Seasons of Life

November 4, 2015

I couldn’t make it to the gym today, so I decided to take a walk through our neighborhood. I haven’t really been able to do that in years! When we first moved in here about 17 years ago, I use to take walks with the kiddos all the time. But, same old story, fibromyalgia hit, and my walking days “hit the road”! So, this was a special treat, my first significant walk in a long time!

picjumbo.com_HNCK9627It was a fabulous day for a walk – perfect temperatures, cloudless skies and trees that were alive with early November color! I was enjoying every minute of it – basking in the sunshine, drinking in the colors and bopping along to some of my favorite “happy music” coming through my ipod. Like a little kid, I found myself kicking up piles of leaves that lay on the sidewalk, fallen from the trees that hung over from neighborhood yards.

As I took in the sights around me, I couldn’t help but be awed by how what’s considered the “death” 167Hof one season could be so amazingly beautiful! And, yet, I realized that that seems to be how God has worked all of life. He takes something that is seemingly ugly and painful and finds a way to bring beauty from it. The death of the trees is covered over by the beauty of the leaves. The cold and death of winter is covered by the beautiful blanket of pure white snow.

This made me think of the “changing of seasons” my life is going through right now. And that is truly what I believe it is. I believe God is taking me into a new season of life, but it did not come without “death”, without pain. There was a long season when I thought that fibromyalgia had stolen my life completely; that pain and fatigue and isolation seemed to be all there was for me. But, now I see the leaves starting to change. The colors are coming alive! Still, this season has it’s pain, as well. Just as leaves fall from the trees, and as winter takes over, there is the pain of discipline and dedication that comes with the path God’s put before me. The dedication to this new “Bariatric Life”. The discipline to follow the guidelines, discipline my body so I can take full advantage of all with which God’s now blessed me. And with that, comes the hope of even greater life, greater energy, greater strength in the “Spring”.

iStock_000013112749LargeOnly God does that – only God takes death and suffering and pain and makes it into something beautiful. I thought of that as I walked today. Jesus did that for us! He brought beauty and life from death by defeating it after three days. And because of Him we have that same great gift, looking forward not in fear of passing from life to death, but in beautiful hope of following Him as He leads us into the next Season of Life.


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