shake It Up”. And if you can’t dance? No biggie! You’re in the privacy of your home – no one’s watching!

I’m behind on my water a little for the day. This seems to be a perpetual problem of late. I sip throughout the day and then I’m slamming it late in the evening to try and get it all in. Of course we all know what this means… I’m running to the bathroom like a thousand times during the night! Ugh! So, here I go, off to fill my cup again at a quarter of nine! Not good! I need to find a way to make myself drink faster during the day.

One more entry for the day… my nighttime snack! I always have a snack at night. I know some people say you shouldn’t snack at night, but it hasn’t messed me up, it’s something I enjoy and, in the very beginning post-surgery, when I could eat very, very little at a time and I was struggling to get my protein in, it was a necessity for me to make sure I made my protein levels daily. So, no apologies for my bedtime snack! Like so many other things, I have it regulated between just a few things, with only rare rabbit trails off the path. My usual? A serving of turkey pepperoni with an ounce of pepper jack cheese. Then usually I’ll allow myself one “fun size” piece of sugar free chocolate to cut the heat from the pepper jack. We sometimes joke around here that I keep the turkey pepperoni and pepper jack people in business I love it so much!

You’ll note here that I didn’t keep track of calories at all. I really don’t. My appetite is still pretty well controlled that most of the time I don’t worry about calories. I keep a loose eye on carbs – keep it preferably under 60 (net carbs) and definitely under 100 and a tight eye on my protein – with a minimum of 60 grams a day. About once a month to every other month, I’ll track my calories for just a day or two using the SparkPeople app just to keep in check.

Well, I’m going to grab my plate of cheese and pepperoni and the rest of this water I need to chug and head up to watch some tv with Mr. T and Tucker for the night. Tomorrow is a day of thrifting with a good friend – good for the steps, hopefully ok for the eating, too! Can’t wait!









6 Replies to “Welcome to Bariatric Living, Day 1”

  1. I love hearing about this Ronnie…and can I also say that the new graphic is spectacular!!!??
    I have a snack most evenings before bed too. It was my acupuncturist that suggested it to help me sleep through the night. I usually have a handful of nuts, but sometimes it’s PB or the like.


  2. I’m glad you like the graphic, Jodie! I do, too! And nuts are a favorite snack of mine, as well, but I confess to having trouble limiting myself! They’re like potato chips for me! So, I keep them to a minimum! šŸ™‚


    1. You know it’s true, Linda. I never realized how much we truly DO over eat. When I do track my eating, my calories are always right in the 1,000 – 1,200 calorie range, where they’re suppose to be, but it is sooo much less than what I use to eat. It amazes me sometimes.


  3. Never heard of Mio water drops. Do you need to order online? Thank you for referring to me as a good friend, it made my day!


    1. Well, good friend friend, Mari, no you don’t have to order Mio online. You can get them anywhere…Wal-mart, Target, Giant, Wegman’s. Anywhere they sell flavored water drops. Once in awhile I’ll find them at Swann’s or Grocery Outlet, but not very often. I usually get them at Wal-mart or Wegman’s. They come in tons of flavors, some with vitamin enhancement or caffeine enhancement, some with just the flavoring. My kitchen drawer is jammed with them! You can get other brands, as well. Crystal Light makes them. Kool Aid. There are store brands. Mio is my preferred brand, though it tends to be the most expensive, also.


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