A Heart Like Bubba’s

IMG_20151027_102917IMG_20151027_102911I spent the day today watching my almost-3 yr. old grandson, known affectionately to me as Bubba, so his mom could work. It’s been a long time since I’ve done a whole day with a 3 yr. old and I’m exhausted! We painted pumpkins, had Star Wars fingeIMG_20151027_102923r jello, drove “fire trucks” that mildly resembled my kitchen cabinets, chased “alligators” out of my silverware drawer, made french toast and eggs, removed every possible pot, pan, tupperware container, wooden spoon, spatula and measuring cup from the drawers and cabinets of my kitchen, played “Bubba in the Box” with the toy basket, and watched just about every children’s DVD in my collection… it was quite an adventurous day!

Now our Bubba is a little spit-fire, to say the least! Messes, dirt and mini-disasters follow our little “Dennis the Menace” everywhere he goes – and I wouldn’t have him any other way! He is ALL boy! He has me constantly on my toes and constantly in stitches with his antics. I love our relationship! But, today I become aware of another very special part of my relationship with my grandson – he trusts me. He truly, unquestioningly trusts what Gigi (that’s me) tells him. This became clear at the very beginning of our day, with the pattern repeating itself over and over on into the evening.

DSCI0075As soon as my daughter left this morning, Bubba’s first words to me were, “Gigi, I hummy” – of course, if you speak 3 yr. old, you know this means the child wants food. So, I offered to make him some french toast, which he enthusiastically agreed to, but, of course, he wanted to help. So, after I gathered my ingredients, we pulled the step DSCI0076stool off to the side of the stove next to me to begin. While I started the french toast, Bubba went about his usual business of pulling every single item out of the drawer between the stove and the sink. As he did, I noticed a pattern begin to emerge. Most items he would ask, “Gigi, what’s this?” I’d answer, he’d toss it on the counter, and we’d move on. But, occasionally something would come out of the drawer that I really didn’t want him to have. “Gigi, what’s this?” “Those are my cooking scissors. They’re sharp and dangerous. You should put them back.” And he immediately did. “Gigi, what is this?”  “That’s a box of matches. They start fires and they’re very dangerous. Please put them back.” And he did. This went on all day. As he pointed to outlets, or Pops’ tools or the pellet stove – whatever “dangerous” item we came across, as soon as Gigi said “no, that’s dangerous”, it went back or he walked away. He did not question me, or argue with me. He just did it. He believed me. He trusted me.

1535037_10155720516430177_4168434924633383342_nThis got me thinking about my relationship with God. Here is this child who has known me for less than 3 years, with a limited understanding of the world, but yet has grasped through our relationship, and can see in my love for him, that I can be trusted. If I tell him no, it’s for his good. I’m not trying to hurt him. I’m trying to keep him from hurt. He trusts in my love, so he doesn’t need to question that or argue. But, how often do I, who have known God as my Savior for over 41 years, still try to question Him? Still think he’s trying to keep something from me when He says “no” or “wait”? I have all the knowledge of His Word, all the years of His faithfulness to draw from, and still I stubbornly question.  No wonder Jesus said in Matthew 19:14 “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” And in Matthew 18:3, “I tell you the truth. If your hearts do not change and become like hearts of children, you will never go into the kingdom of heaven.” (WE version)

I was truly convicted by the trust, faith and obedience I saw in my little grandson today. And I pray as I go forward in my walk with God, that today will stand as a reminder to me to have the heart of a child as I trust my Father… a heart like Bubba’s.

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