Passing Time & Reaching Goals

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over four months since my surgery! It’s been like planning for a wedding or Christmas. You plan and plan, and wait and wait for the big day, it feels like it will never get there, and then the next thing you know the day has not only come and gone, but it’s four months later!

Week before last was my four month check up with my surgeon and that went IMAG0104-01extremely well! I’m so glad that I waited on my surgery so that I had time to be introduced to this surgeon at this hospital. He has really been wonderful and has set things up, I believe, to help you succeed in the best possible way. He was very positive about how I am doing. He had admitted that he thought my progress would be slower than others because I am a petite person (ok,you can say it, I’m a shrimp!) and had less to lose to begin with than many of his other patients, but said as of now I am leading the pack with my present progress! That was really encouraging for me to hear, especially coming from him. The bariatric program at our hospital is very new, barely a year old, and just really getting off the ground. My doctor went on to ask if I would be interested in being a patient spokesperson for the program in the Spring and speaking to potential patients and patient groups about the program. I was really honored that he would ask me to do this, and hope that by Spring he still thinks I would be a good representative. This was a great encouragement for me to keep going and keep pushing forward!

IMAG0114-01-01DSCI0067Last week during my weigh in I reached a personal goal of losing 50 lbs! This was very exciting for me and cause for much personal celebrating around here, including spontaneous bouts of happy dancing throughout the house! Mr. T added to the celebrating by bringing me home gorgeous roses and treating me to a new outfit, which is always fun! My ultimate goal is to reach 75 lbs., but I’m leaving that in God’s hands. When I first started this journey, the thought of hitting 50 lbs. seemed so daunting that I couldn’t even let myself hope that I would reach that. But, suddenly, there I was 5 pounds from it, and my nutritionist encouraged me to push my goals further. So, I set the 75 lb. goal, which she seemed to think was reasonable.

Two new challenges lie ahead in the immediate future. This week my special gym membership at the hospital gym runs out. This means I am now on my own for my workouts. I am determined not to let this undermine my efforts. I started two weeks ago taking one day out of my normal gym routine and working out at home in order to get myself into the habit. Today, because of Snowstorm Jonas I was not able to make the gym, but Richard Simmons was ready and waiting in my DVD player, and I managed to get a really good hour long work out in! Hopefully, I will not let everyday life interfere with my habits, as so often can happen.

The second challenge – girl scouts! The scourge of all dieters everywhere! Evil little sugar/carb/calorie selling demons disguised as angelic, smiling children that I cannot resist! Coconut Samoas (my favorite), Thin Mints,Β  Peanut Butter Tagalongs… what’s a girl to do?! How are we suppose to fight these wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing?! I’m weak. I admit it. I see their cute little smiling faces and I want to help, I want to give, I want to BUY! All I can say is, PRAY FOR ME!

On the fibromyalgia front, my pain seems to be continuing to stay very well controlled, keeping in the 3-range on the pain scale. After having had some pain flare ups, and a little difficulty at night, I’ve started a regimen of Tumeric capsules on the recommendation of some fellow fibro sufferers. This seems to have made a difference and brought these little “nuisances” back under control again. My biggest lingering fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue issues seem to be extreme fatigue and brain fog, both very common. I have added some B12 to my vitamin line up to see if that makes a difference, and am hoping that perhaps, eventually, these issues will also just “work themselves out” as my body continues to get healthier and healthier!

Until next time, be blessed!


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